Upleap vs. Gramista – Which Is The Best Choice? Find Out Now

In your search for the best Instagram growth service, perhaps you’ve stumbled upon Gramista, and now you want to know if this Instagram tool is worth your time and money, and how does it compare to an organic growth service.

To learn the truth, read this Upleap vs. Gramista comparison. In the end, you’ll be able to judge by yourself.

Which growth service will take the crown? Time to find out!

Brand Promise

What can you expect from Upleap and Gramista? Here are their brand deals.


Gramista’s website clearly states this is an Instagram automation service for Instagram followers and likes.

They also boldly promise to provide their users with only real Instagram followers and likes. Sadly, that’s not usually the case with bots. What you’ll likely receive from Gramista are fake likes and followers from fake Instagram accounts.

Gramista’s main promise is that the automated actions the bot performs on your behalf perfectly mimic human behavior, thus tricking Instagram from finding out you’ve employed an automation tool. In reality, that’s not how it works.

But here’s the real twist:

Apparently, this Instagram growth tool doesn’t work anymore.

So, if you’ve hoped to become a Gramista user, well, sorry to burst your bubble, but Gramista is no more. The business has been closed down since 2019, although that doesn’t stop them from having an up and running site and accepting new clients.

I guess it’s time to look for Gramista alternatives.


First and foremost, Upleap brings organic growth service. Why is this important? Well, because organic growth is in a league of its own – it’s the safest one out there and the one that provenly yields long-term results.

When you sign up, you get an account manager who will help you grow your Instagram account and gain real Instagram followers. And yes, it’s a real human being at your disposal for all your needs.

Rest assured, you can trust our social media marketers to grow your Instagram account by interacting with your target audience with a goal to bring you only real followers.

To get started, simply visit our website upleap.com, sign up with an email, create a new password, connect your Instagram username, and describe your target audience.

Instagram Growth Strategy

Let’s take a closer look at Gramista’s and Upleap’s strategies to grow your Instagram account.

How Gramista Helps You Gain Instagram Followers

Since Gramista doesn’t actually operate anymore, I can tell you what it used to do.

Gramista’s master plan to boost your Instagram profile and engagement included a set of automated tasks that the bot performs to help you gain real followers. Well, allegedly real.

The tasks included auto follow, auto unfollow, and auto like – pretty basic stuff that every Instagram automation tool does. Gramista did these based on filters you’d need to fine-tune upon registration that describe people from your niche. The registration requires your email and a password, and you’d need to connect your IG account.

The main selling point of Gramista is the “organic” growth strategy they employ. The issue here is that Gramista is, in its essence, a bot, and bots rarely offer organic growth. So, no matter how loudly Gramista claims it, it’s likely far from the truth.

But why are bots bad news? What’s so bad about them?

The main reason why I’m against using bots, i.e., automation tools, is that they go against Instagram’s rules. A few years back, Instagram set in motion terms of use that prohibit any use of bots, and if they catch you using one to boost your engagement, you’ll face a number of repercussions, including an action block or a permanent ban.

So, all things considered, I just don’t think bots, including Gramista, are worth jeopardizing your account.

How Upleap Helps You Gain Instagram Followers

At Upleap, we don’t believe in Instagram automation, and if you want to grow successfully on Instagram, neither should you.

You don’t have to rely on poor quality automation tools to help you grow your Instagram accounts. Our users can expect solely authentic Instagram followers and people interested in your content – your target audience. Plus, you’ll receive the only thing your account really needs – natural engagement.

The key is in the dedicated managers who work to boost your Instagram account in the most natural way.

This kind of human-based approach is provenly efficient in the long run. Not only do you gain genuine followers, but they will also remain your followers indefinitely.

This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to automation tools. Followers you gain through an automation tool are usually gone before you can say knife – most of them are removed by Instagram due to being fake.


Gramista Instagram Features

Gramista’s features for Instagram automation are rather basic. Here is what features Gramista offers to its users.

Audience Targeting

Once you start using Gramista, you need to adjust a few settings that narrow down people and accounts from your target audience. These filters include hashtags, location tags, gender, and IG handles of your competitors. The premise is that your competitor’s followers might also be interested in what you have to offer.

These four are not a bad set of filters per se; if you left specific info, they could work well. However, the bot often disregarded them and followed/liked random accounts. Resultantly, you ended up with either fake followers or people outside your niche.

Auto Like

Gramista would like posts of other users’ accounts on your behalf. The main problem was the excessiveness of this feature. The level at which the bot would like could only result in one thing – an action block from Instagram.

An action block is when Instagram realizes you’re using a bot to like posts on your behalf, so they temporarily block you from liking as a precaution. If this happens to you, take it seriously cause the next step is usually a ban.

Auto Follow/Unfollow

Following and unfollowing are the other two features of Gramista. Similar to auto like, auto follows are done based on your filters. Unfortunately, the bot can’t distinguish fake profiles from the real ones, so it follows all of them, which means you get loads of fakes in your follower list.

As I mentioned earlier, if you receive fake followers via a bot, Instagram will delete them sooner or later, so you’re on the same level where you started.


The Gramista Boost feature allows you to temporarily but dramatically increase all the activity on your profile. Using Gramista with the Boost feature can hardly go undetected by Instagram’s bot detection tools.

Upleap Instagram Features

With Upleap, you can forget about the word “automated.

Our experts do everything manually, which is crucial for organic growth. The fact that there’s no automation involved also means that the entire growth process is 100% safe and doesn’t violate Instagram’s terms.

Account Manager

The account manager you get is a real person who will utilize their social media marketing skills to provide you with the best possible tactic for growing your account and gaining real Instagram followers.

To help you meet your goals, your account manager will reach people from your niche by engaging with their posts. This is the organic way to gain genuine Instagram followers that are a part of your target audience.

This also means that if they follow you, they’ll probably want to like your posts and view your stories, so we’re talking about authentic, active followers, which is the main objective in the end. You can also gain video views from these Instagram followers if that’s your thing.

Besides following, your manager will also view stories and react to live broadcasts of accounts from your target audience.

On top of this, they will also share your profile externally to be indexed by search engines. This step ensures extra coverage.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that here at Upleap, we don’t have a like feature. That’s because likes are always spammy, whether they’re done by a bot or a human.

Plus, they’re not particularly useful. People, especially those with many likes per post, often dismiss them and don’t even notice who liked their post.

The only thing excessive liking can get you is an action block.

Audience Targeting

When you register with us, you’ll be asked to adjust a few settings so we know towards whom to channel our attention.

This is a pivotal step in gaining engaged followers, as Instagram users from your niche will likely want to follow you back and like your posts continuously.

Natural Engagement

Our dedicated account managers make sure you engage only with relevant Instagram users, which means you get natural engagement, the kind that comes over time but is there to stay.

Sure, quick boost and instant results sound enticing, but they don’t last – they’re the result of automation tools that don’t yield any significant growth in the long term.


The time has come to compare Upleap’s and Gramista’s payment plans and free trials.

Gramista Price Points

Gramista offers six payment plans. They’re based on the number of days you want to use the tool. The smallest one is for one day, and the largest one is for ninety days. The in-between ones are for three, seven, thirty, and sixty days.



The price range is between $1.79 and $89.99, which seems budget-friendly. However, considering what you’re actually paying for and that Gramista doesn’t work, it’s too much.

Even though Gramista shut down a while ago, they still won’t hesitate to take your dollars. Sounds like a scam, wouldn’t you agree?

As for the free trial, there is one, but they don’t mention for how long. However, since the service is shut down, I don’t think a free trial is of much use.

And when it comes to refunds, let’s just say that the company is suspiciously vague here – they don’t mention anything on their site. Also, Gramista doesn’t mention the payment method, but I guess they only offer a credit card.

Upleap Price Points

Once you sign up with your email, you’ll need to choose a plan. We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions, on three tariff plans:

  • LITE$59/month or $44/month for an annual subscription.

You get a personal manager and the option to target an audience by hashtags and similar users.

  • STANDARD $79/month or $55/month for an annual subscription.

It includes the same features as Lite (manager and audience targeting), plus faster organic growth and the feature for viewing stories.

  • PREMIUM $199/month or $119/month for an annual subscription.

With the Premium plan, you get all of the above plus two extra features: exclude keywords and premium customer support.

As you can see, yearly plans pay off in the long run, especially considering it takes more than one month to witness significant growth. It can also pay off if you have multiple accounts.

Customer Service

Many growth services lack responsive client support. Is it the case with Gramista too? Let’s see.

Gramista Customer Support

Gramista offers support in the form of an FAQ page, which is not as informative as you’d want it to be. If you are a Gramista user, you can submit a request on their website, leave your email, and wait for a response, although I’m not sure you’ll ever get one now that Gramista no longer functions.

Upleap Customer Support

For instant answers, you can check out our very up-to-date FAQ page that covers the hot topics, and if you still need help, feel free to contact your account manager or our support team. They’re available to you during the workweek at any time.

Gramista & Upleap Safety

How safe are these two Instagram growth services?

Is Gramista Safe?

First of all, Gramista is (or was) a bot, and bots are never 100% reliable. I mentioned they directly violate Instagram’s rules, so naturally, they can’t be deemed safe.

Second of all, even if we disregard the fact it’s a bot, Gramista is not safe for one simple reason: they continue to accept and charge new clients to this day, even though the service went under in 2019.

That tells you more than enough.

Is Upleap Safe?

Because here at Upleap we deliver only organic service, it means safety is guaranteed.

There are absolutely no bots or automation involved, and everything is done by a human hand, so there’s nothing unsafe about our approach.

You can rest assured your account is in good hands and out of harm’s way with Upleap. Don’t worry about the website and payment options – all of it is completely secure, and your data is protected.

Upleap vs. Gramista – The Final Verdict

I often get asked “What is the best Instagram bot?” and each time, I answer with the question, “Why would you want to use a bot in the first place?”

Indeed, why would you go in business with a bot when there’s a far safer and more efficient approach?

Using Upleap, you’re guaranteed discretion, safety, and substantial long-term results, so why risk it all with a bot such as Gramista?

Don’t waste another second contemplating about bots vs. organic growth;

Get started with Upleap – it only takes a few minutes, and I promise it’s worth it!

By Beth McCallum

I'm Beth, a Scottish writer and bookworm. I'm currently agent hunting for my debut novel while running a candle business from my home. I obsess over dogs, Hamilton, chai lattes and recently, Harry Potter. I know, I'm decades late.

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