Spotlight On: World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram

If you want to know what’s happening in hip hop, just check out World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram account. With nearly 22 million followers keeping up with every post, you know this account is popping.

World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram is an eclectic mix of news, hip hop history and an introduction to up and comers in the hip hop music scene. But if you think that sounds boring, you’re in for a surprise. They deliver this information like no other news outlet, complete with plenty of emojis and chances for fans to weigh in in the comment section.

If that wasn’t enough, World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram also includes some of our favorite memes around. For all the hip hop fans out there, we’re breaking down all the reasons you need to be following the account.

World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram Includes Info From Hip Hop History

Sometimes you just have to honor the greats. Despite being tapped into the current hip hop scene, World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram always pays tribute to the past.

Take this post for example, reminding followers of the anniversary of an iconic release by 2Pac.

In fact, 2Pac is featured heavily on World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram. They often pay their respects to some of the late rapper’s greatest albums.

But it doesn’t have the anniversary of older rappers’ music for World Star Hip Hop to pay their dues. They also shout out current rappers’ old releases. Like the time they noted it was the anniversary of one of Kanye West’s big albums, “The Life of Pablo.”

Sometimes the anniversary is surprising. Did you know it’s been 16 years since 50 Cent released “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”?

Whatever the reason, the nods back to older albums help remind hip hop fans of some of their favorite tunes. That makes this type of post on World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram helpful for followers, who might pop an old song back on their current playlists.

World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram Includes Plenty Of Hilarious Memes

The memes are truly what keep us glued to World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram account.

Sometimes they’re poking fun at stars on the hip hop scene. Take this one for example, where they’re poking fun at artist YNW Melly.

Often times they’re just super relatable things all hip hop fans agree on.

Travis Scott and Drake’s “Sicko Mode” has been a huge hit, but for hardcore hip hop fans they were playing it well before he got played out on the radio.

But sometimes the memes have nothing to do with hip hop, and are just plain relatable. Like this Spongebob Squarepants meme they posted just in time for Valentine’s Day:

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Pretty much 🤷‍♂️😂 #WSHH

A post shared by WorldStar Hip Hop // WSHH (@worldstar) on

Or this other silly Valentine’s Day related post they shared, that pretty much everyone agrees with:

One thing is for absolute certain: World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram account will keep you LOLing.

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World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram Keeps Fans Posted On The Latest Entertainment News

If it’s happening in hip hop, World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram keeps you posted. They’re often sharing the latest news on hip hop stars’ ongoings. When 21 Savage was arrested by ICE, World Star Hip Hop helped keep fans posted on his situation.

This news covers topics important to the World Star Hip Hop community, so it’s not limited to hip hop news, but other areas of entertainment too.

They stayed on top of the Jussie Smollett saga, sharing news updates with followers as the controversial story from the “Empire” star unfolded.

Another example of their range of coverage? Their coverage of WWE star Roman Reigns:

Fans appreciate World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram becoming somewhat of a one-stop shop for both entertaining and informative content. When you see that News graphic, you know something is breaking and you’re going to be the first to learn about it.

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World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram Engages With The Audience

One fun part about following World Star Hip Hop? They keep the audience engaged in their posts, and often ask them to weigh in with their opinions.

This is a great tactic to up engagement and make people feel included — which can be hard to do on social media.

An example of this? They’ll post questions and have their followers weigh in. Sometimes it’s about music, like this one:

And sometimes these questions extend to the world of sports, like this one:

Or they can also involve politics, like asking to weigh on in on President Trump’s tweets:

No matter the topic, you can guarantee that by following World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram you’ll feel included. You’ll also get to read fellow followers’ opinions on all kinds of matters, which is kind of fun in and of itself.

What’s The Bottom Line?

World Star Hip Hop’s Instagram is an entertainment and news-filled follow. Their account is more than just memes, and even more than just the world of hip hop.

They’re an interesting example of covering a wide range of the world of entertainment, while making sure followers stay engaged and entertained. So hit the follow button for the funny memes, but stick around for the hip hop history and current news you’ll pick up along the way.

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