Spotlight On: Cardi B’s Instagram

Cardi B is an American rapper who came to fame through her hilarious and short Vine and Instagram videos. Last year, she released her first studio album. If you haven’t seen her name everywhere, then you’ve been living under a rock!

Cardi B’s Instagram, the place where she climbed the ladder to fame, has over 40 million followers.

In this article, we’ll scour through what she posts and spotlight all the cool and funny things she shares with her fans.

Funny Videos On Cardi B’s Instagram

Cardi B came to fame through Vine and Instagram videos. Instagram videos used to be 15 seconds long, so users needed to squeeze the hilarity into that short space of time.

On Youtube, you can find many compilations of her original Instagram videos, but as for now, she still posts silly funny videos.

Cardi B’s Instagram is a place for her to be silly, funny and unfiltered when it comes to language and rants! But that’s okay because she’s keeping it real.

It’s refreshing to see a celebrity pull out their phone and record, spontaneously and stripped back, their thoughts and moments in their life!

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Cardi B’s Instagram Stories Show Her Real Life

If you watch Cardi B’s Instagram stories, you’ll see a snapshot into her real life. It’s unfiltered behind the scenes of being a new mom and it’s super cute!

Screenshot Of Baby Awake At 5:18 In The Morning

It’s not always glamorous for Cardi B!

Cardi B’s Fashion and Style

Cardi B is recognisable for her colorful, popping, eye-catching outfits. On her Instagram, it’s no different! Even her comfy clothes are pretty crazy.

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FaceTiming Hennessy

A post shared by MOSTHATEDCARDI (@iamcardib) on

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A post shared by MOSTHATEDCARDI (@iamcardib) on

Sometimes, comfort doesn’t come first.

Of course, she’s got to keep up her brand! So Cardi B’s Instagram is full of her wild style choices.

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Sponsored Posts On Cardi B’s Instagram

Instagram is one of the busiest social media apps ever so of course, brands advertise on the site.

Cardi B works with many brands and businesses on her Instagram.

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A post shared by MOSTHATEDCARDI (@iamcardib) on

Because of her sass, addictive style and confidence, all of her ads are fun and interesting to watch!

For example, when watching this Pepsi commercial, you’ll find yourself waiting for Cardi B to finally enter. Once she does, you can’t stop watching! Cardi B’s Instagram is the place for discovering great brands that adapt themselves to fit into Cardi’s feed and style!

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We love a good meme. You love a good meme. Cardi B’s Instagram loves a good meme!

Cardi B posts a lot of memes on Instagram! We’re not complaining, they’re funny.

Cardi B has been subject to a lot of drama on Instagram. She feuded with Azelia Banks so much that she had to delete her entire Instagram only a few months ago. She also has shared some controversial rants that she later deleted.

Sharing memes is a way to keep her Instagram stress free.

Baby Pics

She recently had a baby so no wonder Cardi B’s Instagram has a few baby pictures here and there!

Her daughter, Kulture, was born in July 2018.

There aren’t many photos of her, but when there are, they’re cute!

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My heart ❀️

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Cardi B Talks About Politics

Cardi B has a very political head on her. She understands politics and there have been a few petitions going around to elect her as President. Obviously, that’s not how running for President works, but hey, people still want to see her in office!

Cardi B’s Instagram is a place where she shares her political and feminist views. In a world so corrupt and confusing at the moment, it’s great to see someone so open and fair with her views!

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mAkE aMeRicA GrEaT AgAIn ! Headass

A post shared by MOSTHATEDCARDI (@iamcardib) on

Of course, she has to keep it funny!

If you want more, follow @iamcardib on Instagram and get all the good stuff!

For now, we’ll leave you with this video of Cardi B sharing her new fashion range on her Instagram account!

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