Spotlight On: Eminem’s Instagram

We all love to follow celebrities on Instagram! Today, we’re putting a spotlight on Eminem’s Instagram account and showcasing why over 25 million people are following the American rapper.

Eminem Posts About His Friends

Fans love when celebrities post about their friends, family and relationships! It reminds us that celebrities are real people, too.

Instagram is great for breaking down that fourth wall. Eminem’s Instagram does that a lot.

In this photo, he poses with friend, Danny Hastings and promotes one of his interviews. Now, that is true friendship!

While Eminem is using these photos to promote the Slim Shady 20th anniversary, the photos definitely show a group of friends which fans are loving right now!

Slim Shady 20th Anniversary

20 years ago, Eminem released his album Slim Shady LP (SSLP). To mark the occasion, Eminem is releasing exclusive merchandise. Skam2, the artist for the original album artwork, has collaborated with Eminem to design the merchandise.

Eminem’s Instagram updates his fans on all the merchandise and releases relating to the SSLP 20th anniversary.

He recently uploaded an image of the now “vintage” tour shirt for the SSLP tour of 1999! It’s so retro now.

Fans are super excited for this exclusive merchandise! It’s a great campaign to boost both Eminem’s current sales but also sales of SSLP. However, this merchandise is definitely not to be worn around grandparents.

Behind The Scenes On Eminem’s Instagram

Behind the scenes is one of the most popular trends online right now. Fans absolutely love seeing behind the scenes. The moments behind huge shoots, tours, and recording an album are totally precious to dedicated followers.

Thankfully, Eminem posts a lot of behind the scenes!

In this short video with Boogie, they can be seen bantering about lyrics as they collaborate on a song, Rainy Days, together.

If you’d like more behind the scenes footage and pictures, then be sure to follow Eminem’s Instagram.

It definitely seems like Eminem and Boogie became good friends during their collaboration! It’s super cool to see them messing around in elevators, backstage and in hotel rooms while doing the #silenttridechallenge.

Eminem has been collaborating with lots of artists lately, as he always has! His Instagram shows more behind the scenes, this time with Jessie Reyez on the shoot of their song, Good Guy. Again, they have clearly become quite good friends during the collab. They have some solid banter!

Eminem’s Instagram Showcases Tour Shots

Are you really a musician if you aren’t posting professional tour shots for fans to swoon over? Certainly not!

Eminem’s Instagram highlights tons of photographs from his tour!

Fans are loving these photos on Eminem’s Instagram where he posts highlights from that night’s tour. There’s nothing better than coming home from a concert to see the artist acknowledge the night on social media!

Certainly, not all his tour photos are professional. This selfie is amateur at best, but fans loved the relaxed Eminem approach!

He also posts photos with other artists! Some of Eminem’s best songs were in collaboration with other musicians so it’s no surprise his Instagram showcases that.

In conclusion, that’s all Eminem really posts about: tour, music, collaborations, and merchandise. He keeps it simple and professional online, and his personal life is definitely kept personal. Sometimes, we could all take a leaf out of his book!

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