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Upleap connects you with an Instagram guru.

You sign up. We connect you with a dedicated account manager, who spends time engaging with people on Instagram. You'll grow your likes, follows, and friends that love your content.

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It takes about 2 minutes! No downloads. Just sign up, follow simple instructions and your account manager starts growing your Instagram.

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We don't engage with any account that looks suspicious. We make sure your Instagram grows with organic followers.

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Your account picks up real followers targeted to your interests, meaning you'll also see better engagement rates.

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Unlike other tools, Upleap doesn't go against Instagram's rules or Terms of Service. Engagement is fast and done organically by your account manager. Real people, real results.

We have athletes, students, business professionals, celebrities, photographers, companies, and many other types of customers fully enjoying Upleap. You're in great company.

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  • DJ Many Avatar on Upleap
    Virgin Islands

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    "Upleap is a very good app for managing my Instagram. My followers are up 10× because of them, thanks!"

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    "I’ve been using Upleap for a while now and it’s been so, so awesome for my Instagram channel. For the first time in MONTHS, I’m not anxious over my IG page. I absolutely recommend this if you are looking to really take your account to the next level."

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    "Had to share you with every business owner I knew. I actually learned about you through a friend. 9coach is growing pretty quickly on Instagram and it's clear we're getting a lot more traffic from our profile. Thanks"

  • The Luxury Editor on Upleap
    United Kingdom

    "Love having a manager"

    "Engaging with my target audience has never been easier. There are loads of people on Instagram that are starting to notice my profile and follow me back. This is really great, thanks for your help."

  • @goldanddiamondpark on Upleap

    "Getting more business"

    "As a leading marketplace we find growing on Instagram so important and Upleap really helps us. Our storefront is pretty popular with foot traffic and now we're getting more online enquiries! We recommend trying their service."

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    "I am very happy with your service"

    "I already have big followings on Facebook, but now my Instagram is also growing too. It's great because finally everyone can enjoy my sneakers 😁"

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