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Post Malone is a rapper and singer who rose to fame in 2015. That’s when his hit song “White Iverson” made him a force to be reckoned with on the music scene. Ever since then, Post Malone’s Instagram continues to gain momentum. These days, he’s up to nearly 18 million followers.

Most recently he released his third album, “Hollywood’s Bleeding” in September 2019. And in just four short years he won two American Music Awards, a Billboard Music Award and an MTV Video Music Award!

So what can you expect if you give this talented musician a follow? We’re breaking down our favorite kind of posts that Post Malone’s Instagram includes. Now let’s take a look!

Post Malone’s Instagram Includes His Wild Outfits And Unique Style

Post Malone is certainly a snazzy dresser. And the rapper shows off his really unique style on his Instagram.

Here’s a perfect example. The star rocks a flashy pink unicorn shirt with a pair of plaid pants… that could actually be pajama pants.

This one got the caption, “day off”.

Another eye-catching look? This one, which he wore in the Netherlands.

Who else could pull off those wild yellow camouflage pants? Only Post.

It’s not always funky casual looks that Post Malone wears. Sometimes he gets all dolled up for performances. Here’s a great example:

Check out that dress shirt paired with a bolo tie and bright yellow pants!

His wildly cool style has even been recognized by Vogue. The star shared this photo from his spread on social media. He’s rocking a chic pale pink studded suit with a pretty flashy belt in the photo, while smoking a cigarette.

He captioned the photo: “for @voguemagazine shot by @adamdegross styled by @cathyhahn

Post Malone’s Instagram shows off his wild fashion sense, a fact that many of his fans love about him. You never know if he’s going to show up somewhere in a tie-dye t-shirt or a dress shirt paired with a bolo tie. And his social media is a great place to show off his unique flare.

Post Malone’s Instagram Includes His Famous Friends

Since Post Malone is a celebrity, he also has tons of celebrity friends. And his Instagram is the perfect place to learn which stars he calls pals.

For instance, did you know Post Malone is buddies with Justin Bieber? He is! Post Malone’s Instagram included this photo of the two hanging out.

Post Malone wrapped an arm around the pop star in this snap, where they’re both dressed pretty eccentrically.

But Justin Bieber isn’t the only pop star who spends time with Post Malone. He also recently shared a photo of himself alongside another famous pop singer, Demi Lovato.

What a cute snap of these two! Post Malone’s Instagram shared the unlikely pairing with no caption, but Post certainly looked happy sitting by the beauty.

Sometimes when Post Malone runs into celebrities, he’s also a huge fan. Check out this photo alongside Gwen Stefani:

Post Malone posed alongside the very famous Miss Gwen Stefani and captioned the photo, “love u Gwen 🎸💕”.

He’s also shared photo alongside legendary rapped Method Man.

Post Malone looked pretty happy to pose alongside Method Man.

And it’s not just music stars that Post Malone likes to share photos with. Post Malone also shared a photo alongside Andy Dick and Rivers Cuomo.

What a random trio!

But perhaps the most random celebrity sighting on Post Malone’s Instagram is this next one. The star shared a photograph of a photo booth photo alongside Guy Fieri.

He shared this totally surprising one with no caption.

One thing’s for certain on Post Malone’s Instagram — you never know who might pop up!

Post Malone’s Instagram Includes Plenty Of Close-Ups

Ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with Post Malone? Well thanks to his Instagram, you get the chance often. He frequently posts super close-up photos, to the delight of his fans.

Check out this one:

Post Malone shared this super close photo of his face alongside a sweet caption, “Hi:)))”.

Another example of these really close photos? This one of Post Malone peeping over his sunglasses.

He captioned this one, “lost boys #PostMaloneXArnette

Ever wanted to see his face tattoos up close? No problem, thanks to Post Malone’s Instagram.
This one really shows off his face tattoos, especially the barbed wire and the cool writing that says “Stay Away,” “Always” and “Tired.”
For big fans of Post Malone, these intimate photos are a favorite type of post on the rapper’s Instagram.

Post Malone Shows Off His Glamorous Life On Social Media

As a world famous rapper, Post Malone lives an incredibly glamorous life. Whether he’s playing to thousands of people or traveling the world, it’s captured on his social media.

Take this killer photo, for example. He captioned it “by @adamdegross” referring to the man who takes most of his photos.

Just look at this view! Post Malone performs in front of thousands of people during the famous music festival Lollapalooza. From his bold outfit to the pyrotechnics on stage, this photo proves he lives like a true rock star.

Do normal people get to hold baby tigers? We didn’t think so! But Post Malone showed off this adorable photo, taken again by his trusty photographer Adam Degross, where he’s holding a tiny tiger.

He didn’t share the location or any other details, but holding a wild animal is certainly a perk of being a famous rock star.

Speaking of wild animals — he also got to spend time with a cheetah and a giraffe. And there’s proof on his Instagram.

What a cool experience! He didn’t even add a caption to the photos, letting them speak for themselves.

Post Malone’s Instagram shared this photo of the star winning a Billboard Music Awards.

The cool photo shows Post Malone on stage collecting his trophy on the big night.

While most people may never get to be rock stars in real life, Post Malone’s Instagram gives us a sneak peek of what it might be like.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Post Malone’s Instagram shows off his unique fashion sense and gives fans a close up look at the star via plenty of portraits. There’s also plenty of pictures with his famous friends, and a look at his life as a real rock star.

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