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All it takes is one look at Halle Berry’s Instagram to see that the Academy-Award winning actress is living her best life. Although she’s not in the limelight as much these days, we love keeping up with her through her Instagram.

Her artistically curated feed spreads peace and positivity. She’s intuitive, reflective, and aesthetic goals. Where some younger celebs might focus on their careers, Halle Berry’s Instagram consistently reminds us that there’s more to life than being a star.

Read on to take a look at some of Halle Berry’s best Instagram posts and learn a lesson in creativity.

Halle Berry’s Instagram is Super Artistic

So, is it just me? Or did Halle Berry definitely get the memo that the hot new thing is an Instagram theme? I mean, seriously. Every picture she posts looks like it comes straight from the pages of a magazine.

Halle Berry's Instagram theme


When you come from such a creative world as Hollywood, it makes sense that she has an eye for images. She’s definitely got a soft spot for muted, warm tones, but we can’t complain about the eye candy. 

She manages to make a simple picture of wine (or maybe it’s tea…?) look like a professional photoshoot.


And what about all those flower pics? You can actually see the dewdrops on them. Now that’s high quality!

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Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. ✨

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Another dewdrop photo. I’d like to know what she’s shooting on!

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A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

This snapshot from Halle’s vacation to Morocco is stunningly put together, from the composition to the color palette.  

You can definitely see a pattern on Halle Berry’s Instagram, but we aren’t complaining. It’s easy and interesting to look at, and gives off a generally peaceful vibe that fits well with Halle Berry’s classy personality. Like everything on her Instagram, it’s clear that a lot of thought went into it. 

Halle Berry’s Instagram Shows Things Only Get Better With Age

Halle Berry may not be in the news as much as Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift, but her Instagram shows that she knows how to live life to the fullest. Halle Berry’s Instagram isn’t very focused on her next big career move. Instead, she takes the time to remind us what matters:

She’s free-spirited and connected to nature more than luxury handbags and designer gowns. I’ll dance with you, Halle.

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Ima always dance in the RAIN. 🌧

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Halle Berry even imparts her wisdom to her son in cute pictures like this one

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What he said. 🌊

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

The focus of Halle Berry’s Instagram definitely isn’t about being an A-list celeb. She’s had that life, after all. Her deeper connection to the world around her gives her Instagram a down-to-earth feel that we’re all about. 

Hally Berry Uses Hashtags

As cool and collected as Halle Berry is, she’s not totally unaware of the Instagram game. Unlike most of our parents, who probably still #hasthag random words #in a sentence, Halle Berry’s adapted to the Information Age quite well.

Something you see a lot of on Hally Berry’s Instagram is hashtags – and we have to say, her hashtag game is strong. She uses the perfect amount of hashtags consistently. In this post, she talks about a book she’s been enjoying using her #HBBooksFromBed hashtag. 

There are hashtags for everything on Halle Berry’s Instagram, including her adorable dogs. The hashtag is #LivingLikeJackson, if you were wondering.

She’s even got her stories highlights organized by hashtags. Now that’s community management.

A row of Instagram stories highlights from Halle Berry's Instagram profile.

She’s consistent in her hashtags and manages to build a community around them. Way to go Halle!

The Prime Fitness Photos on Halle Berry’s Instagram

One of the hashtags you see most often on Halle Berry’s Instagram is  #FitnessFriday. When she’s not acting, Halle Berry is a total badass that does all sorts of crazy things from yoga to MMA fighting! 

Million Dollar Baby Who? I think she could knock me out with this picture alone.

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Starting my week off with a bang…👊🏽

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

This sweet post shouts out to her workout partner. It’s great motivation. She casually does some product placement promoting MCT and the benefits of CBD like BAEYS.

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Yay it’s #FitnessFriday and let’s start the year off by acknowledging the importance of a fitness partner. I challenge each of you to find a workout partner this year that will hold you accountable and support you in reaching your fitness goals. Your partner does not have to be a trainer, but it does have to be someone who is like minded and you both must be willing to push each other to the limit. And join us for today for our first #PHITtalks of 2019 as it’s all about staying healthy, focused and in-sync in your fitness journey. We touch on migraine relief, strengthening the immune system, and the benefits of MCT & CBD. Join us on stories & IGTV for more and have a beautiful #FitnessFriday!!

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The video they choreographed together combines Halle’s years of work as an action star with her love for fitness. The result is pretty spectacular.

But that’s not where she stops…On her stories and IGTV, Halle Berry takes the time to motivate and inspire the rest of her community. 

Who needs a gym membership when you’ve got Hally Berry’s Instagram?

She Loves Throwback Thursday

Another hashtag Halle Berry loves is #ThrowbackThursday, or it’s alternative #tbt. And she’s got some great ones!

Doesn’t she look cute in this cowboy hat?

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And then the ’80s happened… 😂 #15 #TBT

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She used a #tbt to countdown to Christmas 2018. Is it a Mom joke? Yeah, but we’ll forgive her if she lets us know where she got that jacket…

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5 shopping days left… 😉🛍 #Tbt

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

She even used her #tbt to pay tribute to one of her best friends. I’m definitely feeling the love.

Halle Berry’s Instagram may be full of community building hashtags, but there are other purposes for them as well. She uses them to spread fun and positivity and engage with Instagram trends. That keeps her on top of her Instagram game. 

Halle Berry’s Instagram Has A Voice

Halle Berry is the only black woman to ever win the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role (for Monster’s Ball, 2002.) One of the things she’s passionate about on Instagram is lifting up the voices of other people of color – especially young women.

She used some #WCW hashtags again to shoutout to Zoe Kravitz.

This tribute to the iconic Whitney Houston on the singer’s birthday is inspiring, especially with the quote underneath.

This promotional post about MMA fighter Cris Cyborg does a lot mroe than promote. It also uplifts and inspires. She’s constantly putting the focus on inspiring people in her life. 

This quote she shared sums up her attitude pretty well.

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A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

We can’t say we disagree.

Halle Berry’s Instagram Is Full of Dog Pictures

Her Instagram isn’t totally serious, though. Did we mention that Halle Berry has really cute dogs? I mean, really cute.

She’s a total dog mom, and it’s adorable. Jackson and Ro are on Halle’s Instagram almost as much as her real children, and feature even more frequently on her stories. 

These festive pics melt the heart just a little bit. Not to mention, the picture itself is gorgeous. 

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We ready 🎄✨

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on


Pretty much anybody who has a pet can relate to this sentiment! 

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Ain’t no fur balls like the ones I got

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These calm snippets from her daily life are moving to see. Small instances of humanity and dogs. What more could you ask for?

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Rainy Monday mood 🌧

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Halle Berry’s Instagram is Classy, Reflective and Engaging

Hally Berry might not be headlining action movies every year anymore, but her Instagram shows us a much different story in her life. She’s got a classy, well-curated, extremely artistic feed. It’s nice to look at, but more than that, it’s easy to engage with her.

Through her consistent hashtag use like #FitnessFriday, she builds up a solid community and keeps it going. She also knows how to have fun with #tbts and the hashtags she uses to keep track of her dogs and books she enjoys.

Halle Berry’s confidence and pensive nature are reflected in her Instagram. Looking to her Instagram, you find somebody who’s a total rolemodel in attitude and tackling life head-on.

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By Victoria Hendersen

Victoria is an American expatriate currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Originally from Santa Cruz, California, she lived in Bordeaux, France before relocation to Russia's cultural capital. Victoria holds a BFA in Film and Media Studies from UC Irvine.

She works as a copywriter and translator. An experienced travel blogger and vlogger, her main drive in life is discovering the jewels of lesser traveled cities. You can keep up with her travels on Instagram at @village_witch.

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