Download Instagram Videos on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android with These Super Easy Tricks

Ever found a video on Instagram that you #InstaLoved?

There’s nothing worse than finding the ultimate Instagram guide to the perfect makeup look, just to have it disappear into the abyss of your news feed, never to be seen again.

Fortunately, there is a way to capture the videos you love and keep them forever!

All you need to do is learn how to download your Instagram videos.

Whether you’re browsing on your smartphone or tablet, or you’re lucky enough to be on your desktop when you see the content you want to snap up, you’ve come to the right place.

By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll know everything there is to know about becoming an Instagram, download master!

Disclaimer: It’s against the law to download Instagram videos with the intent to share them as your own. Only download videos from Instagram if you plan on using them for personal use. If you’re found in violation of any copyright laws, we will not be held liable for actions taken against you.

Download IG Videos on PC or Mac Computers

If you’re browsing through IG content on your computer, you’ll have more options for how you want to download content.

A PC or Mac computer is the only platform that supports the “source code” download.

You’ll have three options on your desktop device, including:

  • Downloading from the source code
  • Using a plugin
  • Using third-party software

Downloading Instagram Videos Method 1 ā€“ Source Code Snatching

I’m personally a big fan of the source code method for downloading IG content for two reasons.

First, downloading videos from their source code means that you don’t have to clutter your browser or desktop with any additional plugins or downloads. Second, working with code makes me feel like an incredibly cool #Hacker chick.

To get an Instagram download from the source code of a page, open the video you want to download and right click on it, then click the tap that says “Inspect” or “Inspect Element.” Some browsers also have a tab that says “View Page Source.

The Inspect tab will pull up a stream of code on the right-hand side of your browser that looks something like this:

Screenshot of Video Inspect option

Don’t panic. It’s supposed to do that.

Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to open the “find” option, then enter “.mp4” This should take you to a specific piece of code that looks like this:

Screen shot of video source code

Copy the source link, and paste it into a new tab. The video should start playing automatically, and you’ll be able to right-click it again to get a new series of options, including “Save Video As.”

IG Video Downloading Method 2 – Use a Plugin

If scrolling through code seems too complicated for you, don’t worry. There are easier options.

For instance, if you’re using the Chrome browser, you can download plugins that automatically find and collect Instagram videos for you. The “Downloader for Instagram” is a particularly popular option with a lot of great reviews, so that may be a good place to start.

To use your new plugin, just search for Instagram Downloader on the Chrome web store, then click on the button that says, “Add to Chrome.”

Once your nifty new tool is finished downloading, head back to Instagram and click on the video you want to save. The plugin will give you some extra buttons at the top right-hand corner of your page that you can use to download the content straight to your computer.

Screenshot of the Downloader for Instagram on web browser

Method 3: Try an Online Solution

If you don’t use Chrome, or you just don’t like the idea of adding new plugins to your browser, there’s another option. Use a web-based tool to download your content. For instance, DreDown is a particularly good option because it’s super simple to use and great for any Instagram video length. It also allows you to collect material from Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and countless other locations.

To use this service, go to, or any other download tool you’d prefer. Then, in a separate tab, go to Instagram and select the video or photo you want to download. Highlight the URL in your browser, and right-click to copy it. You can also hold CTRL+C for the same effect.

Screenshot of the DreDown website

Got your URL? Good.

Go back to DreDown and paste the URL into the search bar, either by hitting CTRL+V or right-clicking. Hit the download button, and your video will instantly start downloading.


Android IG Video Download Instructions

Okay, now you’re an expert on the Instagram download process for PC and Mac computers – but what if you’re browsing on your smartphone?

Well, if you’re using an Android phone, videos automatically download to your phone’s “cache,” the moment you view them. All you need to do is find out where they’re being saved.

Your two options for learning how to download Instagram videos on Android are:

  • Access videos in the cache
  • Use a third-party tool

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Downloading Instagram Videos on Android Method 1- Cache Cash-In

To use the “cache” method of downloading Instagram videos, first, go and watch the video you want to download. Your Android operating system will capture the content and pull it down into your phone’s “cache.” Remember, the phone only downloads the part of the video you watch. That means if you want all the content, you have to watch the whole thing.

Finished watching? Good.

Now go to your phone’s File Manager and click on Android > Data >

From that location, you’ll be able to go into your Instagram cache and click on Videos. Here, you’ll see all the videos you’ve viewed so far, and they should have the .clean file extension attached to them. When you tap on the file, it will play like a standard video. If you want to convert your video, just click on “Rename” then change the .clean extension to .mp4.

Screenshot of renaming a video file

Android IG video downloading Method 2- Add an App

If you’d prefer to use a slightly more reliable method that doesn’t force you to watch every video through from beginning to end before you can download it, you can try a third-party app.

A good choice is the “Video Downloader for Instagram” (catchy name) on Google Play. This tool’s entirely free for use, and you won’t be too bothered by the ads.

When you’ve downloaded your new app, go to Instagram and click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner. You’ll see an option that says “Copy Share URL.”

Copy the link and go back to your new Video Downloader app, then paste the URL into the search bar. The tool will automatically download your video and save it in your phone files.

Download Instagram Videos on iOS

Last, but not least – let’s take a look at how to download videos on your iPhone or iPad.

Unfortunately, your options are pretty limited here so far. However, there’s always a chance that Apple or Instagram will make collecting videos on your iPhone easier at a later stage.

Essentially, the only thing you can do right now to download videos on Instagram is to use a third-party application. Regrammer is a good option for this, as the tool is entirely free and pretty easy to use. The app allows you to download virtually any video straight from Instagram onto your iOS device.

All you need to do is copy and paste the URL from the Instagram video you want into the Regrammer app, and hey presto, you’ll have an automatic download.

Screenshot of the Regrammer app

Happy Downloading!

There you have it! Your complete (and simple) guide to downloading Instagram videos onto your computer, Android, or iOS device.

Choose the option that best suits you and enjoy filling your computer or phone up with all of the content you love most on your IG stream.

Go forth and download!

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