Jeffree Star’s Instagram

Jeffree Star’s Instagram: What To Expect

Jeffree Star’s Instagram account is followed by over 15 million people. Jeffree Star is known for his YouTube channel with over 17 million subscribers, his well-known beauty empire called Jeffree Star Cosmetics and his iconic look.

Jeffree Star’s Instagram

When it comes to Jeffree Star’s Instagram page, what can we expect?

A Banging Bio

The first thing you’ll see when it comes to Jeffree’s Instagram is his bio.

Jeffree Star's Instagram Bio

His Instagram bio has everything you would need to know about him. In fact, you could take some tips from his bio to use for your own.

First, he has SELF-MADE at the start of his bio in all caps. Jeffree Star really prides himself on being “self-made”. By that, he means he’s always done things himself and not relied on anyone else for his grand fame and fortune. Everything he has is because he worked hard for it by himself.

For example, Jeffree Star first rose to fame through MySpace. Yep, MySpace. Remember that?

He used MySpace to further his fashion and his music career in the early 2000s. Star built up a huge fanbase of people on the site and was always in the top rankings on MySpace.

Jeffree Star’s Instagram Gey
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MySpace was Jeffree Star’s creative outlet and a place where he was able to discuss self-confidence and self-image, something that he remains true to talking about even today.

The next bit of Jeffree Star’s Instagram bio is that he is the CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. In 2014, Jeffree spent his life savings on starting up his own cosmetics brand. Now, it is one of the most successful makeup brands in the United States.

His eyeshadow pallette “Blue Blood” sold out within seconds of its launch. He recently collaborated with YouTuber Shane Dawson to create a whole new set of makeup which was so well-received that Shopify shut down because of the amount of traffic on the website.

The next part of Jeffree Star’s Instagram bio says “THE makeup reviewer”. Not “a” makeup reviewer, but Jeffree Star claims he is “the” one. His makeup reviews are exceptional compared to others in the beauty community. Jeffree Star is not afraid to say what he thinks so you can definitely trust his online reviews when it comes to makeup.

Next, Jeffree Star includes his star sign which is Scorpio. He also has the word “survivor” which could be referencing many different aspects of his life including being a survivor of his father committing suicide, going bankrupt, or a survivor to the brutal world of social media at times.

Jeffree Star’s Instagram bio then says that he is the “mom of 4 Pomeranians”. If you’ve watched anything from Jeffree Star you know that his dogs are like his children. He absolutely adores them. In 2019, he lost two of his dogs and his still struggling with the grief.

Cute Pomeranian on Pink Pillow

If you like Pomeranians, definitely follow Jeffree Star on Instagram because he has a lot more photos and videos of his dogs.

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Lastly, Jeffree Star’s bio always promotes his new video which he updates in his link every time he posts a new YouTube video. This makes it super easy to keep up to date with Jeffre Star’s YouTube channel!

Amazing Fashion On Jeffree Star’s Instagram

If want an account that gives you your daily dose of unapologetic and glamorous fashion, then you’ve got to follow Jeffree Star’s Instagram.

In every post, he serves an exciting look that you aren’t going to get anywhere else on the internet. He is truly a unique character which is what makes his Instagram account so popular.

A Upleap Call to action to Join and Get Started

Jeffree Star In Pyjamas Standing In Snow

In this photo of Jeffree, which has over 1.6 million likes, he stands outside in the snow wearing really comfy and cute pajamas. That bathrobe? It looks like it would keep you warm all winter! Plus, his poses are always so cute. Jeffree Star knows exactly what to wear to suit the background he’s choosing to shoot his shots in.

Jeffree Star wearing full blue tracksuit, blue wig, and blue makeup

Jeffree Star is also the queen of color coordinating. Surely his amazing makeup palettes help him tie any look together, but he also knows how to find a cute colorful outfit, like this set from Louis Vuitton. Of course, Jeffree Star doesn’t settle for anything less than designer.

Jeffree Star wearing green jumpsuit and sparkly gold jacke

Of course, if you have a fashion fetish like Jeffree Star claims to have, then you must follow his Instagram now!

Killer Captions

One of my favorite things about Jeffree Star’s Instagram account are his killer captions. He goes to town on every single one which is probably why his engagement rate is so high! He knows just how to caption his Instagram images.

Jeffree Star posing in the sunlight in a pink outfit and blonde wig

In this photo, Jeffree references his recent breakup with the fact that he finally hasn’t cried one morning. However, he does it in a funny almost self-deprecating way that makes it super easy to engage with the image. That’s most likely why it has 2.6 million likes!

Jeffree Star coming off his private jet in full Louis Viutton look

In this image, Jeffree Star is exiting his private jet wearing a full Louis Vuitton look including pajamas, a bathrobe, and slippers. Of course, Jeffree Star’s Instagram captions pokes fun at how extra he is before anyone else can. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself first!

Jeffree Star posing in little black dress and knee high boots

Although Jeffree Star doesn’t necessarily ask questions in his Instagram caption – which we would suggest you do to increase engagement – he does make sure his captions all have an opportunity for people to reply. Therefore, captions like this one that says “caption my mood” gives his followers an opportunity to create a caption with him which will increase engagement on Instagram! You could definitely try this on your Instagram.

Updates On His YouTube Channel

Of course, if you follow Jeffree Star on Instagram, you’ll get updates about his new YouTube videos. This is a great way to cross-promote different projects. On YouTube, he promotes his Instagram account too to make sure his followers are following him across all platforms.

If you follow his Instagram, you’ll see the thumbnails from his YouTube videos and be updated on them. Plus, this gives his followers a place to discuss the new video in the comment section of the Instagram post.

Jeffree Star’s Instagram

In fact, this is where things get a bit controversial. Viewers have criticised Jeffree Star since he announced his breakup with long term boyfriend, Nate. If you watch the video where Jeffree Star announces the breakup, there is no frame where he is crying like he is in this photo. People have pointed out that he would have had to pose for this thumbnail which does seem a little over the top.

On another hand, he always promotes his new videos in Instagram stories, too. For this video, he posted an Instagram story where he was crying. At the end of the video, he told his fans to swipe up to watch the new video. The whole thing just seemed orchestrated for more clicks on his video.

It’s no doubt that Jeffree Star is heartbroken about his breakup with Nate, but to promote it on every social media of his does seem a little bizarre considering how upset he is. You’d think he would take a little break to process the breakup.

However, he’s got to do what he’s got to do. If you want to be the first to hear about new Jeffree Star videos, then follow his Instagram.

That’s it for the spotlight on Jeffree Star’s Instagram. Follow Jeffree Star if you want fashion shots, killer captions, and updates on his new videos. He also posts daily on his Instagram stories, shows off his wide range of cool wigs, shares amazing makeup looks, photos from his holidays and much more!