Upleap vs. Instaboostgram – Which One Is The Suitable Fit For Your Instagram? Comparison Of The Two

Boosting your Instagram followers is almost a must-have to get a better following. There are various tools to do so, like using Upleap or Instaboostgram.

So, to see whether our brand name, Upleap is a better fit for you or Instaboostgram, we did a comparison. Continue reading to see who is the clear winner in this competition for Insta followers!

Brand Promise

When talking about the value or experience offered to the users, we have to see the differences for ourselves. We at Upleap use a different approach than the Instaboostgram, even though it’s a growth service as well. Actually, the growth service we offer is quite different than the growth service Instaboostgram offers!


Instaboostgram is a virtual business that offers a wide range of Instagram growth services: buying likes, views, comments, followers for your Instagram profile – for your posts, and your IGTV.

Instaboostgram promises to increase your influence on this social network – which is a little over the top. On their page, you can see 8 benefits that they promise to do when you sign up for their Instagram growth service.

The benefits aren’t exactly something you can achieve with Instaboostgram’s services and grow your Instagram influence. Those benefits would be achieved with a good campaign and organic influence growth.

Instaboostgram offers a wide range of packages varying in the number of followers you buy with it. The service itself is the same – you are purchasing followers and you get 24/7 available customer service, but that’s about it.

Followers Instaboostgram offers are ‘real’, meaning they have a profile picture but no posts, and they boost the views and likes of your Instagram profile.

A business like Instaboostgram advertises that they offer organic growth services and real Instagram followers – but the reality is different, unfortunately. For the rather high price, you don’t increase your influence much.


Organic growth is the only thing our Instagram growth service is focused on. Other growth services don’t increase your influence, and organic growth truly is the way to go if you want to get a move on your Instagram.

Building your brand isn’t easy  – and we know that, so we only use the organic growth method to help our clients achieve their goals. This all may sound too good to be true – so, how do we do it?

We offer you a better interaction with real followers on your Instagram profile, which we all know is the most important part of building your brand’s social media presence. With the dedicated account manager you get when you sign up for our services, you will get the engagement you’re looking for.

So, the growth services we offer here at Upleap are based on the strategy chosen by your dedicated manager. The account manager will create a unique strategy according to your content, for the price. Our managers will do everything they can to attract real followers to follow and engage in your posts on Instagram.

This strategy is called organic growth, and it will result in you gaining more real followers over time, building your brand further. This is something we like to call natural engagement. Buying fake followers will not help you achieve that – just get you a bad rep and a potential ban.

Using our growth services is very simple – all you have to do is go to our website at upleap.com, sign up only using your email address, connect your Instagram username and a few details regarding your accounts, describe your niche, and there you go! After you enter your name, email, and website (username), you can explore options and the range of services we offer as a business!

Social Media Growth Strategy

Growing your Instagram and increasing your brand awareness can be achieved via different approaches and it means a different thing in different social media companies. Furthermore, the growth campaign can vary greatly – so let’s check out the differences between our services at Upleap and the organic growth offered by Instaboostgram!


Instaboostgram advertises instant followers and larger influence on social media. Instaboostgram promises you several high-quality followers that promise to increase the engagement on your social media profile. However, the reality is that their Instagram growth services don’t offer so much.


After you do sign up for Instaboostgram’s likes and followers services, you have to select the number of followers Instaboostgram offers and leave your credit card information. After that, in a matter of minutes, your brand’s social media profile will have the follower count increased – but that’s about it.

Increasing your follower count will only make it seem like your brand has increased influence, but the reality is – your influence is unchanged. What truly matters about building your social media presence on Instagram is the engagement rate.

With the purchased followers via Instaboostgram, your brand won’t get very far, because the number of followers and likes can change your engagement rate by a little, if at all.

The Instaboostgram business promises that they offer a faster way to build your social media campaign. The truth is, manual social media campaigns stimulate more organic Instagram growth.

The truth is, this service will increase your engaging rate, but not as much as you hope to. Also, there is a risk that Instagram might give you a ban or even block out your accounts due to fake Instagram followers.

The organic growth methods have shown that they pay more over time because they attract even more actual Instagram followers. If you aren’t looking to do your own social media campaign, you should consider using organic growth to get the following you want, be that 100 followers or 5000 followers, and increase your influence on social media platforms.


Here at Upleap, we pride ourselves on our human approach to social media campaigns and the real results you can see for yourself. The service we offer is a unique approach to organic growth.


We understand that building your brand already takes a lot of time, and building your social media presence can be hard – especially if you want to increase your engagement.

For the money, we will give you a dedicated account manager that will find real people in your niche to follow your accounts. Instagram growth service usually doesn’t offer such a long-term alternative featuring real Instagram followers.

Most Instagram followers boosting businesses only offer a service of buying loads of fake accounts. For our customers, this doesn’t increase the engaging rate, only gives the appearance of success without reaching it truly.

What’s more, if Instagram recognizes that your new followers aren’t real people, they might block them out. So, if you subscribe to sketchy services, your newly-bought 100 followers, or worse, 5000 followers might disappear as fast as they appeared.



Instaboostgram is a virtual marketplace company that can grow your Instagram followers and likes, among other things. They offer services for other social networks like Spotify, Youtube, and TikTok – not just Instagram.  This is the whole palette of services Instaboostgram offers:

Buy Followers

Using Instaboostgram, you can purchase a variety of packages regarding Instagram followers. Buying followers from Instaboostgram can get you Instagram followers – somewhere between 100 and 25,000, according to the money you’re willing to spend on it.

According to Instaboostgram’s website, the followers you bought will appear almost immediately after the purchase as well as an order number.

The followers you buy from Instaboostgram are advertised as high-quality, but they are not real Instagram followers – so, nothing different from most companies offering these services. Also, there is the risk of getting banned when you buy more followers, so if you want to keep your place as a brand, keep in mind that the site can ban you without giving you an answer if you do ask a question regarding your ban.

Buy Likes

Buying likes is also a service provided by the Instaboostgram website. Customers can buy likes as well -anywhere between 100 and 10,000 likes – it’s up to customers to choose the amount they want or need from Instaboostgram.

Instaboostgram promises to deliver the likes and followers instantly upon purchase, with a money-back guarantee for clients. Also, you can split up the likes if you want to purchase more than 100 likes.

Buying likes for your engagement rate is safer than buying high-quality followers, but it could still get you banned from Instagram altogether – so keep this information in mind when using Instaboosgram.

There is the option to buy automatic likes as well – anywhere between 250 and 1500 likes per post! With the purchase, you get free views for your videos, as well.

Buy Views

If customers feel the need to get more views for your videos on the Instagram website, they can do so -and choose between 500 and 50,000 views – with the option to split it into different videos.

Buy Impressions

Impressions are a show if the marketing strategies customers are using are successful. This service offers customers to choose between buying 100 and 5,000 impressions to buy from the site.


Dedicated Account Manager

Our agency, Upleap, offers customers the best Instagram experience by boosting their accounts in an organic way – Instagram growth of our clients’ accounts, using their name, email, and website.

That’s why our clients get their own, dedicated account manager that will utilize their knowledge onto their accounts to get more real followers.

Also, your manager will share your Instagram externally – so you can be found via different search engines. This will improve your reviews and you can check in your browser for the next action regarding Instagram followers.

Targeting Your Audience

Clients need interaction on their Instagram with their followers to be with a suitable audience. That’s why you can pick your niche on Upleap and your manager will find your Instagram followers for you! Isn’t that a great alternative?

Natural Engagement

Your dedicated manager will make sure to find Instagram followers from your niche to boost interactions of people with your accounts. Our unique service keeps you safe from Instagram bans – because all followers you get are real followers.

Our managers at Upleap find real people by engaging with their posts, viewing their stories, and press reactions when they’re going live. For additional information, you can contact our customer service.


How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers from Instaboostgram, and how much does it cost to get organic growth, all real people following your profile and boosting reputation?


On the site, clients can choose from 10 different Instagram followers packages. The prices are anywhere between $2.89 and $189.99, so buying followers for Instagram can get expensive.


As for the likes – the prices vary from $2.89 and $68.50. Automatic likes are more expensive – $28.99 for 250 likes, $48.99 for 500 likes, $83.99 for 1000 likes, and $113.99 for 1500 likes.


Reviews state that there is no free service on Instaboostgram, but there are extra features with your Instaboostgram purchase. The followers are high-quality – they are advertised as so, but Instagram influence cannot be bought.


Upleap offers a unique service, unlike Instaboostgram. We give the customers dedicated account managers to keep track of their Instagram. Our customers get an answer to all their problems.

We give you real followers, and the experience pays off in the long run because it further influences your profile. Our organic growth approach gives you more success. 

Our three plans are:

  • LITE – $59 a month, or $44 a month in a yearly subscription. With LITE, you get a dedicated account manager and target your audience with hashtags and competitor users.
  • STANDARD – $79 a month, or $55 a month in a yearly subscription. Offers more than LITE – faster growth and viewing stories feature.
  • PREMIUM – $199 a month or $119 a month in a yearly subscription. Offers more than STANDARD – excluding undesired keywords and premium customer support.

What is the reason NOT to buy Instagram followers?

Does buying Instagram followers help your Instagram or not?

  • No long-term value

An Instagram service like Instaboostgram doesn’t help your image long-term. Your engagement rate according to the number of your followers will be short. Actual people following your account can help your influence, fake, empty accounts cannot.

  • Hurting credibility

If the rest of your Instagram followers figure out that most of your following is fake, it could hurt your credibility.

  • Impossible to measure the influence

If you have a percent of fake followers, you cannot tell for sure if people are responding to your brand. You have to know if the audience likes your pictures and stories, and how can you tell that if the audience is fake?



Instaboostgram is little sketchy because it could put your Instagram profile into trouble. Instagram’s algorithm recognizes fake followers and it could give you a permanent ban from this social network.


Upleap is a service you can use without the worry it could ever put your profile into any trouble. As we don’t give your profile a fake following, but a service that stimulates organic growth instead – it’s perfectly safe to use according to Instagram’s guidelines.

Customer Service


Instaboostgram has customer service, but according to reviews – it’s not very helpful.


We take special pride in our customer service. You can contact your manager at any time or contact us via website/email and we will be happy to respond to all your questions!

Upleap vs. Instaboostgram – The Clear Winner Is…

I believe that it’s needless to say who won in the competition for the best client experience.

We take pride in our organic growth approach to boosting brands and influencers. Buying Instagram followers may seem simple and easy, but letting our manager take care of your Instagram marketing will yield the best organic growth you can possibly imagine.

Surely, it has to be better and it makes you feel more in control over your business. To boost your Instagram and get better engagement – register with Upleap today and see for yourself what we are all about!


By Beth McCallum

I'm Beth, a Scottish writer and bookworm. I'm currently agent hunting for my debut novel while running a candle business from my home. I obsess over dogs, Hamilton, chai lattes and recently, Harry Potter. I know, I'm decades late.

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