What Happened To The Chronological Instagram Feed?

Last year, Instagram introduced a new algorithm. We went from having chronological Instagram feeds to a whole new order.

Before, when you opened the app, you saw the photos in chronological order. Now, when you log into the app, you see photos and videos that Instagram thinks you might like.

Sometimes, you see photos from 2 days ago. Sometimes it’s 20 minutes ago. It’s definitely unpredictable!

You might be wondering: how do I get the chronological Instagram feed back?

Short answer, you can’t.

We Miss The Chronological Instagram Feed

Since Instargam introduced the algorithm, people complain about it a lot. For the most part, people miss the chronological Instagram feed. It was a lot easier to predict when your photos would be seen.

Also, it meant people were sure they would see all their favorite posts in order!

Now, when you post, Instagram might not even push it out to your followers. You might have 30,000 followers but only 1,000 of them see your photos, no matter when you post.

Plus, your friends might be posting photos that you might not ever see because Instagram thinks you don’t want to see them.

It’s all quite very rude, but there are a few ways to make the most of the new Instagram algorithm.

Perks Of The New Instagram Algorithm

When the chronological Instagram feed existed, posts had an average lifespan of 4 hours. Now, it’s about 48 hours but some last even longer, especially if they’re doing well.

This is particularly good if you want to spend less time on Instagram. You can be sure to post every other day and still get good engagement.

Another perk is that Instagram does start to memorize which posts you like and which posts you don’t. If you go on Instagram once a day to check in on your favorite accounts, their newest posts will be waiting for you when you log in.

It’s easier to build relationships with the new algorithm. When it was a chronological Instagram feed, you weren’t always guaranteed to the same user’s posts when you logged on. Now, you’re confident you’ll see the same 20 accounts every time they post which means they can quickly become good Instagram friends of yours!

When you do follow a new account and like a lot of their content, Instagram will prioritize that account for you. They will definitely show it to you every time that account posts.

Stay In Control

Lastly, it is actually easy to make an account appear back in your feed. Sometimes you might miss one of your favorite account’s recent posts. Instagram thinks you aren’t interested anymore.

Technology isn’t always right! However, to get them to appear back in your feed, simply go to their profile and like all their recent posts.

Instagram will think, “Oh, you want to see these again? Great, we’ll show you!”

Although the chronological Instagram feed is gone, you’re still very much in control of what content you see or don’t see.

Tip: Keep a note of all your favorite accounts so that you can search them and check that you’re seeing all their recent posts. That way you won’t forget about them when Instagram does.

Say Goodbye To The Chronological Instagram

In conclusion, yes, the chronological Instagram is gone, but maybe it’s for the better! With an easy to understand the algorithm, it’s easy to conquer Instagram’s new methods.

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By Beth McCallum

I'm Beth, a Scottish writer and bookworm. I'm currently agent hunting for my debut novel while running a candle business from my home. I obsess over dogs, Hamilton, chai lattes and recently, Harry Potter. I know, I'm decades late.

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