It’s official: Social10x is no longer in business.

This isn’t the first time an Instagram growth tool has come up short. 

Although many growth services manage to go unnoticed, even if their service is substandard or their followers are phony, it’s only a matter of time until they all wind up like Social10x.

But, what did Social10x do that was so heinous that it deserved its inevitable fate? Did they simply sell low-quality followers or were their wrongdoings much more serious?

Our Social10x review will let you in on the truth!

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Social10x – A Recap

Social10x is, without a doubt, one of the worst Instagram growth services there was. We do have a flair for the dramatic, but take a look at this table of pros&cons and tell us – aren’t we right?

It was a scam
Stole money from their clients
Didn’t let customers unsubscribe

A word or two about Social10x

Social10x was a company like any other, at first glance. Although you can’t see now how their website looks as it doesn’t exist, here’s a snippet we managed to dig up:

An image of Social10x’s old homepage.

This is, of course, only available through web archives. The current website hosted on their “official” domain looks like this:

A picture depicting the current Social10x site.

When we heard about Social10x going under, our initial thought was that the company sold fake followers and thereby infringed Instagram’s rules. 

It didn’t take a lot of research to come upon various reviews and evidence that suggests Social10x did a lot worse things. 

While it existed, Social10x was an online marketplace where you could purchase Instagram followers, comments, and likes – nothing out of the ordinary. 

So, what did they do that got them blacklisted?

It’s time to learn about the infamous Social10x scam.

How did Social10x work?

In order to discuss all the things that went wrong with this service, we have to briefly touch upon how it all worked before it hit the wall. 

So, as we said, this company sold three things that were supposed to boost your engagement. 

Instagram followers

Back in the day, your first impression of Social10x after looking at their website would have probably been a positive one. 

You would’ve noticed they sell up to 5K followers for 29 bucks, which is more than a reasonable price. 

If nothing, you’d be intrigued at least. 

Besides the one-time deals, Social10x offered another alluring feature called premium monthly followers. You could pay for a monthly subscription and the company would send you up to 1,500 followers every 30 or so days.

Again, this doesn’t sound bad at all – why wouldn’t you want to receive a steady number of followers every month and make it look like you gained them organically?

Well, here’s why. THEY WERE FAKE. 

Social10x didn’t even try to make them look believable. These accounts were all from random countries, with no name, no profile picture, and no posts. It doesn’t get more fake than that. 

Instagram likes

The second most popular part of Social10x’s service was this one. They sold two types of likes – auto-likes and one-time likes. 

All the information regarding these features died along with the service, and we found only one place that mentions them. It says that 1,000 one-time likes used to go for $59.

Considering that these likes wouldn’t grow your engagement rates exponentially, it totally wasn’t worth the 60 bucks. Especially when you could have bought 10K followers for the same amount. 

Instagram comments

Same as with likes, shockingly few reviews mention comments. Those that do all say they were horrible (shocking, right?).

Reportedly, these comments sounded fake as if written by bots, and to make matters worse, they were the most expensive of all – 25 comments went for $59. We feel sorry for the folks who wasted their money on this useless feature. 

Free trial

We’re always happy to give credit where necessary, like when services offer free trials. 

At one time, people could try Social10x for free. However, according to customer testimonies, this free trial wasn’t giving them a taste of what the service really was. 

Why did Social10x shut down?

By now, it’s clear that Social10x was not the best company out there. They broke many rules and their demise was inevitable. 

The real reason why Social10x went under was this: Social10x was sued by none other than Facebook, parent company of Instagram.

Can you believe that a company violates so many rules that it draws the attention of a major league player like Facebook? That’s precisely what Social10x did.

Although this discovery was pretty much everything we wanted to know, we didn’t stop there. We continued to dig up dirt on Social10x and here’s what we found. 

To kick things off, take a look at this pic from Trustpilot:

A picture of Social10x reviews on Trustpilot.

The majority of reviews on this reputable site (75% to be precise) are extremely negative comments with 1-star ratings of the service. The rest are incredibly positive reviews that sound very fake. 

Take a look and tell us whether or not this sounds generic and vague:

A positive Social10x review on Trustpilot.

And here are a few examples of the horrible reviews, for comparison’s sake:

A picture of a negative Social10x review on Trustpilot.

A picture of a negative Social10x review on Trustpilot.

A picture of a negative Social10x review on Trustpilot.

We can gather from these reviews and similar ones that Social10x did many things wrongly. They constantly sold fake followers, sometimes they simply failed to deliver the service, and Instagram removed the followers when they actually were delivered. 

But the list doesn’t end there. 

Here’s the icing on top – Social10x refused to let people unsubscribe and continued to charge them illegally. 

The whole story of Social10x’s demise is now crystal clear. 


We’ve burdened you with a lot of information about Social10x, so let’s put it all in another table of ups and downs, and take a final look at it. 

Social10x really didn’t hold back when it came to tricking its customers, did it?

Social10x was sued by Facebook for breaking its rules.
It’s shut down for good.
It frequently sold fake accounts.
Instagram removed most of the followers acquired through Social10x.
They charged people against their will.
Refused to let people unsubscribe.
It was a SCAM.

Social10x scam – A final word

The mere fact that we couldn’t think of anything positive to say about Social10x tells you everything you need to know about it.

This firm breached a lot of rules, and they paid the price.

Hopefully, it will never come back to scam more people. We’re happy to say it won’t be missed.

By Dejan

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