Tips and Tricks To Master Instagram Live

Tips and Tricks To Master Instagram Live

You’ve probably gotten an alert before that one of your Instagram friends is “live now”. Or, maybe you’ve seen the bubble by your stories that show your friend is now live.

Why would your friend want to go live? And how did they go live?

Periscope was one of the first apps to introduce live videos, and now Instagram and Facebook have jumped on board to help bloggers, brands, and users engage with their followers through Instagram live.

Instagram Live is a great tool for Insta-bloggers, brands, and businesses. Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram Live including tips, tricks and top profiles that hit that “Go Live” button frequently.

Why You Should Try Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a powerful tool, and if done correctly, will help you and your brand improve engagement and gain followers without buying Instagram ads.

Instagram Live is great for:

Releasing a new product– Instagram Live is great if you have a new product or special offer to release to your fans. If you announce the topic of your live video in a regular post or story (a trick we will discuss more later) then you will leave your fans anticipating what you are going to reveal.

Gaining Conversions– Instagram Live is known for alerting users and grabbing their attention. If you want to get your followers to subscribe to your newsletter, follow your brand, or purchase something, use Instagram Live to add urgency and get users to complete an action.

Showing personality– The great thing about Instagram Live is it allows your brand to show personality. You can showcase the creative process behind your brand, show off your employees, or if you’re a blogger, use Instagram Live to showcase clothing capsules.

Connecting with Influencers– “Instagram Takeovers” is a great way to grow your following and connect with your influencers. An “Instagram Takeover” is where you ask another person (a celebrity or blogger with a huge following) to use your Instagram to show off their day, or some specific event they are doing. This is a win-win situation because your business benefits from gaining some of the influencers followers, and the influencer gains followers and a reputation for live videos.

How To Go Live

Going live on Instagram is relatively more difficult than it is on Facebook. There is no specific button, and it even seems like Instagram tried to hide this tab from us by putting the “Go Live” feature within the stories camera feature.


  • Access your stories camera tab

Instagram Feed

  • Scroll your camera setting on the bottom of the screen to “Live”

The Go Live Screen on Instagram

  • Title Your Live Video
  • Click “Go Live”
  • END when you finish (note you only have one hour)
  • Choose to save or share your video


Tips and Tricks

Be prepared:

Before you go Live, be prepared. Make sure your camera is set up with perfect lighting, sound and make sure the background is professional and clean. If you’re conducting an interview or talking yourself, be sure to double check your overall look, and fix those unwanted fly-aways!

Prep your audience:

In order to get your fans involved, prep them. Title your live session, and advertise it in the days before you go live. Especially if you are releasing a new product, or announcing winners for a giveaway, be sure to hype up your audience before you press “go live.”

Use Comments:

While you’re live, encourage users to comment and engage with you. Be sure to engage back, by answering their questions live.

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Turn Off Comments:

You can turn off comments by tapping the settings wheel and clicking on “turn off comments.” But remember, comments are a great way to engage in conversation with your audience so take this into consideration before turning off comments.

Pin Comments:

Highlight engaging, thought provoking, or social proof-type comments to the top of the live comment feed so that other users see them first and foremost.

How to do this: Select the comment and hold it down until it appears at the top.

Use Comment Moderation:

In the settings section, you can set your account to automatically block certain emojis or keywords from your Instagram Live session.

Use Story Settings:

You can hide your stories from certain people, and make it so certain users can respond to your story in a direct message. To use this feature, click on the gear icon.

Switch the Camera:

Play around with flipping the camera to get better angels of yourself, the product or the people you are broadcasting.

Use Face Filters:

If your brand has a playful tone, you can experiment with face filters and other fun Instagram-exclusive features.

Join in on Live:

Recently, Instagram made it possible for users to ask friends to join their live videos. This is a great way to have followers join in without them being present with you to video.

Go Live Often:

If you are producing exciting, intriguing content (and if you aren’t, you should be) then you will gain followers and attention. In order to keep these fans and continue to gain new fans, you should go live often. Maintain a calendar and keep your live videos consistent and planned.

Instagram Live Inspiration

Now that you know all there is to know about how to go live on Instagram and how to work all the settings, it’s time to gain some inspiration for your own videos.

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Explore Instagram Stories:

There are two ways to explore Instagram stories. The first way is to scroll to the top of your feed, which is where all the stories and live videos of the people you follow are. If you see one of the circles with a “live” caption under it, then that user is currently live.

You can also find live videos by clicking on the Explore tab. This feature has changes with the addition of Instagram TV. Since Instagram is trying to promote IGTV more, these videos will show up somewhere (usually on the right) of your explore tab. Instagram used to show live videos, and let you explore them, but now you have to do more digging, or search by location.

These Accounts Mastered Instagram Live:

More and more accounts are adding Instagram Live to their strategy. With the addition of IGTV, more people are creating their own “channels” instead of going live all the time. But, Instagram live is great because it involves less prep than IGTV, which keeps the videos up until you take them down (like YouTube).

Here are some accounts that still frequently go live, and do a great job while they’re behind the camera:

@alexia_clark: A personal trainer with 1.5 million followers, Alexi goes live to show new training tactics, recovery tips and more. Live videos help her stay in touch with her audience while proving she has plenty of industry knowledge.

@glossipgirl: Judi is one of those bloggers who will do makeup tutorials and showcase her style. Her Live videos incorporate humor, and if you happen to catch her while she does her night out makeup, you might even get a say in what look she goes for. Judi does a great job of using the different comment features to engage with her audience.

@stitchfix: Stitch fix does a great job of going live and showing style tips and answering any questions that fans have about fashion.

What are your favorite Instagram Live accounts and why? Have you tried going live for your business? At Upleap, we are constantly trying to share new strategies to gain followers and increase engagement. Contact us today to talk about how to grow your Instagram account.

By Ahmad

Ahmad spearheads marketing for Upleap, helping brands grow their social presence with expert account management for Instagram. In his free time, he enjoys helping local businesses market themselves online.

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