Spotlight On: Rihanna’s Instagram

Rihanna’s Instagram, @badgalriri, is legendary. The superstar has over 64 million followers. But what makes Rihanna’s Instagram so amazing to follow?

It seems like Rihanna just has fun with Instagram. She doesn’t overthink her posts. Because of that, her feed is a breath of fresh air.

So what can you learn from Rihanna’s Instagram to up your followers?

Let’s take a look:

Rihanna’s Instagram Promotes Products Creatively

First up: Rihanna’s amazing promotional skills.

Instagram is certainly a great place to promote your stuff. It’s free advertising. But your followers don’t want to see ad after ad.

So take a cue from Rihanna’s Instagram. She promotes products in interesting ways.

If Rihanna wants to remind you her lingerie line drops tomorrow, she will. But she’ll make it fun. The video seems like a regular Rihanna post, but works as an ad as well.

Look at this gorgeous photo! Ladies will want to know how to get that look.

Voila! Rihanna’s post just seamlessly sold you her Fenty Beauty products.

Another way Rihanna promotes her work? With a nice humble brag.

When her film “Ocean’s 8” topped the box office, Rihanna posted a screenshot.

When Rihanna’s music sets records, she posts them. Therefore, her followers are up to date on her latest projects. And she can share her major moments with fans.

So here’s the deal:

You probably aren’t starring in a box office blockbuster.

And maybe you don’t have your own makeup line either.

But anyone can follow Rihanna’s footsteps when it comes to self promotion.

Think outside the box. If you’re selling a clothing item, don’t just post a boring photo. Make the photo stand apart from the rest of your feed. Try something creative.

Make sure whatever you’re promoting will make followers do a double take. As a result, they might be interested in something they otherwise would have scrolled right past.

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Rihanna Posts Funny Memes And Videos On Instagram

Need a laugh? Check out Rihanna’s Instagram.

The star often reposts viral videos and silly memes. If it makes Rihanna giggle, she shares it.

And her followers love that.

Whether she’s agreeing with a viral video of a cute kid:

View this post on Instagram

me af. @ashlyngracexox_

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Or weighing in on the World Cup with a funny picture:

You can count on Rihanna’s Instagram cracking you up.

Here’s the kicker:

Sometimes Rihanna’s hilarious posts are ads for her lines.

View this post on Instagram

when you extra AF. @fentybeauty #bloopers

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Like a funny video or someone’s impressive Halloween costume.

View this post on Instagram

Pro Filt'R 450 Happy Halloween

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

That way, followers get a laugh while Rihanna’s promoting a product.

She’s a genius!ย 

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Rihanna’s Family Photos On Instagram

It’s not all work and play on Rihanna’s Instagram.

The superstar also shares plenty of sweet family photos.

One of Rihanna’s favorite people to post? Her niece, Majesty.

Rihanna couldn’t be with Majesty on her fourth birthday. So she did the next best thing! That meant posting plenty of photos on her feed.

View this post on Instagram

my Lil oxtail is 4 today! #Majesty ๐Ÿ‘‘

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Fans know Rihanna was very close to her Grandmother. Gran Gran Dolly popped on often on Rihanna’s Instagram.

Since she passed, Rihanna keeps her memory alive on Instagram.

By showing followers the most important people in her life, Rihanna makes her fans feel more connected to her.

It also makes the world famous singer feel more relatable.

Here’s the best part:

This is simple to apply to your own Instagram.

Rihanna’s Instagram proves you should post the ones you love. Whether it’s a grandparent who passed or your favorite niece, include them on your feed.

Your followers will love to see these important people in your life.

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Rihanna Posts Videos On Instagram

We know Instagram is known for photos. But Rihanna takes advantage of another kind of post: video!

In contrast to pictures, videos are a more personal way to post.

Rihanna’s Instagram includes plenty of fun, short videos.

Sometimes they’re professionally shot. Sometimes they’re clearly a friend recording on an iPhone. And sometimes Rihanna uses Snapchat filters.

View this post on Instagram

do-ya-luh-me-too-? ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡บ

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Either way, they’re a nice way to change it up.

Rihanna shares personal videos and videos of upcoming products and projects. Either way, these videos get millions of views.

So how can you apply this to your Instagram?

Take a cue from Rihanna’s Instagram. Instead of posting a simple selfie, why not make a short video?

Want to promote your blog or a product? Try a video instead.

They don’t need to be well edited or professionally shot. A Snapchat or Instagram filter could even be an easy way to spice it up.

Be spontaneous, and don’t overthink it. That’s exactly what Rihanna would do!

What’s The Bottom Line?

Rihanna approaches Instagram in a fun way. She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

She’s also not trying to keep up with a certain Instagram style. Yet followers love all her different types of posts.

Try Rihanna’s take on self-promotion. Trying to sell something? Think outside the box and take an artsy photo. Or maybe include it in a video. Don’t just share something dull your followers will scroll right past.

Keep things funny. If you see a hilarious meme, post it! Your followers will enjoy getting a laugh.

And make sure to include your loved ones. It’s a great way to share the important people and moments in your life with your followers.

By Megan

Megan loves to write about all things celebrity, fashion and entertainment!

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