Zopto is one of the first big names in the game, which means you’ve likely heard of them if you’ve ever researched LinkedIn automation. 

They call themselves “the number one LinkedIn automation tool,” but are they really?

That’s what we’re here to find out. 

Oftentimes, the things that a particular company claims fail to coincide with the truth. After thorough research, we fear this is the case with Zopto too. 

If you’re interested to know all about this company, prepare for the naked truth we expose in this Zopto review. 

In our never-ending search for the best social media tools, we’ve discovered only a few worth mentioning. When it comes to LinkedIn automation, the best in the class is AimFox. You don’t have to take our word for it – read this AimFox review that backs up our claim.

Back to today’s review:

Zopto Review – A Recap

For all the folks interested in the short version of our Zopto review, here’s a table that perfectly sums up this automation tool.

Easy to use Suspicious billing practices
  Lack of personalized messages
  Extremely expensive
  Charges people after cancellation
  Unprofessional customer support

What Is Zopto? 

A screenshot of Zopto’s homepage

Zopto is an automation tool focused on the LinkedIn social platform. In the past few years, automation tools have peaked in both performance and popularity. That being said, not all of them should be trusted to boost your account. 

Although Zopto has been around for a while, that doesn’t guarantee it’s safe to use today. 

Back in the day, automation tools were easier and safer to use than now. The reason is that giant platforms such as LinkedIn have come up with rules against said tools. There are even algorithms designed to catch those who use them. 

All this means you have to be extremely careful who you trust with your account. 

Some tools have the same MO as before, which is not the best strategy. In order for it to work, a tool has to find a way to go around the detection algorithms, for their customers’ sake. 

This is where Zopto seems to fail. Before we dig deeper into the heart of the issues, let’s take a quick look at how this tool works, how much you have to pay for it, and is it worth it. 

How Zopto Works

According to Zopto, this process can be divided into three parts. 

Firstly, you have to open a Zopto account on their website zopto.com. Note that you also have to have an active LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account. We have to warn you that this step requires you to leave a bunch of personal info, including: 

  • Your full name
  • Your full address
  • Your company’s name
  • Credit card number & expiry date

The second step is to filter your customers. You can filter by location, company size, industry, title, seniority level, technology, number of followers, and more. You also need to select a desired level of engagement and enable a few features. 

The third step is to sit and wait for the leads to come pouring in. The statistics and information related to your LinkedIn automation campaign are available to you on their dashboard. 

Is Zopto Budget-Friendly Or Not?

Zopto is at the top when it comes to price points. Their packages are not affordable by anyone’s standards unless maybe you’re a huge company that has a lot of money to spare. 

They offer three types of tariff plans: 

  • Personal
  • Grow
  • Agency

An image that shows Zopto’s tariff plans.

The Personal plan is valid for only one account, and it goes for $215/month

The Grow package seems to pay off the most when you consider the price and features you get compared to the other two deals. It costs $395/month. 

Priced at a staggering $895/month, the Agency plan is the most expensive one, and it includes automation for up to 5 profiles. 

While researching Zopto, we’ve come upon several complaints regarding the billing process. 

Here are the biggest downsides of Zopto according to their customers, almost all of which speak about the billing process:

A screenshot showing the downsides of Zopto

These quotes are taken directly from capterra.com, a site where customers can go to leave honest reviews. 

A few people call Zopto’s billing practices “shady” and “deceptive,” while one person claims Zopto continued charging them even after they canceled the service. 

This is a huge red flag – not only does this company charge exorbitant prices, but it also (apparently) steals from their clients. 

To make matters worse, we’ve hardly found any information about refunds on their website. They don’t mention it anywhere besides the Terms of use. So if you decide to try this tool, make sure to peruse the terms before giving them any money.

All The Wrongdoings of Zopto

The issue we mentioned above is a giant minus in Zopto’s favor. But, that doesn’t seem to be the only issue customers encounter with this tool. 

Besides failing to provide invoices, continuing to charge after cancellation, and being riddled with bugs, Zopto also doesn’t have a decent customer support team. 

More than one client speaks about their awful experience with the Zopto support team. 

When people turned to customer service for help with the billing issues, they were met with disregard and impoliteness. 

This is yet another red flag – unprofessional customer support is usually a sign there’s something wrong with a company.

But that’s not all. 

Another problematic thing about Zopto is the lack of personalized messages. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. 

Zopto, a popular LinkedIn automation tool that’s supposed to help you reel in your ideal customers, doesn’t offer personalized messages. 

This is a huge issue as personalized messages are what keeps these tools useful. If potential leads find your messages too dishonest and robot-like, it could ruin your reputation and diminish the entire purpose of hiring an automation tool. 

All in all, if you’re to believe (and you should) all the online Zopto reviews, this automation tool has many issues. Based on this knowledge, it’s time to answer the question that probably interests you the most: Iz Zopto legit?

Is Zopto Safe & Legit?

When we consider all the things mentioned so far, it’s hard to see how Zopto can be safe to use. 

We’re talking about a company that overcharges for faulty features, has shady billing practices, takes their clients’ money illegally, and disrespects customers’ calls for help. 

Any sane person would characterize this as unsafe

As for the company’s legitimacy – when you deem a certain service not safe, then it can’t really be legit either, can it?

Like you, we are done with services that are generally unsafe and don’t work. Good thing that we’ve found Aimfox in the sea of fake services. It’s been the community’s number one pick as the best value for the features that you are getting. You can dive a bit deeper yourself by checking out our review.

Zopto Review – The Bottom Line

This Zopto review only shows what we already know – you can never know who to trust. Even the companies that have survived for as long as Zopto are not to be trusted blindly. 

Seniority doesn’t guarantee safety, which is why you should always inspect a company before using its services, with no exception to this rule.

When it comes to your online presence, private information, and hard-earned money, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

By Dejan

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