Hashtag Generator

How does our Hashtag Generator work?

Our Hashtag Generator is a free tool that you can use when you need cool suggestions on which Hashtags to use in your posts. It searches Instagram based on your settings and shows you the most used hashtags, top ones, or random hashtags.

Pick your hashtags

Top Hashtags

Gives you a list of the most recently used hashtags on Instagram that our Hashtag Generator found for you.

Matching Hashtags

This option lets you get the top hashtags used on Instagram. All hashtags will be generated based on Instagram statistics.

Random Hashtags

With this option on, Hashtag Generator will pull up several random hashtags relevant to the one you provided.

Pick posts to analyze

Top Posts

Generate hashtags based on top-performing posts on Instagram that used a similar hashtag to the one you chose.

New Posts

Generate hashtags based on the newest posts on Instagram containing a similar hashtag to yours.

Random Posts

With this option enabled the Hashtag Generator tool will give you random hashtags from a mix of various posts.

How many hashtags should you use for your Instagram posts?

The maximum amount of hashtags per post is 30. If you're just starting to grow your account and want the highest discovery possible, then use as many as you can.

How to maximize the potential of hashtags

Use hashtags that are relevant to the theme of your profile. Let's say your profile is a travel blog, try entering a generic hashtag for a start like "travel" and select top posts. Hashtag Generator will give you a list of hashtags that users liked the most so that same audience can discover your profile.

Are hashtags really that important?

Yes! No doubt! They not only help you get discovered by new users and grow your following but also complete the story you want to tell with each post you publish.

Should you use your own branded hashtags?

Yes, definitely, but focus on a few, preferably one. It doesn't matter if you add it to the end or at the start of the list.

If you stay consistent with your own branded hashtag added to the list of the ones you got from the Hashtag Generator, people will remember it, and use it to easily find all posts that are relevant to your brand.