Seeing as you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’ve heard that Social Package shut down. And if you believe it’s only momentary, you’re mistaken.

We’re sorry to burst your bubble, but Social Package is no longer functional FOR GOOD.

What happened to it, though? Was it a classic scam that Instagram recognized and decided to shut down or was it something else?

In this comprehensive Social Package review, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this service.

We’ll go through the following:

  • Is Social Package shut down?
  • What exactly was Social Package?
  • Was it reasonably priced?
  • Where did it all go wrong?

Spoiler alert – Social Package was, indeed, a scam, not unlike many other growth businesses. It’s getting harder and harder to tell the honest ones from the scams, but there is one main difference – honest services sell only real followers.

Here at Upleap, we put your safety above everything else, which is why we try our hardest to deliver exclusively real followers to every single customer. After all, it’s the only right way to grow on Insta!

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Social Package – Review recap

There is a lot that needs to be said in the following paragraphs, so if you’re short on time, check out the concise table of pros&cons, and come back another time for the full scoop!

Shut down for good
Delivered fake followers
Customer support was unprofessional
It wasn’t safe to use
They charged people against their will.
It was a scam

What was Social Package?

Yes, the Social Package scam has run its course. You’ll be automatically routed to if you try to go to their former official website,

Despite some claims to the contrary, we seriously suspect the company rebranded to ‘Xplode Marketing.’

Social Package was a social media growth tool, and the firm that appears when you search for its website is actually a full-fledged marketing agency. So, we assume they’d sold their domain after they were forced to shut down.

What did the late Social Package offer back in the day?

Social Package boasted about being the world’s “number one growth agency,” but they were just another bot-based service. They sold social media followers, likes, and views.

So, what went wrong here? What prompted them to shut their doors?

We discovered the shocking truth when we investigated further. It turns out that the firm was selling fake engagement, which we suppose was the root of their downfall.

Since this company vanished without a trace, piecing together its features took a lot of effort and time, which we gladly dedicated in order to discover the truth. 

As a result of our diligence, we were able to discover certain facts.

According to customer comments, Social Package felt that having a certain number of followers and likes on Instagram was sufficient for effective growth. They didn’t offer any of the extras that many similar firms do, such as comments, views, and so on, which was fine, to be honest. 

This isn’t an issue because we believe that if your Instagram followers are genuine, you can gain a wide range of advantages from them. They will naturally like and react to your content, so Social Package’s strategy wasn’t their biggest downside. 

How did Social Package work?

Social Package covered a variety of social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

To be honest, there isn’t much information available on them. They appeared to provide one-time deals as well as numerous monthly subscriptions.

They stated that behind all of the accounts they offered were actual people. On the other hand, we’ve discovered several reviews on Trustpilot that state the exact opposite.

To be honest, based on what we’ve read thus far, Social Package appeared to be a black hat service.

Many frustrated customers complained about losing a large number of followers gained through Social Package. Furthermore, when they attempted to contact customer service, they were treated with silence and never received their reimbursements.

What happened to Social Package?

It has been determined that the Social Package is no longer available. However, the issue of why remains unanswered. We can only guess since, as you might expect, the service never issued an official statement about what happened.

People quickly realized Social Package’s site was offline and the business had just evaporated, so the numerous inquiries regarding its demise were kind of expected. Many also wonder if it will ever come back, and here are our two cents on this subject. 

We believe SocialPackage will never return.

Companies like Social Package and others from the same niche that go out of business seldom come back, and there’s no reason to assume SocialPackage would be an exception. 

This is especially true for businesses that scammed their customers. Suffice to say, we don’t want them to come back. 

Anyway, we’ve here to talk about what happened to Social Package and what this firm did that was so bad, so here’s what we learned.

It’s hardly a surprise that Social Package flopped as a service since every aspect of their service was subpar.

We’ll go through them one by one, so you know what potential red flags are and what to avoid in the future. 

The first aspect in which Social Package failed was in providing genuine followers.

This was one of those companies that engaged in the sale of fake social media followers. Naturally, they denied it and went on to give their side of the story, which included solely legitimate followers that interacted with your account, which we now know is false. 

Another issue was the way in which the followers were allocated through Social Package. They offered only instant delivery, which meant they’d send a horde of bots to your profile at once. 

This is a problem even when you buy real followers. It’s a very rare circumstance that a profile receives thousands and thousands of followers overnight, so even if you get a huge number of real followers, you want them delivered gradually. 

Either that or don’t buy more than a couple of thousand at once.

Taking an organic approach to Instagram is the key to long-term success. This implies there will be no bots or unexpected increases in followers.

To be more precise, you should never (deliberately or unintentionally) buy fake followers, and you should never acquire a big number of them all at once.

Customer reviews

Thankfully, Social Package is unable to delete actual consumer reviews from the Internet, allowing us to see how things really were.

There aren’t many internet reviews available, which is unfortunate for us, but we’ll work with what we have.

On Trustpilot, there are just four Social Package customer evaluations, three of which are one-star ratings. We chose to ignore one 5-star rating since it was generic and most likely fake.

Take a look at the other three, which are honestly enough to know all about Social Package and what kind of service it really was.

A picture of a negative Social Package review on Trustpilot.

An image of a negative Social Package review on Trustpilot.

A picture of a negative Social Package review on Trustpilot.

The answer to the question “Is Social Package a scam?” couldn’t be any clearer – YES. Let’s recapitulate:

Customer support was rude or unresponsive

❌ They sold fake followers

❌ Instagram removed bought followers


Final word

Was Social Package, in the end, worth a shot?

If the service was still available, we would strongly urge you to avoid it. They were nothing but troublemakers, and the results they produced did not pass the smell test.

Keep in mind that developing your account the proper way, with the help of real followers, will take a bit of time. But don’t be hesitant to embark on that journey; the end benefits will be everlasting.

By Dejan

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