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Reason behind Rise Social’s Downfall

Rise Social Downfall – deserved or not? Don’t you just hate it when you have high expectations for a service that eventually gets shut down?

Know that it is for the better, and that you probably didn’t even need it. At least that’s what we can say about this brand.

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Hold up.

Since we’re talking about Rise Social here, we think it would be useful to dig a little deeper and find out what happened to this service – even more so if you were seriously considering this option.

Scroll down and see how Rise Social failed to meet some basic requirements of its customers, and what exactly ended this service.

You’ll see that it was worth it.

Since today’s outcome doesn’t give off a positive vibe, you’re going to need some alternatives. In that case, here’s our table that can help you.

IG Growth ServiceUser ScorePrice
Upleap4.6Check Price
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Nitreo4.2Check Price
KENJI4.6Check Price

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Key Reasons Behind Shutdown

You’re fully aware of the nature of this service, and we don’t plan on sugarcoating anything. So before we start with a detailed analysis, here are the main reasons that brought Rise Social to an end.

XShut down.
XFollowers got deleted.
XPromoted inorganic growth.
XPoor rating on Trustpilot.

Where Did Rise Social Go?

First, a few words about what happened to this service. Maybe some of you haven’t had a chance to come across it while it was still working, and would like to know more about it.

In that case, here’s a short intro.

Grow your instagram today

Rise Social was an online Instagram growth service that aimed to help its customers boost their accounts with followers and likes.

They were so confident that they called themselves “the most powerful organic Instagram growth service on the market.

A bit too much if you ask us. Are they really what they say they are?

Nope. Notice how we talk about Rise Social in the past tense? That’s because Rise Social shut down.

We can say with certainty that this ending was expected. But more importantly, there is not just one reason that led to this. In essence, Rise Social didn’t work properly from the start.

This service could not meet the basic requirements of its customers, and because of that, it got what it deserved.

It seems like it’s not coming back anytime soon, especially after the fact that you can buy their domain now.

It’s for the better. You never needed a service that could put your account, information, and money in danger.

It’s clear that Rise Social doesn’t exist anymore, but that doesn’t mean we should stop there. 

You can take something from this, and prevent yourself from falling for another potential scam on the Internet.

With that said, we believe it’s only fair to completely lift the veil on Rise Social. Shall we?

Forwarded Fake Instagram Followers

If you are looking for a fast, but legit way to boost your social engagement on Instagram, then your first thought has to be followers.

And you’re right. This is the best way to gain a large audience over a short period of time and improve your social rating.

But simply buying followers won’t cut it. You need real people.

That’s why social growth services went one step further and offered the option to their customers to select their audience based on the work that they do.

Rise Social relied on this principle, and you could select any of the following:

A Upleap Call to action to Join and Get Started
  • Beaty
  • Blogging
  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • Music

Rise Social may have made it look effective and tempting, but they completely failed here. This partly answers your question “Is Rise Social legit”, but we will go on.

The first thing that put Rise Social on the black list is that it forwarded fake Instagram followers. They claimed that you could select your audience, but you got the same whatever you chose – bot Instagram accounts.

What a disappointment. Imagine buying a large number of followers for your new business, and they end up disappearing one by one.

Basically, Rise Social disguised their followers to look real. These accounts were not even used by people, and they could never follow your activity.

What a disappointment!

We believe that people got their hopes up, and that’s what caused a number of bad reviews to pop up. (We’ll get to that soon)

Violated Instagram’s Algorithm

Because these followers were not what Rise Social promised they would be, Instagram deleted them. Some of them even disappeared on their own.

But the real problem was the way they arrived at your profile. Just imagine 10,000 followers coming in all at once – a social media nightmare!

You wanted organic growth, but you got the complete opposite.

Rise Social didn’t pay the slightest attention to your account’s safety. In short, this company lied to all customers that bought their services.

Fake followers are one thing, but going against Instagram’s algorithm is something much more serious. This can have serious consequences such as losing your account.

And these are not just made-up stories, they’re real-life cases that happened when customers opted for a slightly larger package.

Is Rise Social A Scam?

Based on what you read so far, the answer is yes.

You don’t need much to figure out which services can harm your Instagram account, and Rise Social is definitely one of them.

By buying followers from this service, you are putting your account that you’ve worked so hard for in danger of shutting down. Now you see how easy it is to lose everything by making simply one bad decision.

Negative Reviews Piling Up

To prove that what we’ve been saying this whole time is not just make-believe, we decided to throw in some real-life examples.

We jumped to Trustpilot, where Rise Social had a poor rating. 90% of the reviews were negative, and people were eager to share their opinion.

For example, this user claims that Rise Social deleted their Instagram account. Check it out.

But that’s not all. It seems like Rise Social stole people’s money.

Not one positive review about this service tells you a lot. Stay away!

Rise Social Scam? Wrapping Up

We’ve opened your eyes to what this service is really like. Let’s take this opportunity to go over the main facts once again.

Rise Social shut down, and they are no longer available. But before it ended, it scammed its customers by forwarding only fake Instagram and violated Instagram’s policy. They never really cared about their customers – they just cared about the money.

Countless reviews prove that this brand robbed its customers and deleted their accounts on purpose, even though they claimed that they have no such intentions.

All in all, it’s clear as day that Rise Social is just one big scam – nothing more!

Hope that this helped you realize what you could be dealing with in terms of growth services.

Good luck, and choose your next option wisely!