Instagram Model And The Recipe For Fame

There are loads of different types of fame, from Oprah Winfrey fame to Beyonce to Bill Gates. “Instant fame” refers to Instagram famous influencers. If you lust for the life of thousands of likes on a single photo, then keep reading, because you may just want to become an Instagram model.

The Recipe For Fame And The Instagram Model

Instagram models are everywhere Instagram now has 800 million users, and every one of them is bound to follow at least one influencer.

But becoming an Instagram model can be challenging, frustrating and time consuming.

To become an Instagram model, you have to create and follow a specific plan. This recipe will include compelling content, valuable hashtags, community building and frequent content creation.

Create Compelling Content As An Instagram Model

Users follow Instagram models because their content is funny, thought-provoking and useful in some way. In order to claim your fame, you can post several different types of content.

  1. Funny: @tildalindstam has 279K followers. Not only because of her good looks, but her content is witty, punny and hilarious. Be sure to check out the photo with the ham that is captioned “talk to the ham.”

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    Talk to the ham

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  2. Informational: Informational Instagram models gain followers by providing content that users can use on a daily basis. One of the best and most popular examples of this is food plans, recipes and workout regimes. @foodfaithfit is an Instagram influencer who posts recipes for her 79K followers. Although she isn’t an Instagram model, posting recipes is a great way to build and maintain followers. 

  3. Inspirational: Instagram models post inspirational content to gain followers. Not only is it a good tactic to post inspirational quotes as the photo itself, but it is also a good strategy to post the quote as your caption.

Whether you choose to be funny, informative or inspirational, all Instagram models offer value with captions. Be sure to plan all your captions ahead of time, even if it’s just an emoji!

Post Professional Photos

Instagram models have access to professional photos because, well, they are professionals. But in order to become an Instagram model, and fake it til you make it, it is crucial for your photos to be professional grade.

Yes, you can create a professional grade photo with one of the latest IPhones.

There are several ways to make sure your photos are professional enough for an Insta-model worthy grid.

  1. Focus on what is the most exciting part of the photo. Are you showcasing a special drink? Make sure the background is pretty and clear. Be picky about the background of the photo so it showcases, rather than distracts from the thing you are displaying. 

  2. Speaking of focus, make sure your photo uses the portrait mode if you are focusing on one part of the photo. Selfies, food and single items are perfect for portrait mode.
  3. Use photo editing apps. There are dozens of photo editing apps out there, and plenty of them are free or low charge. Some of the easiest are Afterlight ,Snapseed and Enlight. Use filters to add something to your photos. As a future Instagram model, you want to make sure your photos stand out. Filters will give your photos an extra touch.

Instagram Models Create A Community

Social media is a community of people. It is important as an Instagram model to interact with current and future followers.

As you begin to grow your following, you want likes, comments and follows from other users; so you have to give those things back to the social media community as well.

It’s important to focus on the community within your industry, so make sure you like, comment on and follow users within your niche.

Finding your niche will take time. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Follow influencers and competitors in your niche
  2. Look at the hashtags these people use, and engage with people within those hashtags

Instagram Models Use Instagram Constantly

To become Insta-famous, you have to constantly post on Instagram.

Use a scheduling tool to make sure that you are posting on your Instagram timeline on a daily basis. Apps like Plann make it so you can preview what your “grid” (feed) look like before you post.

The benefit to using an app where you can see your grid, is that you can make sure it is visually appealing.

Most Insta models and influencers have beautiful grids that follow some form of pattern, like they use certain colors every three photos. @drewrosehair uses hair colors to make her grid look visually appealing.

You can also create a theme for your entire grid. @bourksandbees uses an all over filter color or theme throughout her profile.

Before you start randomly posting to become an Instagram model, make sure your photos are consistent, and follow some form of theme to make your grid visually appealing.

Aside from a beautiful looking grid, Instagram models use Instagram stories constantly.

Back to our three tone themes, you can use Instagram stories to review products, share funny stories or demonstrate new workouts.

@laurenmcbrideblog is a popular mommy blogger, with more than 141K Instagram followers. Lauren posts on her Insta story throughout the day. She does clothing try-ons, baby product reviews and parenting updates.

Not only is Lauren great at keeping her content relevant, engaging and timely, but she is also interacting with her community constantly. She always adds a call-to-action in her posts. Something as simple as “let me know what you think in the comments below” or “Post your favorite quote from Friends below.” This is a great way to engage with your followers and increase your following.

Instagram Models Use Hashtags To Reach New Audiences

Hashtags should be used in every post because this is how new users will find your account. Hashtags categorize your content and make it so your content is intertwined with other content in that same category.

This means that your content shows up in front of users who don’t follow you, and because they like your content, they will start following you.

Use as many hashtags as you can, but don’t just post random popular hashtags, or hashtags that aren’t relevant to your post.

If your content isn’t about fitness, don’t use the #fitness hashtag. Users can flag your post as irrelevant to the hashtag, and if it happens too often, your content will be shown less.

Another important hashtag rule is to not use the same ones. Some users keep a note of all the hashtags they use for easy copy and pasting, but this is actually against Instagrams Community Guidelines in which it says “posting repetitive comments” is not allowed.

With hashtags, it is really about quality of hashtags, not necessarily quantity of hashtags. A report by Track Mavern says you should use an average of nine hashtags but it really depends on the type of content you are posting, and how popular those hashtags are.

Be sure to use hashtags a combination of popular hashtags in your industry as a whole, as well as hashtags that are specific to your brand.

Hashtags can be used in stories, so be sure to use story tags to reach users who don’t follow you.

Claim Your Instagram Model Fame

To become an Instagram model you have to pick an appropriate tone, create compelling content, use hashtags and post consistent, frequent content. Building fame takes time and effort but can lead to sponsorships and a part-time career.

Follow these steps today and you’re sure to find your way towards Insta-fame. We want to hear from you! Comment below the niche fits your content the best, or contact us today to talk with an account manager.


By Ahmad

Ahmad spearheads marketing for Upleap, helping brands grow their social presence with expert account management for Instagram. In his free time, he enjoys helping local businesses market themselves online.

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