Spotlight On: Ronda Rousey’s Instagram

Ronda Rousey is a beast, both in her sport of wrestling and on Instagram. The famous athlete has amassed over 12 million followers on Instagram. Many of those are likely big fans of her work in the WWE.

For those unfamiliar with Ronda, she first came on the scene at the 2008 Olympics. There she became the first American woman to win an Olympic medal in judo when she won a bronze.

After that she started her career in MMA fighting, later becoming a professional wrestler with the WWE. And aside from wrestling, she’s also worked as an actress. Ronda landed roles in “The Expendables” in 2014, “Furious 7” in 2015 and “Mile 22” in 2018.

This lady of many talents is also a published author. She released “My Fight / Your Fight,” her autobiography, in 2015.

It’s easy to see why Ronda Rousey’s Instagram amassed so many followers. The talented athlete dominates both the sports and entertainment world. But what can you expect if you give Ronda a follow?

We’re breaking down the type of posts you can expect if you give Ronda Rousey’s Instagram a follow.

Let’s take a look:

Ronda Rousey’s Instagram Gives You A Glimpse Into Her Personal Life

Though many people follow her professional work, Ronda Rousey’s Instagram keeps you filled in on her personal life.

She’s been married to Travis Browne since 2017. Travis is a fellow UFC fighter, and he pops up often on Ronda Rousey’s Instagram.

Fans love seeing a sneak peek into her family life. The adorable couple post plenty of selfies, like this cute one.

“Watch out @prideofgypsies!! @travisbrownemma is giving you a run for your money for handsomest Hawaiian man 😍 #NoDNBproductions #whodunnit“. That’s what Ronda Rousey captioned this up close and personal selfie.

There’s also plenty of cute PDA snaps on Ronda Rousey’s Instagram. The star recently shared a photo from a vacation alongside her hubby in picturesque Yosemite.

How sweet is this picture of the married couple kissing underneath the pretty trees?  When it came time to add a caption, Ronda got creative. She did her caption in the form of a checklist, writing: “Handsome husband ✔️ Yosemite adventures ✔️ FTA ✔️”.

Another cute kissing picture that included an even cuter checklist? This photo:

Ronda’s checklist this time read: “Doing charity ✔️, raising awareness ✔️, making out with my handsome amazing husband…. ✔️!!!! #LAfamilyhousing #LAFH #LAFHawards2019“. Could this couple be any more inspirational?

Aside from the adorable PDA, Ronda Rousey’s Instagram also shows off other parts of their sweet relationship. Take this next one for example, showing the happy couple laughing away.

She captioned this one, “He makes me laugh 😂😍 #BrowseyAcres“. Who doesn’t want a spouse that can giggle with? They’re on their family’s ranch, which she often posts about. Clearly Ronda and Travis have plenty of fun together and are living a dream life!

We love following along with this love story. And you get a front row seat if you’re one of Ronda Rousey’s Instagram followers.

Ronda Rousey’s Instagram Shows Off Her Love Of Animals

Another fun fact about Ronda Rousey? Besides being a devoted wife, fighter, actress and writer, she’s also someone who loves animals.

If you follow the star on Instagram you will know about her dedication for all sorts of creatures. Many of these are animals that live on her ranch she owns with her husband Travis, Browsey Acres.

Check out this pic of Ronda getting cuddly with a duck named Alfonzo:

She captioned this cute photo with more information about their ranch. It begins, “Meet the animals of Browsey Acres! We’re working to live off grid and become a little more self dependent every day. Trips to the grocery store are getting fewer and farther between, someday I hope we can get by with just one trip a month.”

Ronda explained their ranch even further in the caption, adding: “Our chickens and ducks give us eggs, our goats are pack goats that can help us travel and carry 30-40 lbs each over any terrain! Our donkey Milly protects the ranch from coyotes and other predators – Alfonzo who I’m holding in this picture has 4 girlfriends he’s really rough on and bullies the other ducks – he’s contribution will probably be thanksgiving dinner (No means no Alfonzo!) but the point is every animals is happy, spoiled rotten, has a life worth living, and contributes.”

We love how peaceful their sweet ranch sounds!

Ronda shares lots of photos of their four-legged friends. Like these goats:

Ronda wrote alongside this cool photo, “Who needs boats and hoes when you got goats and bows? 🐐 🌈 #browseyacres @rondarouseydotcom“.

And it’s not just her farm animals that get love on Ronda Rousey’s Instagram. On a trip she shared a photo on horseback.

The caption for this one? “I officially want a Chilean Horse after this ride with @annmaria7gen … exploring the micro climate in 🇨🇱 that is apparently perfect for 🍇 and 🍷”.

We love seeing all the sweet creatures that pop up on Ronda Rousey’s Instagram feed!

Don’t Worry, There’s Plenty Of WWE Content Too

Ronda Rousey’s Instagram doesn’t just include her personal life. There are plenty of work posts too!

Like this snap, of Ronda Rousey in action. She added a lengthy caption, which included: “2 of the 5 fastest finishes in @UFC title fight history were mine. Come to think of it 3 of the 10 fastest title victories in @ufc title history were mine. And you honestly expect me to pretend this ginger thespian who’s never even heard of a hair tie can finish a fight faster than me? Told you this whole ‘beat the clock’ charade was a farce.”

Check out this crazy scene of her knocking out security:

This one had the caption: “@wwe can fire me whenever they want. I’ll gladly go home and live happily ever after with the love of my life @travisbrownemma. They can’t control me with this job. • @wwe can assign as many security they want to follow me, they can’t control me with hired goons. • @wwe can go ahead and fine me however much they want. They can’t control me with money. • You’re all lucky my husband @travisbrownemma was there to stop me when I was just getting started. Now that he’s been banned from #Raw, your luck has run out.” Yikes!

Not only do Ronda’s work posts include cool action shots, they sometimes give fans behind the scene context about events that take place. If that’s not a reason to follow the wrestler, we don’t know what is.

What’s The Bottom Line?

If you give Ronda Rousey’s Instagram you get a glimpse into her personal and professional life. For fans of the star, this is an easy follow. And even for those not into the WWE, her sweet relationship photos and adorable animals on her ranch will keep you coming back for more.

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