Top 10 Instagram Accounts

If you’ve ever wondered who the most popular Instagrammers are, now you know! This article will cover who the top 10 Instagram accounts belong to and what makes them so popular.

1. Instagram

By no surprise, the most popular Instagram account belongs to @Instagram.

Owning the first place in the top 10 Instagram accounts, the @Instagram account is full of exciting updates and challenges. They are popular for many reasons:

  1. They choose creative photos to share. For example, they don’t share any old selfie or picture of food. They showcase unique and artistic photos.
  2. They repost pictures from their followers. Whether you have 10 followers or 10 million, Instagram will share your photo to their 256 million followers if they like it.
  3. They host challenges every week! Their Weekend Hashtag Project is the most popular and frequent one. Every Friday, @Instagram shares a prompt such as #WHPmatching or #WHPunusualportraits. You can spend your weekend focusing on taking an Instagram worthy photo!

2. Selena Gomez

Musician and actor, Selena Gomez, takes second place in the top 10 Instagram accounts. Her Instagram, @selenagomez, is followed by 144 million people!

For the most part, Selena Gomez shares pictures from her daily life whether that’s hanging with friends, doing a photoshoot or recording music.

But it’s her relaxed approach to Instagram that takes people by surprise. For example, on the 24th of September, she announced a social media break and hasn’t posted since. This keeps people on their toes and inspires fans to do the same!

Another reason she’s so popular on Instagram is because of her transparency. For instance, she opens up about her political and religious beliefs without being controversial.

Recently, she’s been sharing updates from her work with A21, a nonprofit organization that fights human trafficking.

So, not only does Selena Gomez keep it glitz and glam, she gives back to her audience across the world.

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3. Christiano Ronaldo.

Close behind Selena Gomez, Christiano Ronaldo has 143 million followers. The soccer player, @Christiano, lands at number 3 in the top 10 Instagram accounts.

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Avanti così, tutti insieme #finoallafine

A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

You probably need to be a die-hard soccer fan to love Christiano Ronaldo’s Instagram account. Almost all of his pictures include him and his team on the pitch.

In amongst those celebratory pictures in muddy uniforms, are updates about new products. He posts about Fifa, his new Nike shoes, and even his own brand of boxers!

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4. Ariana Grande

@arianagrande takes number 4 in the top 10 Instagram accounts. She’s followed by 130 million people!

Ariana Grande’s Instagram has been in the spotlight recently. There are many things that people have been talking about:

  1. Her new album ‘Sweetener’. Ariana Grande posted lots of teasers and updates about the record-breaking album.
  2. Her #sweetenerspotify exhibit that opened for a weekend in New York City. It brought the album to life in a museum-style concept.
  3. She has a pet pig. Keep an eye out on her Instagram stories to see videos of the little guy!
  4. Her silence and then tribute after ex-boyfriend Mac Miller’s death. When Mac Miller died, followers were furious at her silence. Shortly after, she posted a lovely tribute which had fans in tears.

On the whole, Ariana Grande earns her space in the top 10 Instagram accounts because of her feed’s aesthetic.

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A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

The singer owns the lo-fi vintage look. Along with her short captions, Ariana Grande makes her account an easy and relaxing place to visit on the internet.

5. Beyoncé

Don’t worry! Of course, Beyonce is in the top 10 Instagram accounts. With 118 million followers, @beyonce comes in at number 5.

Recently, her photo have been updates from her OTR2 tour. OTR2 was a 4-month tour co-headlined by Beyonce and husband, JAY Z.

Together, they performed their hit music over 48 nights. The stadium tour was well received by fans. Some even got lucky enough to win a $100,000 scholarship from Beyonce and JAY Z.

After every show, Beyonce posted three photos from the night. These show off her amazing stage costumes. We’ve got leapord print, fringe bodysuits, and simple high waisted shorts with a sweater.

But no matter what she’s wearing, the Queen B always looks great!

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6. Kim Kardashian West

Tied with Beyonce at 118 million followers, @kimkardashian is number 6 in the top 10 Instagram accounts.

Kim Kardashian West remains the ever controversial character, even on Instagram.

While her photos are liked by millions, the comment section is full of criticism.

This photo where Kim announced her next KKW Beauty and Fragrance pop up received thousands of hateful comments. They included, “What’s wrong with your neck? Photoshop gone bad,” and “There’s more plastic in this picture than in a McDonald’s ball pit…”

Kim Kardashian West has always been the subject to hate online. However, she stills remains one of the most popular Instagram accounts ever. She must be doing something right!

Besides beauty updates, she also posts pictures with her kids. Together with Kanye West, they have three children: North, Chicago and Saint.

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My little LOL Doll! ❤️

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

She’s also well known for posting revealing photos. Whether she’s in a bikini or nothing at all, Kim Kardashian West has done it!

Despite the controversy, Kim Kardashian West sits safely in the top 10 Instagram accounts and probably always will.

7. Dwayne Johnson / The Rock

@therock is followed by 117 million people. This puts him at number 7 in the top 10 Instagram accounts.

Dwayne Johnson is an actor, producer and wrestler. He’s done a little bit of everything. With lots to post about on Instagram, he remains popular.

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WHEN THE MAN COMES AROUND. Inspired to bring to life one of my childhood heroes, John Henry, in JOHN HENRY & THE STATESMEN. In this movie, I’ll lead an ensemble of the most popular folklore figures and legends from different cultures around the world. @NETFLIX is the perfect partner & platform to bring these global folklore icons to life. The NETFLIX brand speaks directly to our @sevenbucksprod ethos of being bold, ambitious and game changing – and most importantly, always thinking “Audience first” in homes all around the world. The legend of JOHN HENRY’S strength, endurance, dignity and cultural pride was instilled in my DNA at a very young age. My dad would sing “Big John” to me every time he would put me to bed. At bedtime most children get loving nursery rhyme songs — I got this/ Every mornin’ at the mine, you could see him arrive. He stood 6 foot 6 and weighed 245. Kind of broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip. And everybody knew you didn’t give no lip to Big John. Big John. Big Bad John. Directing this big ol’ tentpole is the talented and passionate, Jake Kasdan. Jake and I found nice success together in a little movie called, JUMANJI. Gonna be a lot of fun bringing these legends to life. My childhood hero. The steel driving man and his disruptive band of international folklore legends. JOHN HENRY & THE STATESMEN @sevenbucksprod @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @flynnpictureco @NETFLIX

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

Recently, he posted about his new movie, “John Henry and The Statesmen” coming out in 2019. The Rock celebrates leading an ensemble of the most popular folklore figures and legends. He reminisces about being inspired by John Henry since he was a young boy.

Apart from posting movie updates, he posts his cheat meals.

In this photo, he showcases his sushi meal recommended by actor Stanley Tucci. That’s a lot of sushi for one person!

The Rock is a prominent character on Instagram. He’s all about business, promoting his upcoming movies and shows. But what makes him so popular are the small snippets of his real life whether that’s singing his daughter to sleep or meeting kids on Make A Wish Day.

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8. Kylie Jenner

Popularity must run in the family because Kim Kardashian’s half-sister, Kylie Jenner, comes in at number 8 in the top 10 Instagram accounts. @kyliejenner is followed by 116 million people.

Earlier this year, Kylie Jenner shocked the world by introducing her darling daughter, Stormi, to the world. This took people by surprise as Kylie Jenner had never announced her pregnancy.

Now, Kylie’s Instagram is dotted with pictures of Stormi which fans seem to love. Comments include, “Ah wow this year has gone by so fast. Best baby of all time. 💛” and “Omg she’s an angel!”

Unlike her half-sister Kim Kardashian West’s Instagram, Kylie’s account remains mostly positive. Even her selfies receive loads of praise!

Kylie Jenner uses her Instagram to promote her beauty line: Kylie Cosmetics.

She sells makeup of every kind. But she’s most known for her famous lip kits which are advertised to help people achieve a “Kylie Lip”.

9. Taylor Swift.

Singer-songwriter, @taylorswift, comes in at number 9 in the top 10 Instagram accounts. She is followed by 112 million people!

Taylor’s Instagram received a lot of attention in 2017 when she deleted all of her posts and started fresh. This was in promotion of her most recent record, “Reputation”.

The blonde hair and red-lipped singer is still celebrating the album’s success with touring around the US.

She’s come very far from her original country music vibe. Now she rocks flamboyant body suits and sparkly bomber jackets as well as her loud upbeat pop music.

Taylor Swift has always been in the eye of the media. From her personal narrative songs to throwing shade at other artists, Taylor Swift always gives people something to talk about!

On her Instagram account, she posts more than just music updates. She recently broke the silence on her politic views in anticipation of the upcoming elections.

More than that, she loves a classic photo with her cute cats!

Who doesn’t love a good cat selfie? Dog people, I guess.

Last but not least, Taylor loves to collaborate with other celebrities. Among the list include Ellen Degeneres, Camila Cabello and Robbie Williams.

Recently, she had Maren Morris join her on her stadium tour. Taylor loves to support other artists in their music career.

10. Justin Bieber

Finally, we are at the tenth place in the top 10 Instagram accounts. It belongs to no other than @justinbeiber with 102 million followers!

Justin Bieber posts a variety of things on his Instagram account. He’s posted pictures with his favorite celebrities. He celebrates with pictures of his new baby sister, Bay. Justin also posts cute photos with his fiance, Hailey Rhode Baldwin.

Justin and Hailey got engaged in July 2018. It was a private proposal but paparazzi got sight of it, anyway!

Through his engagement, Justin Bieber has taken it as an opportunity to share his religious beliefs on his Instagram.

He promises “to lead our family with honor and integrity letting Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do and every decision we make”.

While most fans are happy for the Canadian singer-songwriter, many fans are still mad about his breakup with Selena Gomez.

That’s It, Folks!

So, there you have the top 10 Instagram accounts! All of these celebrities showcase their lives via social media, pushing the boundaries to get that extra popularity. Having over 100 million followers is no easy feat but these people have gone and done it!

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