Upleap vs. Instazood -Who Should You Trust To Grow Your Instagram Account?

If you’ve tried to grow your Instagram by yourself, then you know it’s a strenuous job, one that requires energy, time, and patience, that frankly, most of us don’t have. That’s where Instagram growth services come in.

In today’s article, I’ll compare two well-known growth services – Upleap vs. Instazood.

Furthermore, I’ll cover some burning topics, like:

What is the best Instagram bot?  Do Instagram bots even work in 2020?

Let’s dig in!

Brand Promise

Let’s see what both services offer to potential customers.

What Is Instazood?

Instazood openly states to be an automation tool that can help their users get real followers on their Insta accounts.

Although bots violate Instagram’s Terms of Use, Instazood claims to be an entirely safe way to grow your Instagram accounts.

Frankly, that’s a bold claim coming from a tool that doesn’t rely on organic, human-based strategies.

What Is Upleap?

Upleap is an organic growth service. Your profile is managed by real people whose job is to grow your Instagram account and help you get real followers.

Upon registration, you’ll be assigned an account manager who will dedicate their time to engage with real accounts on Instagram to help you reach your goal.

Instagram marketing is a complex business, and our managers are experts who use their knowledge to provide our users with the best growth strategy.

Social Media Growth Strategy

Which strategies do Instazood and Upleap use to help you grow on Insta?

How Does Instazood Work?


Instazood is a classic Instagram automation tool.

If this is your first time hearing about automation, the gist is simple:

Instazood performs tasks (follow, like, comment) on your behalf, saving you a lot of time and energy. However, bots are two-edged swords – while they take a lot off your hands, their approach tends to get aggressive and can have serious repercussions.

Even though bots are generally easy to use, not a lot of good can come from them. Using a tool like Instazood puts the safety of your Instagram account on the line and something bad will inevitably happen, be it an action-block or a permanent ban.

How Does Upleap Work?

Compared to Instazood, Upleap employs an entirely different strategy to grow your account and get you real Instagram followers. Namely, the company brings into play real people who boost your account in a natural way. 

The thing about organic growth strategy is that it brings results in the long term.

The new followers you gain organically are more likely to remain your followers indefinitely, whilst those you get via a bot will probably vanish after a while.

Using Upleap is no rocket science – to get started, you need to register on the official site upleap.com, connect your account, and meet with your account manager.



Instazood Instagram Bot Features

What can users expect from Instazood as far as Instagram automation goes?

Instagram Automation

Instazood’s features include automated likes, follows, unfollows, comments, and story views.

Automation tools tend to have a sort of unrestrained approach to Instagram growth, so they often get users banned or blocked on Instagram.

Followers, likes, comments – you’ll receive them all, but at what cost?

Besides, it’s not guaranteed that the new followers you gain through a bot will remain your followers for a long time. It’s also not set in stone that they are indeed real Instagram followers – many times, they turn out to be fake.

It’s hard finding an Instazood review that doesn’t mention a complete ban of users’ accounts, even those who had multiple accounts connected say that all of them got either banned or blocked.

Although bots such as Instazood are super easy to use, using them is not the best possible strategy for growing on social media platforms like Instagram.

Automated DMs

Besides the typical features such as like, follow, and view stories, Instazood offers to send a direct message to each new follower.  Automated DMs might seem like a useful feature, but in reality, it’s not good enough to trick Instagram’s algorithm – Instagram will detect the direct message as spam.

Post Scheduling

The feature for Instagram post scheduling can be handy. You can upload as many posts as you like and prepare them for posting. All you need to do is set the time when you wish your posts to be uploaded, and Instazood will post them for you.

If you use the Post Scheduler, you likely won’t get banned and your IG posts are probably safe. However, bots (including Instazood) can never promise you any of their features are 100% safe to use.

Comment Tracker

Another useful feature that’s least likely to jeopardize your safety on Instagram is this one for tracking comments. All the comments on all your posts are in one place, so you can keep track of them and never forget to reply or miss inappropriate comments.

Using this feature is probably safe, but as I mentioned earlier, you can never be absolutely certain.

Some people who used Instazood claim this feature wasn’t particularly helpful, and one customer review even advises users against getting in business with a social media automation tool. They say that the follows, likes, and comments are not enough to achieve real results and they widely restrain from giving this service 5 stars.

Upleap Instagram Features

If you seek real, significant growth, the word “automated” should not be in your dictionary. Growing on social media requires an entirely natural approach.

Upleap doesn’t offer any automated features that will likely get you banned; everything is done manually, which is crucial if you want to grow organically.

Once you get started with Upleap, here’s what you can expect.

Account Manager

Upleap provides you with a real account manager, a person who will be at your disposal and will use every tool in their box to help you meet your goals.

Your manager will engage only with posts relevant to your niche, so you can pick up real followers who are interested in what you have to offer. They will follow, view stories, and react on live broadcasts of those accounts.

Furthermore, your support agent will share your profile externally to be indexed by search engines. This is done to ensure extra coverage and it’s a kind of strategy that is proven to attract a substantial number of followers.

Notice how we don’t offer to like stuff on your behalf?

That’s because likes are too botty, even when done by hand, and can lead to an action-block of your account, or worst case scenario – a permanent ban. Besides, this feature will never help you attract real followers.

Natural Engagement

Unlike Instazood, Upleap helps you grow with other relevant Instagrammers, which results in natural engagement.

Natural engagement comes over time, as is always the case with organic growth. Although it may be slower, the organic strategy has a long-lasting effect, unlike those based on bots.

Audience Targeting

To provide the best possible results, Upleap requires you to adjust a few filters to narrow down your audience.

It’s of utmost importance to interact only with followers from your niche because they are the ones who will most likely want to follow your profile.

This step is done upon registration, and don’t worry; it’s relatively simple and takes only a couple of minutes.


Instazood Pricing Plans

Instazood offers monthly and yearly packages.


Unlike many similar bots, Instazood is not that expensive. The Instagram Tool and Auto DMs deals go for  $14.99/month or $11.99/month for a yearly subscription, and the Post Scheduler and Comment Tracker are $9.99/month ($7.99/month for a yearly deal).

Although Instazood offers a free trial, you should bear in mind that even if you use it for a couple of days, your account is in jeopardy of getting banned or blocked. It doesn’t take long for Instagram to catch a bot in action.

Upleap Pricing Plans

Similar to Instazood, Upleap also has monthly and yearly subscriptions.

We offer three packages:

  • Lite$59/month, or $44/month for a yearly subscription. It includes an account manager and targeting by hashtags and similar users.
  • Standard$79/month, or  $55/month for a yearly package. It has the same features as the Lite plan, plus faster organic growth and the feature for viewing Insta stories.
  • Premium – $199/month, or $119/month for a whole year. It involves the same as the previous two with two extra features: exclude keywords and premium customer support.

All things considered, yearly plans really do pay off in the long run, especially if you have multiple accounts that need our help.

Customer Service

Interacting with customers is the responsibility of every company – it’s crucial that the customer support team is available and responsive. What kind of CS do Upleap and Instazood have?

Instazood Customer Service

Instazood offers an elaborate FAQ section and a chance to contact them through a ticket. Essentially, you have to request support and wait to be approved.

Upleap Customer Service

For quick info, check out the FAQ page on our site, and if you need help, you can always contact us directly. Feel free to reach out to your account manager or our customer support team any time of the day.


When it comes to Instagram growth services, your top priority should be safety. How do the two services compare in this field?

Is Instazood Safe?

Instazood is perfectly safe from the website and payment options standpoint. Their website is HTTPS secure, and the payment gateways are verified- no funny business there.

However, bear in mind that Instagram bots are never 100% safe.

There’s the ever-present threat in the form of a ban or block from Instagram. If they catch you using an automation tool, you can forget about your account and all your new Instagram followers. They’ll be gone before you can say knife.

A considerable number of Instazood reviews state that’s exactly what happened to their accounts.

Is Upleap Safe?

The beauty of the organic approach is that safety is guaranteed.

Since there are no bots involved, and everything’s done by a human hand (dedicated support agents), the risk of getting caught by Instagram is next to nothing.

You don’t have to worry about your Instagram account. Plus, considering they are real accounts, all your newly gained Instagram followers are safe as well.

As far as the website and payment gateways go, you can trust Upleap. All of it is 100% secure.

Upleap vs. Instazood -Who Should You Trust To Grow Your Instagram Account?

So, to finally answer the million-dollar question – Do Instagram bots work in 2020?

I don’t think so. Instagram bots are slowly but surely becoming obsolete, and organic growth is still unparalleled.

Sure, automation tools can bring you temporary fame, but if you want to get long-term results, you should focus on organic services like Upleap.

Plus, with an organic strategy, you needn’t worry about safety – it’s guaranteed. Upleap is your ticket to Instagram glory!

By Beth McCallum

I'm Beth, a Scottish writer and bookworm. I'm currently agent hunting for my debut novel while running a candle business from my home. I obsess over dogs, Hamilton, chai lattes and recently, Harry Potter. I know, I'm decades late.

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