Upleap vs. Combin – Instagram Growth Service Showdown

The amount of social media growth tools/services out there is staggering. There are too many alternatives and If you’re a newcomer just trying to grow your Instagram profile you might not know what to do.

The ads are everywhere, the reviews are always mixed and you’re afraid to use a service that might not bring any results. Combin is one of those many tools.

Today we decided to clarify some things when it comes to Instagram growth and show you the difference between organic growth and automation. Let’s compare Upleap with Combin and see what both services have to offer to customers and what are the differences.

Let’s see what’s under the hood.

Brand Promise

Let’s take a look at what Upleap and Combin social media services promise to customers:

What is Combin?

Combin is software that promises audience management and attraction. Like with any computer program, it needs to be installed on a computer.

What Combin fails to mention is that customers will be doing most of the work themselves, meaning they need to know quite a lot about social media marketing, growth tools, and optimized search, if they want any results.

What is Upleap?

Upleap is an Instagram growth service that concentrates on organically growing your following, whether if it’s for business or for personal use. Upleap is incredibly easy to use.

Your Instagram profile will be handled by a real person, who knows what they’re doing when it comes to social media marketing.

All you have to do is register on the official site. You’ll connect your Instagram account and get a personal account manager.

If you’re wondering – yes, you get what you pay for – real, organic growth that will help you attract real Instagram followers.

Upleap, unlike Combin, doesn’t need you to be an expert in social media marketing and does most of the work for you.

Things like followers, story views, etc. are all being handled by us. You don’t need to worry about marketing at all.

Your only job will be to create the best content possible, something you’ll have more free time for since you won’t be obsessing about your growth as much.


The best way to know if a social media growth service can help you in growing your Instagram profile is to see the tools at their disposal. Let’s break it down:


Combin is primarily an automation tool. Most of the features it offers revolve around statistics and machine learning.

  • Growth and Performance Statistics

Combin has an option to view daily, weekly and monthly activity in the software. It tracks the followers, likes, comments, how many accounts it followed, and the drop rate of those followers.

The problem with this is that serious users don’t usually have just one type of “strategy” if they want to grow their following. Combin monitors only the statistics it was responsible for. That means a user could have done something right without using Combin, but might not know what it is since Combin only monitors its “progress”.

  • Advanced Instagram Search

This feature lets users find Instagram profiles, in various categories, by combining different search queries. They can run searches by hashtag, location, specific account’s following, new followers, likers and commenters, and by bio.

The problem with this is that makes the user’s profile unnaturally active. The number of likes, comments, and new followers attained is impossible for a real human to accomplish.  This is the problem with automation – it’s a one-way ticket to Bansville. Instagram will pick up on the extra activity and the profile that is flagged can be banned fairly easily.

In addition to that, a computer program won’t easily recognize fake Instagram accounts. If any of the parameters were wrongly calibrated, a user might find their profile filled with some random fake Mongolian Instagram accounts with a profile picture of dolphins.

  • Repetitive Actions Automation

Here is another automation feature of Combin – this one lets the users engage multiple Instagram accounts and posts at once. This means they’re not interacting with the content of each separate user. They can bulk follow, unfollow, like, and comment. Also, there’s an option to use comment templates.

There are a few issues with this approach.

Firstly, bulk engagement – once again, Instagram doesn’t like automation. If someone’s interacting with thousands of users on a daily basis, dishing out thousands of likes and comments, Instagram will inevitably pick up on that.

Secondly, comment templates that Combin offers scream fake engagement or as Instagram likes to call it “non-authentic” engagement. Remember the Mongolian dolphins – you don’t want those flooding your social media following, they’re not that good for business.

Upleap features

With Upleap, you get a much more organic experience compared to Combin. Instead of AI machine learning automation and other useless Sci-fi stuff, you get features that are much more effective and useful in the long run, and won’t get you banned.

1.Account Manager

The first thing you get is a genuine account manager. No software in the world can replace a real person handling your social media marketing. Your account manager has only one goal, to help you grow your Instagram audience.

They’ll follow, react on live broadcasts, externally share your profile, and view stories. This will give you more time to focus on the most important thing – creating your content. Also, your account manager will analyze the market or the niche you are in and engage with posts and accounts in different categories that are crucial for your profile. 

2.Organic Growth with Social Media Marketing

Targeting hashtags and similar users is only the beginning.

Organic growth can’t happen in a few hours; a lot of time we see Instagram tools that promise lightning-fast results, which is just not possible. This is why marketing should be left to experts. 

Upleap won’t get you 5 million followers the first week.  What you will get is organic growth that will help you find real followers who are interested in your content and want to engage with you.

3.Target audience feature

With Upleap, you have the option to narrow down your target audience and search for users that are best suited for your content. This will ensure you’re interacting with people who are more likely to follow you and improve the overall engagement on your Instagram account.

This way, Upleap will save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend searching for people that are in your niche.

Unlike automation tools like Combin, Upleap targets your audience without the risk of having your profile banned. You won’t need to follow a ton of irrelevant profiles or use any useless strategies. No generic templates are being sent and real people are handling the entire process.


One of the (if not the one) most important factors in social media growth services is the price – how much bang you get for your buck.

Here’s the direct comparison of Upleap & Combin in this regard:

Combin Pricing

Combin offers 3 packages.

The first one is a free trial and fairly limited. Only 1 Instagram account can be managed, 50 search results for posts, and 25 for users, concluded with a 200 daily action limit.

The second one costs $15 dollars a month. Again, just one account can be managed, with 1000 search results for posts and users, and statistics are also offered.

The last package costs $30/month,  and it offers the same as the previous two, but it adds the option to manage 5 accounts. However, if you’d like to manage even more accounts, you have to pay extra.

Plus, there’s a lot of additional work since those accounts need proxies and all kind of VPN’s so as not to raise any suspicion with Instagram. All in all, even the free trial can be a fairly risky endeavor.

Upleap Pricing

Whether you’re a light user or a serious influencer or business, With Upleap there’s something for everyone.

Even though we offer 3 price packages as well, unlike Combin, the potential for saving a lot of money by opting for the yearly pricing, instead of the monthly one, is huge.

First, there’s the Lite plan- $59 a month, or $44 a month if you opt for the yearly subscription.

Lite plan is great for personal accounts and upcoming influencers who want to grow their Instagram following. You’ll have your own account manager, and the option to target hashtags and similar users.

Next, there’s the Standard plan – $79 a month, or $55 a month if you want the yearly package. It’s a noticeable step up from the Lite plan.

It’s great for upcoming influencers and businesses looking to grow their Instagram audience. You’ll have everything in the Lite plan, but also faster organic growth and story viewing as well.

Finally, there’s the Premium plan – $199 a month, or $119 a month if you go yearly. The yearly option can save you a lot of money since you’re basically paying as much as you would for a standard plan but you’ll have even more features. Besides everything in the previous two plans, you can also exclude keywords and you’ll have Premium Support.

This plan is the best one for people who are serious about growing their following as fast as possible but still in keeping with the organic growth philosophy.

Customer service

After the price, customer service is the second most important feature people are looking for in a good social media growth service. Inadequate customer service can have you pulling your hair out if you need some quick help.

After all, it’s your Instagram profile we’re talking about.

Combin customer service

Since it’s a computer program, using Combin can prove complicated for a lot of people who are not that tech-savvy. However, Combin is infamous for its lack of customer support, at least according to its customers.

Several customer reviews mention that it’s exceptionally hard to get in touch with them. Plus, Combin’s refund policy is fairly strict as they won’t refund your money if you don’t like the way their product works.

Upleap customer service

Our customer support starts with a rich FAQ page, with various categories, if you’re looking for any kind of quick information. If you require further help, your account manager will do his/her best to make themselves available to you.

Additionally, you can always contact the customer support team as well.


Safety first!” is the common saying for everything in life. The same goes with social media growth tools – Combin & Upleap included. Here we’ll break down how we fare in this regard:


Combin safety

Instagram updates its algorithm on a regular basis. Combin is an Instagram growth tool that tries to keep up with that algorithm but that seems pretty impossible since there are lots of reviews on the internet from customers that got banned while using Combin.

The problem is, a tool like Combin will dish out too many likes and follows – this, by the way, doesn’t guarantee a lot of followers – those likes and follows are inevitably going to attract some very unwanted attention.

Also, you are installing something on your PC, again, antivirus and malware protection is a must. In addition to that, this software is tied to the user’s Instagram profile, so if someone manages to hack it, their Instagram profile could be compromised as well.

All in all, a good way to get banned or hacked. For a business that has a lot of money riding on its Instagram presence, this can seem especially scary.

Upleap safety

Unlike Combin, there’s literally zero risks of a ban on using our service – it’s 100% safe. Your Instagram profile is handled by real people that are regularly informed about Instagram changes to their policy and algorithm.

There are no spammy generic messages that are very likely to get you in trouble. All the new followers you’ll attract are 100% real followers who are interested in your content.

Plus, since you’re not installing any kind of software on your computer, the risk of your profile being hacked is non-existent. Here at Upleap, we put our customers’ privacy first and everything else second.

Combin vs Upleap Instagram growth service Showdown – Conclusion

This one is fairly simple. You want organic growth, not automated software that isn’t safe and can get you banned. Combin is an automation software – it’s sole purpose is to exclude human interaction on its user’s social media account.

On the other hand, Upleap gets you real followers and engagement. Nothing beats having real people managing your Instagram profile and taking care of the social media marketing side.

Signing up for Upleap is really easy – just click here.

If you’re someone looking for the best growth service that will finally get you the results you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

By Beth McCallum

I'm Beth, a Scottish writer and bookworm. I'm currently agent hunting for my debut novel while running a candle business from my home. I obsess over dogs, Hamilton, chai lattes and recently, Harry Potter. I know, I'm decades late.

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