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Emma Watson made her way into the world’s hearts as Hermione Granger. Emma Watson’s Instagram is what’s keeping her there.

Like her costars, the popular actress has maintained a pretty low profile since the Harry Potter franchise ended. She’s only appeared in a few films (and I mean, who really needs to after playing Hermione freaking Granger?).

So we have to turn to Emma Watson’s Instagram to get our updates on Emma’s life – and it doesn’t disappoint! With 49.2 million followers, Emma has some pressure to deliver.

Let’s look at some of Emma’s best posts to see how she’s honored Hermione’s legacy and carried on being the intelligent, strong woman we know and love today.

Emma Watson’s Instagram Shows Off Her Classy Personality

If you ask anybody who they think the classiest celebrity is, Emma Watson is sure to be close to the top of that list.

The star’s eloquent style and intelligence are evident in everything she does. From keeping her love life low-key to the excellent taste she displays in her profile, Emma Watson’s Instagram only serves to boost her reputation.

She shares well-curated, poignant images no matter what the topic is.

Her recent posts from behind the scenes of the upcoming Little Women show off a different side of the filmmaking process than we usually see.

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🎥❤️ @littlewomenofficial

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This black and white portrait is elegant and sexy.

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@carterbowman1 🧡

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This outfit post both calls attention to sustainable fashion while showing off some incredible craftsmanship and detailing the work that goes into achieving a celebrity look like this.

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Feel free to check out the @the_press_tour if you're interested in information about sustainable fashion 💚💚💚 Paris photocall for the @wearethecircle, which is out in France on 12th July 🇫🇷⭕ Dress by @louisvuitton, embroidered by hand in Atelier Vermont in Paris. The silk lace was handmade in Caudry, a small French town that specialises in lace production, in an atelier that is certified by ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’, which is a recognition to reward French companies for the excellence of their traditional skills, and aims to preserve traditional savoir-faire that is in danger of disappearing. The lace is made from Oeko-Tex 100 certified materials, which means that they don’t contain toxic substances. Shoes made in Italy by @santoniofficial, whose HQ is powered by 4,000 solar panels. Santoni also runs a school where young people can learn the craft of shoemaking. @fernandojorge uses small workshops in central São Paulo to manufacture all his pieces. His motivation is to stimulate the local craftsmanship and emphasise the quality of “Made in Brazil”. Bag made in a family-owned factory in Alicante, Spain by @m2malletier. The factory was opened in 1981 by shoe designer Jaime Romero and his wife, together with 3 of his sons. Today, 25 artisans from the local town of Sax work in the factory, and have all been working there for at least 15 years. Everything is handcrafted using skills and traditions which have been passed from generation to generation. All fashion info verified by @ecoage For skin, the organic concealer/foundation 'Un' Cover-Up in colour 22 by @rmsbeauty was used with the @janeiredale Active Light Concealer under the eyes. Silicone-free Bronzer by @vitaliberata Trystal Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals. For eyes, the Ecocert certified @antonymcosmetics Natural Eyeliner Pencil in Brown and Organic Nosiette Eyeshadow were used. For brows, Jane Iredale Pure Brow Gel was used and @herbivorebotanicals Coco Rose Tint in Coral, which is suitable for vegans, was used to tint the cheeks. Lips are lined with Jane Iredale Lip Pencil in Crimson before @iliabeauty Arabian Knights was added.

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After the Harry Potter franchise ended, Emma Watson faced a lot of public harassment when she attended Brown University. Maybe that’s why she’s largely chosen to stay out of the spotlight.

Emma Waton’s Instagram carries that trend over. A subtle yet consistent poster, Emma Watson is able to create the same sense of excitement when a post drops. She doesn’t make Instagram a huge part of her life, and it adds to her classy reputation.

The Past Project Shoutouts on Emma Watson’s Instagram

Emma Watson’s Instagram may have other focuses, but that doesn’t stop us from getting excited when she shares a behind the scenes photo.

This picture of her spinning in Belle’s trademark yellow dress is adorable. We love that she hasn’t touched up the movie set behind her at all. The photo truly just shows her having fun, and that’s what’s great about it.

She also posted a gorgeous still to honor the film for its Academy award nominations.

Emma Watson’s Instagram Isn’t Concerned With Glamor

Unlike many other celeb Instagrams, Emma Watson’s Instagram shows that she’s a real person. She focuses on the things any other Instagram user would: her friends, her hobbies, and her travels. 

This video of Emma and her Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton skateboarding down the beach may have made me cry a little inside.

This picture of Emma in deep thought on a fallen redwood tree is great as well. The picture is simple, but it shows off Emma’s reputation as a deep thinker.

Who doesn’t remember the kitten interview?

Emma Watson’s Instagram isn’t concerned with fame or image. When Emma chooses to share, she just shares herself, and we love her even more for it.

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Emma Watson’s Instagram Uses Throwback Photos

We love seeing the throwback photos on Emma Watson’s Instagram. For somebody who became so famous at a young age, it’s nostalgic for all of us to look back on those photos together.

A lot of us grew up alongside Emma, so her throwback photos remind of us of our own childhoods.

This flashback friday to the first Harry Potter film is so sweet. With the simple caption of autumn weather alert, she captures our heart.

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🍁 #fbf autumn weather alert 🌬🍂

A post shared by Emma Watson (@emmawatson) on

This headshot in a pink hat reminds us all of our questionable fashion choices. Seriously, what was going on in the 2000s?

And in this red carpet photo from Emma’s youth, she shows off what she’s great at – using her fame to talk about something important.

Okay, We Have to Talk About the Book Club

Of course, we can’t talk about Emma Watson’s Instagram without talking about the book club.

Emma Watson’s book club, @OurSharedShelf, has been going strong since 2016 as part of her work as a UN Womens’ Ambassador.

The book club has a huge feminist focus, and in true Hermione Granger fashion, she’s very passionate about it. 90% of Emma Watson’s Instagram is books!

Some of the posts are fun, like this one that shows Emma hiding copies of a book club book around the London Underground.

She’s even used sillier posts like a Halloween costume to reveal the book club pick of the month, and why they picked that book.

Many of the posts are more serious homages to other women throughout history. In this post, she paid tribute to eternal feminist role model Eleanor Roosevelt.

Emma Watson continually uses her Instagram to promote her book club, showing her devotion to education and feminism. She gives her followers a fun way to engage with her directly and expand their horizons!

Emma Watson’s Instagram Embraces Feminism

For some serious feminist inspiration, you don’t have to look any further than Emma Watson’s Instagram. She’s always showing off great clothes and quotes. Instagram is about the aesthetic, after all.

In this picture, she shows off a simple t-shirt reading “Trans Rights are Human Rights.” She makes a statement by posting and posing.


In this post on International Women’s Day announcing her NatGeo takeover, she shared this red jacket look that proves it’s totally possible to accessorize the revolution. 

Emma’s been vocal about her support for the #TimesUp movement in Hollywood. This Instagram quote she shared is a perfect example.

Emma Watson’s Instagram Puts Other Voices at the Front

Emma has come under criticism in recent years for being a “white feminist”. That’s basically a white woman who refuses to let other women of color speak up and prioritizes her voice over others.

But since then, she’s listened and learned. Emma Watson’s Instagram displays how deep her commitment is. She’s constantly sharing inspiring work from feminists of color and using her platform to bring awareness to serious issues.

She put the spotlight on Indian-Canadian poet Rupi Kaur in this sweet post announcing her book as the Our Shared Shelf pick of the month.

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☀💦✍🏼 I am excited to announce that July/August's pick for @oursharedshelf is our first poet, @rupikaur_ , and her book of poems Milk and Honey 🍯🥛. Rupi Kaur is an Indian-born, Canadian-raised poet and artist. She chooses not to use upper case letters or punctuation in her poems as an ode to her native language, Punjabi. She travels the world, including recently to her native country India, performing her poems and drawing crowds of hundreds. Both of her books, Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers, have made the New York Times bestseller list, which for a poet, is astonishing. ••• Over my lifetime, I have fallen in and out of love with poetry. Performing poems was what got me into acting (I had a primary school teacher that made everyone learn one a week, and eventually I won a poetry recital competition!) In secondary school and at university, I loved deciphering the codes of poems in class discussion, but I honestly wondered if poetry would continue to feature in my life outside of an academic context. ••• Enter poets like @holliepoetry, @SabrinaMahfouz and Rupi Kaur- I demolished whole books in single sittings. Unlike poems I have often spent weeks unraveling, Rupi’s poems are not designed to obscure meaning or entertain too much ambiguity – they hit you like punches to the stomach. They are immediate, visceral and not easily digested. I am loathe to say Rupi has made poetry “accessible” because while this is the truth (Rupi’s poems and illustrations fit well into those famously square shaped Instagram frames), there is nothing easy or accessible about what Rupi chooses to talk about. In fact, the topics she chooses, are audacious. ••• Here is a 25-year-old girl saying the unsayable… to hundreds of thousands of people: that she has been raped, that at times she has been abused, that she bleeds. And sin of all sins… she actually likes the hair that grows on her body. Yes. She actually thinks it is beautiful. And that she is beautiful as God made her – what a transgression. That her body is her home and nobody else's. ••• Full letter on:

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In this video, she took a few moments to allow black author Reni Eddo-Lodge to shed some light on her experiences with racism.

She even took the time to let some others explain what the American midterms are and why they’re important.

There’s no better place than Emma Watson’s Instagram to look at how a platform can be used to bring voices to those who otherwise might not have had them.

She’s used her following to bring change about, and that’s what makes her a true feminist role model.

Emma Watson’s Instagram Uses Its Platform for Good

Emma Watson certainly has a lot to live up to. Being incredibly famous at a young age has pushed many a celebrity down a dark path. But she’s chosen to embrace education and social good instead.

You only have to look at Emma Watson’s Instagram to see how seriously committed she is to making the world a better place. She’s the image of class and intelligence.

Emma Watson’s Instagram shows how she’s made the conscious effort to use her fame to affect change. Winning her followers’ love and respect is just a bonus.

By Victoria Hendersen

Victoria is an American expatriate currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Originally from Santa Cruz, California, she lived in Bordeaux, France before relocation to Russia's cultural capital. Victoria holds a BFA in Film and Media Studies from UC Irvine.

She works as a copywriter and translator. An experienced travel blogger and vlogger, her main drive in life is discovering the jewels of lesser traveled cities. You can keep up with her travels on Instagram at @village_witch.

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