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Are you familiar with Tinashe? The artist actually started out as a child star, but these days she is best known for her successful R&B career. And even though she’s not a household name, this singer has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram! How did she do it?

Tinashe has amassed a legion of fans on Instagram. And it’s no accident. We’re breaking down what you can expect when you give Tinashe’s Instagram a follow. The singer shares the perfect mix of content with her fans. If she’s not giving them info about her latest single or music video, she’s giving fans a glimpse into her glamorous life. Or sometimes she’s sharing a sweet throwback photo from her childhood.

We’re breaking down all of our favorite types of posts from this surprising social media star. Let’s get started!

Tinashe’s Instagram Includes Post From Her Glamorous Life

Let’s face it. Music stars live a totally different life than the rest of us common folk. Tinashe’s Instagram includes plenty of glimpses into her charmed life.

Recently the singer attended the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California. It’s one of the coolest music festivals in the world. And the star shared some cool snaps from what looks to be the VIP section, where all the celebrities catch the music acts.

Aside from showing off her edgy fashion, Tinashe’s Instagram included snaps of the star spending time with her friends.

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Thankful for good times and growing up

A post shared by TINASHE (@tinashenow) on

But one part of her life that’s really envy-inducing? The amount of time she spends in bikinis!

Tinashe’s Instagram Includes Tons of Bikini Pics

Some days Tinashe is on the beach. Some days she’s lounging by a pool. But it’s pretty clear she spends many days in a bikini!

Check out this snap, where she posted in a bikini from Bora Bora in French Polynesia in this pretty geometric-printed bikini.

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Take me back 😩😩😩

A post shared by @ tinashenow on

And while still in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Tinashe’s Instagram included a snap in this luxurious infinity pool.

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Come away with me…

A post shared by @ tinashenow on

Sometimes she’s beachside in the United States. Like this snap on the shores of Miami:

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When in Miami

A post shared by @ tinashenow on

Here’s a snap from a photo shoot where Tinashe is rocking — you guessed it! — a bikini by a pool.

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Summer ain't over yet 😜

A post shared by @ tinashenow on

Even when she’s not in a luxurious location she’s trying to show off, bikinis make an appearance. Take this snap from Tinashe sitting by water.

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Life’s crazy, ain’t it

A post shared by @ tinashenow on

No matter the reason, we’re sure most of her fans aren’t complaining about the excess of bikini content. The star clearly works hard for her body, so good for her for showing it off. You go, Tinashe!

Tinashe’s Instagram Gives Updates About Her Latest Projects

When Tinashe has a brand new song ready to drop, her Instagram is the best place to stay updated! The star often fills her fans in on the latest moves in her career, which often means she’s posting about her latest music.

Take this post for example. Instead of just posting the news, Tinashe’s Instagram gives fans a taste of the music with this video post.

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#ThrowaFit out now (link in bio)

A post shared by @ tinashenow on

Or this post, that was also a video post sharing new music, but in a different format.

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let’s go

A post shared by @ tinashenow on

The cool thing about this type of post? She’s not even sharing exactly what the news is, but just giving fans a peek at her new music before anyone else hears about it.

Sometimes Tinashe’s music career also involves a bit of acting. Take her turn in the live Fox event, “Rent.”

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Being a part of RENT was an amazing experience for me. I really had to go outside of my comfort zone, especially emotionally. I have a super hard time being vulnerable in front of people, I want everyone to think i am so “strong” all the time… and while my character in RENT is a strong, badass bitch, she is also literally dying and somehow having to deal with that fact. She loves hard and with no stipulations, and she lives every day like it’s her last. That’s the way I try to be, now. No day but today. ✨ …I was pretty emotionally overwhelmed after the performance, and also really sad because I made so many friends and worked with so many inspiring and visionary artists every day for 3 months and I’m going to miss that energy so much. Thank you to the entire crew, the cast, and the production. Incredible. I will never ever forget.

A post shared by @ tinashenow on

The star reflected back on the project on her Instagram. The lengthy caption included a heartfelt thank you to her fans and her fellow cast and crew after this legendary performance aired.

But it’s not always about music. Did you know Tinashe was on “Dancing With the Stars.” Yep, the singer competed on the popular ABC reality competition in 2018 — trading in a microphone for some dance shoes.

She shared this post with fans to look back on her experience:

Though she didn’t win, this was a great way for fans to get to know the real Tinashe.

Tinashe’s Instagram provides the perfect example of how to share your latest work wins, losses and news on a social media platform. These kinds of posts are sprinkled in, so you never feel like you’re being overwhelmed with Tinashe’s work life.

The singer has perfected the medium of Instagram, sharing just enough about her present life, her work, and her past… which we’ll get to next!

Tinashe’s Instagram Includes Throwback Snaps

Aside from seeing what Tinashe is up to today, Tinashe’s Instagram includes some throwback posts. And who doesn’t love to see their favorite stars when they were younger?

Tinashe’s Instagram followers love to get a glimpse of the superstar as a little kid, so these posts are a treat. She doesn’t share them often, but when they pop up it’s a fun feature for her fans.

Look at this cute snap of a little Tinashe fishing!

And this sweet photo alongside her mom that she shared on Mother’s Day.

Or check out this photo she shared of an old photograph with a pal.

No matter the reason, this is a great way for Tinashe’s Instagram followers to feel closer to her. It makes her feel less like a celebrity and more like an old pal.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Even though Tinashe isn’t a super recognizable celebrity, she’s cultivated a massive following on Instagram.

We love the way she has expertly crafted her feed — a mix of personal, professional and past photos. Tinashe’s Instagram shares just enough to make fans feel like they know the star, without overdoing it in any field.

She shares just enough about her latest work endeavors, while also making sure her fans know what she’s doing when she’s off duty. And then she adds in little personal touches like photos with her mom growing up, keeping her millions of followers happy.

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