Top Instagram Hashtags

Top Instagram Hashtags & How To Use Them

Using top Instagram hashtags correctly can make or break your content. For those that are new to hashtags, today, we will explain what they are and how to use them. If you’re familiar with hashtags and you’re just looking for new ways to expand the reach of your posts, #readon.

Instagram Hashtag How-To

There’s an easy way to describe a hashtag. We call this the “filing” description.

When you file paperwork, you have the filing cabinet and the folders in the cabinet. We like to think of the files as the hashtag that you file your content into.

If you have branded-hashtags (we’ll talk about this more later) then you can consider those the actual piece of content you are filing.

Just like filing your paperwork, it’s important to pick the right category for your content. In fact, if you pick the wrong hashtag to associate with your content, it will actually hurt your content.

Why even use Instagram hashtags if they are so much work?

Because Instagram content with hashtags average with 12.6% higher engagement than posts without. And these days, we are looking for all the help we can get to increase the reach of our post.

Plus, Instagram is a community. And as Instagrammers, we want to find our community, participate in conversations with our community, as well as follow people with similar interests.

The best part about hashtags is how they help your content. When you allow Instagram to sort your content with hashtags, your posts are served to people who actually value and care about your content.

Imagine if you hated cats (seriously, who hates cats?) and you were served nothing but cat content, you would probably leave Instagram quickly, and that’s the last thing Instagram wants.

These platforms are designed to keep you on the platform, which is another reason why posts with hashtags are favored.

Where To Place Top Instagram Hashtags

Since Instagram hashtags are so important, now we’re going to cover a very controversial debate. Where do you place your Instagram hashtags? In the comments? Or in the description with your caption?

Advantages of Placing your Hashtags In The Comments

The biggest advantage of placing your hashtags in the comments is that it keeps your description clean.

Hashtags that are in with the caption can be hard to read and take away from the root of your content.

When people comment on your content, the captions will be hidden.

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Advantages of Placing Your Hashtags In The Description

Often people forget to add hashtags once they have already posted their Instagram. If you post your hashtags with your caption, you’re more likely to remember.

Choosing where you place your hashtags is more of a style choice, but no matter which option you choose, it is crucial that your hashtags are added in a timely fashion.


Hashtags in the caption

Branded Hashtags Vs. Generic Hashtags– Which is better?

There’s definitely a hashtag strategy. Branded hashtags are great for brands who want to be #trendsetters and are confident enough to take the leap into the world of unique categorization.

But generic hashtags are great to gain reach in already established categories and trends.

The drawback to generic hashtags is that they usually have SO MANY followers, that it is impossible to get your content seen by others, especially if you have a smaller brand.

#instagood (one of the top generic hashtags) has 901M posts. Some of the top posts have over 1,000 likes.

If your Instagram is still growing, it’s important that your Instagram hashtag strategy includes both generic and brand specific hashtags.

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Before You Get Started, Research

Research your competitors: Which hashtags are your competitors using? What do their captions look like? Which audience fo they speak to? Understanding your competitions overall style will help your brand discover what works best for your industry.

Research Influencers: Within your industry, there are influencers. These influencers have a huge following. What hashtags are the influencers using? If you can incorporate the same hashtags and style as the influencers, you’ll be able to attract them and hopefully get influencers to support your product.

Top Generic Instagram Hashtags






























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#ThrowbackThursday / #TBT





Follow Top Instagram Hashtags

These are the top Instagram hashtags on the internet right now, but they will continue to change. To stay up to date, follow these hashtags. Take note of changes, and additions to see if the influencers who use these hashtags add new top hashtags to the list.

#instagood hashtag in the discover tab

Place Top Instagram Hashtags In Your Story

Just like using hashtags with a regular post, you can also add hashtags to your story.

You can do this two ways:

  1. Use the sticker function. You can add top Instagram hashtags to your story by scrolling through the sticker section, and picking the #hashtag sticker. This will make the hashtag visible to your story.                              Hashtag in Instagram Story
  2. Use invisible hashtags. Invisible hashtags are a great way to expand the reach of your brand, connect with your audience and add your content to the industry hashtag. Plus, you can’t see them, so they look better on Instagram stories.

To start using invisible hashtags today, follow these instructions by our friends over at Plann.

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Measure Your Success With Top Instagram Hashtags

Like every part of your Instagram strategy, you should measure and analyze your success. Afterall, hashtags are strategic!

There are several tools you can use to measure your results. Some of these tools include Keyhole, Brand24 and Hashtagify. You can find a tool that works best for your brand here.

There are also some key metrics to help you understand which hashtags are working for your brand:

-Increase in followers: measure your followers before you use certain hashtags and after. If you are testing this, be sure not to change other variables such as posting time of day.

-Comments: measure how many people are commenting, saving and sharing your posts.

-Reach: the amount of accounts who received your post. On Instagram you can even see how many of these accounts were unique.

-Impressions: the number of views on a unique post. Now on Instagram, you can even see where the impressions came from (home, hashtags, etc.)

Now that you know the top Instagram hashtags and how to use them, you can get started on your Instagram strategy today! Our team here at Upleap cares about your Instagram success. We want to know—which hashtags have worked best for you? Comment below!


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