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The children of mega-famous celebrities often have trouble separating themselves from their parents’ image. From Paris Jackson’s Instagram, you’d never know she was Michael Jackson’s daughter. 

When you’re related to somebody as famous (and controversial) as Michael Jackson, that task is all the more daunting. With 3.4 million followers and the recent re-surfacing of allegations against her dad, there’s simply no denying that she’s under a lot of public scrutiny.

But all it takes is one look at Paris Jackson’s Instagram to see how she’s become her own person – and honors her father’s legacy in the process.

Let’s take a look at some of the best posts from Paris Jackson’s Instagram to see how she lets her own personality shine in a way that’s totally unique!

Paris Jackson’s Instagram Shows Off Her Modeling Photos

If you ever find yourself asking, “What are the Jackson kids up to these days?”, look no further than Paris Jackson’s Instagram.

Michael Jackson came under a lot of criticism for some questionable changes to his appearance – but the same isn’t true for Paris. In 2017, she signed with IMG models. Occasionally, she shares snippets from her modeling career on her Instagram page.

Cool snaps like this one from Tings show how Paris’s burgeoning career shows off her unique style.

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All the modeling pictures on Paris Jackson’s Instagram totally fit her. She looks like she’s in her element!

Paris lets her personality shine through no matter what she does.

Paris Jackson’s Instagram is a great place to look to see the way she lets herself influence everything she does – not the other way around.

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She Keeps It Real With Activism

Paris Jackson’s Instagram bio proudly states that she’s a “Treehugger and Activist.” The rest of her Instagram reflects that one hundred percent. Her love for nature is clear from all the beautiful pictures she posts.

paris jacksons Instagram profile

Like this flower….

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🌺🍃 let’s make like a flower, and leaf bug

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Her boho style is the perfect complement to her love for nature.

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She’s even got Highlights featuring exclusively nature snaps. The full title reads “Nature is tasty.”

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picture of a flower

But even though her nature is overwhelmingly positive, she can get serious too. She took the time to talk about climate-related disasters like the California wildfires in this post.

Paris Jackson’s Instagram puts her money (or posts?) where her mouth is when it comes to her self-proclaimed treehugger lifestyle. In a culture where it often seems like celebrities are only focused on wealth and luxury, it’s refreshing! 

Paris Jackson’s Instagram Uses Memes

Another unconventional thing you can find on Paris Jackson’s Instagram is memes. She is, after all, a member of Generation Z! Who doesn’t like to laugh when they’re looking at their favorite celeb’s profile? 

The memes that she posts are usually related to her spiritual beliefs.

She believes in spirit guides, and adds some humor:

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painfully tru

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But she also lets us know she’s not always 100% ready to engage…

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She keeps it real.

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Paris Jackson isn’t afraid to make fun of herself and what she believes. She spreads a positive message but adds a little humor. Now that takes confidence in who you are as a person!

Paris Jackson’s Instagram Is Full of Inspirational Quotes

As great as humor is, that’s not the only thing Paris shares. Her Instagram is full of inspirational quotes and things that resonate with her. 

In this post, she lets us know how much she values her friends:

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♥️ credit: @youniteverses @bobbyalt

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This one brings us back to how much she loves and learns from nature.

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and not all homes are houses

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This quote from Jim Morrison resonated with her.

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Paris Jackson doesn’t just share her humor with her followers. She shares her soul. 

She Shows Off Her Favorite Artwork

But wait, there’s more. Paris Jackson also takes the time to share artwork that she likes on her Instagram. She’s got a particular love for artwork that reflects her beliefs and practices in spirituality.

Her Instagram not only reflects where she is and what she’s doing but what she likes. That gives her followers even more of an insight into her unique personality.

This trippy pic she shared represents all the chakras and a spirit of enlightenment.

Paris Jackson is a huge believer in the third eye (She’s even got one painted on in her profile picture!) This artwork makes a point: they’re not just for humans anymore.

This Fibonacci sequence collage is breathtaking, and supports her ideas about patterns in the universe.

Paris Jackson’s Instagram doesn’t just show off her career – it shows off her tastes and personality. She’s not limited in what she posts, and that helps her show that she’s a real person.

The Cute Boyfriend Photos on Paris Jackson’s Instagram

Paris Jackson came under a lot of speculation in 2018 for rumors of dating her bandmate in “The Soundflowers”, Gabriel Glenn. In January 2019, the two finally went public with their relationship!

Although they don’t go heavy with the PDA on Instagram, the photos that she does choose to share of them are #couplegoals. It’s obvious how happy they make each other.

This sweet Valentine’s Day post is the first official picture of the two as a couple. It’s pretty plain to see exactly how much she loves him.

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thanks for making me feel the way music does ♥️ #vday

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In the pictures she’s posted of them before they were public, you can see how well they get along – as bandmates and as friends.

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my boys ♥️

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You really get a feel for their connection in this video she posted of their concert together.

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go to @thesoundflowers for more 🌻♥️

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She doesn’t overdo it with her relationship. But she posts enough photos that her followers understand what a big part of her life he is!

Paris Jackson’s Instagram Honors Her Family

When you bear the Jackson name, there’s a legacy to uphold. Paris Jackson certainly doesn’t call attention to her lineage, but when she does, it’s moving and emotional. 

Paris knows where she came from, and she’s ready to take on everything that comes with it.

This sweet post honors her grandmother for making it to her live show. The connection Paris and her grandmother have is so special, and you can see that in the post!

She had these sweet words to say about her father’s impact on her life. No matter what may be circulating about him, she stays strong and steadfast in her love for him.

Paris Jackson knows who she is and what she values. She lets her personality shine, but she also lets how much she loves the things she loves show.

Paris Jackson Is A Person, Not a Brand

The reason Paris Jackson’s Instagram is so successful in presenting her authentic self is exactly that – it is her authentic self. The images and snippets from her life Paris chooses to share aren’t overly produced. They’re exactly what she cares about. From the music she makes to the memes she shares, she’s real. 

When you look at Paris Jackson’s Instagram, you’re not overwhelmed by a carefully constructed image of personality. The randomness and honesty of the posts are unconcerned with what she wants to be, only what she is.

Paris Jackson’s Instagram teaches us an important lesson. The best way to brand yourself is simply to be yourself.

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By Victoria Hendersen

Victoria is an American expatriate currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Originally from Santa Cruz, California, she lived in Bordeaux, France before relocation to Russia's cultural capital. Victoria holds a BFA in Film and Media Studies from UC Irvine.

She works as a copywriter and translator. An experienced travel blogger and vlogger, her main drive in life is discovering the jewels of lesser traveled cities. You can keep up with her travels on Instagram at @village_witch.

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