Let’s admit it – sometimes the Internet is not the most reliable source of information. It certainly opens up the chance for companies to present themselves in the best light, while the truth is entirely different.

Luckily, the Internet is also a place where we can find honest customer reviews that expose the truth about said companies. 

While researching Prospect.io, we’ve come upon these reviews, so we decided to gather them and form a single Prospect.io review that will tell you all about this company. 

If you’ve contemplated using this tool, we recommend you stick around to the end and then mull it over again. 

The truth might shock you!

If you haven’t got time to waste on mediocre services, check out AimFox. If there’s one thing we’re certain of, it’s that you won’t regret giving this tool a chance. No need to take our word for it – you can read all about it in this AimFox review.

Now back to our topic…

What Is Prospect.io?

Let’s kick things off by explaining what this company is all about. 

The first thing we have to talk about is their website. This is important because it leaves a huge first impression on any potential customer. 

How many times have you given up exploring a site cause it was cluttered, disorganized, and just overall bad?

Luckily for Prospect.io, this is not the case here. They managed to create a site that features all crucial information about the company, and the interface is quite user-friendly, so you actually enjoy browsing.

A screenshot of Prospect.io’s homepage.

There, you’ll find out that Prospect.io is a sales automation platform that’s supposed to help you increase your outbound sales team productivity.

The company also claims this is the only tool you will ever need for successful LinkedIn automation. Is there any merit to this bold claim? It’s time to expose the truth. 

The Good Sides of Prospect.io

Unlike many similar tools, Prospect.io is not all that bad. While it’s not without flaws, we have to admit there are things that we liked about it. 

For instance, the people at Prospect.io are extremely dedicated to their customers in the sense that they are willing to guide you through the entire process. They will help you set it all up, add contacts, create lists, and so on. 

Also, the support team is at your disposal for any issues or questions you might have, so kudos to them!

Another thing that left a great impression is, as we already mentioned, the website. It’s nice to see when a company thinks about these things, no matter how irrelevant they may seem to some. 

The truth is, it’s not irrelevant at all. It shows that the company pours effort into every single thing they do. 

One more thing that works in their favor is that they offer a free trial. You have the chance to try the tool for free for two weeks, and you don’t have to leave your credit card info in order to do so. 

Also, even if you spend your hard-earned money on this tool and you’re not happy with it, Prospect.io will happily give you a refund. 

The Bad Sides of Prospect.io

It’s time to get to the juicy details that you’re here for! 

Like any other tool, this one also has its shortcomings. The question is, how huge are they? Is it something minor that most people are willing to overlook, or is it a potential deal-breaker?

First of all, the lack of online reviews was a real wake-up call. 

The company’s Trustpilot page features only two reviews, and they are on the opposite side of the spectrum, so we were left wondering which one to trust. 

Here’s what the positive one says:

A screenshot of a positive Prospect.io review taken from Trustpilot.com.

You can see it speaks very highly of the tool. Now, let’s compare it to the other one: 

A screenshot of a positive Prospect.io review taken from Trustpilot.com.

This customer openly claims Prospect.io is a scam. 

Since this was a dead end, we turned to other places hoping to find out more about this tool. 

Trustradius is the only site where we managed to find more info. 

Conveniently, this is a website where people can rate separate parts of a certain company, and here’s how Prospect.io scored: 

  • Sales intelligence data 5.7/10
  • Prospecting 6.7/10
  • Data augmentation and lead qualification 5.5/10
  • Sales intelligence email features 8.5/10

The most favored part of this tool is undoubtedly the email templates, list upload/download, and load time/data access, all of which have a 9/10 rating. 

On the other hand, users gave 3/10 to list quality, 5/10 to advanced search, and 5/10 to filters and segmentation. 

After a thorough investigation, we came to a conclusion that Prospect.io is not the worst but also not the best tool out there. While it has quite a few great sides, the downsides are more than apparent. 

How Do You Use Prospect.io?

If, after everything we’ve covered so far, you still want to try Prospect.io, here’s how to do it. 

Firstly, sign up on their website prospect.io. This step requires you to add an email, your company’s name and come up with a password. 

Once this is done, the support team will help you with the rest. As we already said, they are happy to help so don’t hesitate to ask them for anything. 

That’s pretty much it. 

Is Prospect.io Budget-Friendly?

Prospect.io has a unique system. You buy a Base plan, and then you can add what they call “professional add-ons.”

A picture showing Prospect.io’s prices.

The Base plan is quite affordable at 19 euros per month (shy of $23). The add-ons are another story. Depending on which one you need, the price can rise to hundreds of euros a month.

So, to answer the question – Is this tool affordable? Yes and no – it all depends on your needs.

The good thing is that you can try it for free, and there’s a chance to get your money back with their money-back guarantee. 

Speaking of trying things out, the best one we’ve tried so far is Aimfox. Nothing beats the value it provides for the features you are getting. Don’t believe us? We’ve reviewed them thoroughly here so you can find out for yourself.

Is Prospect.io Safe?

Truth be told, Prospect.io seems to be safe to use. 

For one thing, you can rest assured your personal info is safe with them. For another, we haven’t found complaints regarding the safety of your LinkedIn account, besides that one review that we’re still not sure is legit. 

Other than that, Prospect.io is not a threat to your safety.

Prospect.io Review Summary

Let’s round things up with a table that summarizes the Prospect.io tool.

Safe to use Can get expensive
Free trial No online reviews
Great customer support Mediocre at best

Prospect.io is one of those tools that you won’t regret using, but you won’t be impressed by it either. 

Considering how much it can end up costing you, we’re not sure it’s 100% worth it. For the same or even lower price, you can find substitutes that work better and bring noticeable results.

By Dejan

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