The Only Guide You Need To Repost On Instagram

One of the best ways to create content and show off your product is by reposting content on Instagram. Reposting and resharing is simple, and should be a part of any social media strategy. We’ve put together a step-by-step process of how to repost on Instagram and some of the brands that repost and reshare the best.

The Difference Between Instagram Repost and Instagram Reshare

Before we dive into how to repost and reshare, let’s talk about what reposting and resharing is, and how to use it strategically.

Reposting is taking a piece of content that your business or brand did not create, and posting it on your Instagram feed. This can be User Generated Content (UGC) or content that is relevant to your industry, but we will talk about this more later.

Resharing is sharing the content in another way such as posting on another platform like Twitter, Facebook or within a private system like messenger or text.

Is Reposting Against Instagram Policies?

As we mentioned before, Instagram has made it difficult to repost content, and in the past, users thought this implied that reposting is against Instagram’s terms of service.

If you read Instagram’s terms of service , Instagram states that you are responsible for your own content.

Instagram’s concern is that users repost content without permission, which would be a copyright infringement. But don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of ideas to keep you safe from copyright infringement. But we’ll get to that in the etiquette section.

The Value of Reposting & Resharing on Instagram

Content your brand creates is valuable, but reposting on Instagram is arguably, more valuable.

Reposting should be a part of your strategy because it’s demonstrating real people using your products. It’s actually a science-backed, powerful social phenomenon called a social proof. There are actually 6 different types of social proofs, and all of them are leveraged when you repost on Instagram.

Resharing helps your brand repurpose content on other channels. You can also encourage your followers to share on other platforms. Thanks to Instagrams latest update, you can now reshare in an even more powerful way.

Now you can share your content using Instagram stories. You can share either your own content, or content from your fans.

Before we jump into how to repost and reshare on Instagram, let’s clear up the rules and policies.

How To Repost on Instagram

Reposting on Instagram is inconvenient. Unlike other features, like sharing in direct messages, and saving to your collection, Instagram has made it difficult to repost content.

Instagram clearly doesn’t mind resharing content throughout different social media channels, so why won’t it make it easy to repost content?

Instagram wants instant, relevant, timely content. Not old, repurposed content. Which means If you want to share content from another account, you have to find the right app for you.

Reposting with Later

If you’re already using a scheduling tool for Instagram (and if you aren’t, here’s why you should) you can easily repost content using your scheduling tool. Later has a simple click and drag feature, which makes reposting Instagram content a breeze.

Sharing Content with Schedugram

Schedugram is another well-loved scheduling tool, and it has a chrome extension that you can download. Chrome plugins make sharing user generated content as simple as a click of a button. Read more about how to repost content on Instagram using Schedugram here.

Repost App For Instagram

The most popular app is the Repost App. To get started, download the app from the Apple Store.

  1. Find the piece of content you want to repost Instagram Profile
  2. Ask permission
  3. Click the … in the corner
  4. Click Copy Link from the pop up menuInstagram Share Menu

  5.  Open Repost App

  6. The copied URL will already show up at the top and it will automatically curate the content with “Got Share URL”How to repost using the Repost App

  7. Choose where you want the watermark to be placed, and what color you want the shading.Adding the Watermark in Repost App

  8. Select story or feed repostReposting on Instagram Stories or Instagram Feed

  9. Choose if you want to copy the caption and open InstagramUsing the Repost App to Create Captions

  10. Add credit to your caption and post like any other Instagram post!Finished Instagram Post using Repost

Etiquette For Reposting On Instagram

Asking for permission is the most important part of reposting content on Instagram. There are two different types of permission, implied and explicit.

Implied Permission is permission you have not received, but you assume you have. A great example of this is a contest that users enter with a branded hashtag. Check this article if you’re looking to learn more about applying the best hashtags for your account.

@GoPro does a great job of using branded hashtags to collect user generated content. They added how you can share your photos with #GoPro. Which implies that content will be used on their page.

Go Pro's Instagram Account

Explicit Permission is permission that is established by asking for permission from the creator. This can be done two ways. One is by commenting on the photo and asking the user if you can repost or reshare the content. Two is by private messaging the creator and asking for permission to repurpose the content.

Target comment asking for permission

Strategies for Reposting with Instagram

We’ve covered what reposting with Instagram is, how to repost, and we mentioned why this is an important strategy for any marketing plan. We’ve put together some of the best reposting strategies, and some brands that use reposting and resharing effectively.

Photo Contests

Photo contests are an easy way to get users to post about your business.

Strategy #1: Post your branded hashtag in bio

REI Instagram Profile
@REI Branded their hashtag #OptOutside
The hashtag clearly placed in the bio encourages users to create their own content and get featured on the account
Stitch Fix Instagram profile
@StitchFix encourages users to post their Stitch Fix Style with #StitchFix they also encourage users to tag them in their stories for clothing reviews

Strategy #2: Ask for the repost with a post, or in your Insta story

Angy Orchard Instagram Story
@AngryOrchard uses Instagram Stories to encourage followers to post about their featured product, and they offer a reshare in exchange!

Instagram Story by Angry Orchard of Dog and Cider

Strategy #3: Repost in an Instagram Story using the new reshare feature

1. Select the image you want to share on your story

2. Click on the paper airplane icon

Instagram post of jumping horse

3. Click add post to storyAdding a post to your Instagram Story

4. Add text, stickers, locations, polls and more to your post

Strategy #4: Use a photo text in the feed

An Instagram post of a giveaway contest
@orangetheoryfitnesseugene uses a photo with text in the timeline to encourage users to post. They also encourage resharing to other platforms. This is a great strategy to expand reach, and increase followers across platforms.


Resharing Industry Relevant Content on Instagram

Looking for a way to add more content, but you don’t want to fill your feed with User Generated Content? Try adding content that is relevant to your industry.

An Instagram post of an inspirational quote
@Commit30 uses quotes to help inspire their goal-oriented audience


Adding industry-relevant content will help you add to your content. You can also create partnerships with other brands. If you share their content, they can share yours. Be strategic about the brands, ambassadors and bloggers you choose to partner with.

Don’t forget that social media is a community, so make sure every online partnership has give and take.

Reposting and resharing on Instagram is a powerful way to easily curate more content. It also increases engagement and encourages users to interact with your brand.


If implemented correctly, reposting on Instagram will help increase your followers. If you’re still not seeing the results you’re looking for, get a dedicated account manager from Upleap. We’ll help you increase engagement and gain followers. Try it for free today!

By Ahmad

Ahmad spearheads marketing for Upleap, helping brands grow their social presence with expert account management for Instagram. In his free time, he enjoys helping local businesses market themselves online.

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