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Sasha Banks’ Instagram is followed by 4 million people. The professional wrestler is signed to WWE and rose to fame in 2010 when she made her in-ring debut at the age of 18. She has won a handful of awards and has a net worth of $3 million.

It’s a bit of a surprise that she has an average engagement rate of 1% on Instagram.

Sasha Banks’ Instagram Engagement Rate

On Instagram, Sasha Banks has 4 million followers. However, her photos get an average like response of about 70,000. This means her engagement rate is around 1%, much less than the average Instagram engagement rate of about 5%.

It’s true that the more followers a person has, the less their engagement rate is.

For example, Ariana Grande has an average engagement rate of about 1% of her 155 million followers.

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A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

On the other hand, micro-influencers, such as @mosebacke has an engagement rate of around 7%.

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Fick längt till ön!!!! ❤️

A post shared by SEBASTIAN (@mosebacke) on

The more followers you accumulate, the less likely they’ll all be active.

We’ll have a look right into the heart of Sasha Banks’ Instagram and see what she’s doing well, and what she could do better. Therefore, we’ll find lots of tips for you to use in your own Instagram!

Color On Sasha Banks’ Instagram

Sasha Banks’ Instagram showcases a lot of black and white images. While black and white images are classy and very creative, they don’t tend to stand out on Instagram.

Instagram’s logo itself is full of bold bright colors, so it makes sense that the images on the app would also show an array of bright colors.

However, when Sasha Banks posts a colorful photo, she gets significantly more likes. In fact, her engagement rate is 6% with a colorful photo.

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*catches feelings* *throws them back*

A post shared by Mercedes Varnado (@sashabankswwe) on

It helps that her hair is bright purple at the moment! When you’re scrolling through Instagram, this photo will definitely capture your attention and make you click “like”.

Tip: Incorporate color into your Instagram feed. Like Sasha Banks’ Instagram selfies, use bright bold saturated colors to capture the attention of your audience.

Mysterious Captions

Everyone has inside jokes with their friends! Certainly, it’s okay to post about them on social media and confuse your followers from time to time.

However, these kinds of captions will isolate your audience. Instead, it’s good to fill them in on the joke.

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We found him @titusoneilwwe

A post shared by Mercedes Varnado (@sashabankswwe) on

In a recent post on Sasha Banks’ Instagram, she posted this photo with other popular celebrities. However, the caption was ambiguous, and the post got a 1% engagement rate!

Tip: Write captions that include your audience. If you want to share an inside joke, give some context so your followers can understand it at least a little bit.

Black And White Images

As discussed, colorful images seem to do much better on Instagram!

That’s not to say to never post black and white images.

For example, this black and white selfie on Sasha Banks’ Instagram did quite well.

Tip: If you want to post a black and white photograph on Instagram, post a selfie. If you post a picture with friends or landscape, you’re excluding a lot of different colors. Also, like Sasha Banks, include some color in the caption. Use a lot of fun emojis to contrast the black and white of the image!

On the other hand, black and white images don’t always work for Sasha Banks.

Not only does this photo give no context for people who might not follow Sasha Banks’ daily life, but followers actually commenting asking Sasha to “stop with the black and white photos already”.

It’s clear that Sasha Banks’ Instagram doesn’t have a coherent theme which is actually putting her followers off her photographs!

Make sure your Instagram has a theme.

Collaborations On Sasha Banks’ Instagram

It’s always a great idea to collaborate with other influencers on social media! YouTubers have been doing it for over a decade now. It’s great exposure for both parties.

In Sasha Banks’ case, she recently collaborated with a yoga goat.

Yes, that’s right. A yoga goat.

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🐐 @yogaandgoga

A post shared by Mercedes Varnado (@sashabankswwe) on

This isn’t your average yoga pose! By collaborating with a quirky Instagram page, Sasha Banks earned a lot of laughs for this photograph, as it stood out on Instagram.

Tip: If you want to stand out on your feed, collaborate with someone well known, or a bit outside the box, like the Yoga Goat!

Basic Photos

Landscape Instagrams are possibly the hardest to run. Although landscapes are beautiful, breathtaking, gorgeous, you need a talented photographer to really make a landscape photo stand out from the rest.

On Sasha Banks’ Instagram, she posted a recent snap of a lake, forest, and teepee. While the location looks beautiful, it obviously didn’t stand out on her followers’ feeds.

When flicking through Instagram, it’s clear that anyone could have taken this photo. It isn’t exclusive to Sasha Banks’ brand.

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A post shared by Mercedes Varnado (@sashabankswwe) on

Tip: Take photos in a unique style to stand out on Instagram. Don’t post photos that could have been taken by anyone. Take photos that are exclusive to you!

Inspirational Captions And Quotes

Sasha Banks’ Instagram engagement rate does really well when she posts an inspirational caption or quote!

Instagrammers love to go on the app and receive a small daily dose of inspiration or motivation, no matter how cringe.

A short quick caption can be fun and positive to read.

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“Don’t worry be happy!” 📸 @ladylucha

A post shared by Mercedes Varnado (@sashabankswwe) on

Although this is a well known and cliche quote, it went great with the happy colorful photo and served as a daily reminder to her followers.

Tip: Go on Pinterest and find a lovely quote to include in your Instagram caption. It’ll capture the attention of your followers and serve as a small dose of inspiration to someone who’s having a bad day.

Definitely, take a leaf out of Sasha Banks’ Instagram guide and test out an inspirational quote on your followers today!

Girl Power On Sasha Banks’ Instagram

Being a powerful female wrestler is all part of Sasha Banks’ brand. It’s an important and empowering topic that girls worldwide resonate with!

It’s awesome when she talks about that since that is what she’s well known and admired for.

She definitely doesn’t talk about it enough on Instagram, but when she does, her followers listen.

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❤️ #womenswrestling

A post shared by Mercedes Varnado (@sashabankswwe) on

Although this caption is extremely short and only alludes to girl power, the image and hashtag are clear what the message of this photo is!

Tip: Know what your Instagram brand and image is and tune into that. If your followers look to you for messages on girl power, talk more about that! When they look to you for humor, play on that.

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Brand Deals

Brand deals are an integral part of Instagram these days. Being an influencer has become a full-time job for many people across the world!

Of course, there are good and bad ways to influence online.

Great ways include:

  • Collaborating with brands you’re passionate about
  • Taking quality images
  • Making the photograph look natural in your feed
  • Writing an engaging caption

Poor ways of influencing can be found on Sasha Banks’ Instagram.

In this image, Sasha Banks collaborates with companies to promote this pair of shoes.

What she’s done wrong:

  • Uploaded a stock image. It doesn’t even look like she took the image.
  • Created an image that doesn’t suit her brand and feed. She should have taken a photo with the shoes on
  • A poor caption. While captions don’t seem to be Sasha Banks’ strong suit, she could have easily written about these shoes making her feel like a powerful woman.

Taking these tips into consideration, Sasha Banks would have definitely sold more shoes than what she probably did with the current image.

Overall, Sasha Banks is a successful powerful woman to look up to. However, maybe her Instagram isn’t the place to go for that inspiration! Definitely take these do’s and don’t’s and apply them to your Instagram to make it the best it can possibly be.

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