Spotlight On: Paula Patton’s Instagram

Need a little bit of inspiration? Check out Paula Patton’s Instagram! This actress knows how to keep things upbeat and inspirational.

The actress is best known for her role in 2005’s “Hitch.” Since then, she’s continued to act, however the star made serious headlines for a negative reason. Her marriage to singer Robin Thicke ended in 2014, after 21 years together and 9 years of marriage. Their celebrity status meant this breakup was big news.

Since the split, Paula has managed to keep things super optimistic. And with more than 300 thousand followers, her unique twist on Instagram works.

So what can you expect if you’re not already following Paula Patton? Aside from optimistic, smiley photos with happy captions and spiritual sayings, Paula shares glamorous red carpet moments.

Don’t worry. We’re breaking down all the types of posts that she shares and what you can expect if you hit that little blue button and give her a follow.

Let’s take a look!

Paula Patton’s Instagram Includes Smiling Photos

Smiling is important, and Paula Patton’s Instagram proves she knows that. Many of her photos include the actress with a brilliant smile on her face. And often times, the caption also ties into the happiness. They usually add another layer of optimism and cheerfulness.

Ready to see an example? Check this photo out, for instance.

Paula looks so happy in this snap, rocking a cool hat. And when it came time to write text to go along with this cheerful photograph, she kept things very upbeat.

“Start each day with a grateful heart! #mondaymantra” Paula wrote alongside this picture.

Next up? Another smiley photo, this time of Paula walking in the street.

The star shows off an opened-mouth smile in this pic.

And the caption? Once again, it’s uplifting. She wrote alongside the photograph, “Step out on faith 💛”.

Next up? A closer snap of that killer smile. In this photo, Paula shows off a big grin once again.

When it came time to add a caption for this one, Paula didn’t go with a generic happy message. “Short haired girls have more fun 🤗” she wrote, shortly after she chopped off her hair.

We’re sure her followers that also have short hair agree with this one! And it’s clear that her fans really respond to this dash of positivity on their Instagram feeds.

But Paula Patton’s Instagram isn’t just filled with smiley photos paired with happy captions. Nope, despite her pretty face, sometimes she opts to post just the uplifting quote on its own.

And though we love this photo and quote pairing, next up we’ll show you what we mean.

You’ll Get Plenty Of Inspirational Quotes

Paula Patton’s Instagram doesn’t just share happy quotes in the captions. Sometimes she lets the quotes stand alone.

Not quite sure what we mean? Don’t worry, we’ll show you.

For instance, Paula often shares text over pretty photos like this one up next.

The star shared this photo on Christmas. And in the caption she added her two cents. She wrote, “One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given!  The gift of forgiveness! Merry Christmas!  Lots of love, hugs & kisses!”

We loved seeing this happy post during the holiday season, and her fans clearly did too.

Another time Paula Patton’s Instagram included an optimistic phrase? This time she shared this passage:

“Shine your light! Happy Friday!” Paula wrote alongside this one.

Once, Paula Patton’s Instagram included a page from a book called The Quiet Mind. The actress shared a photo of the cover of the book first. Then the next photo in the slideshow featured a page from the story.

The page in question? This one:

She posted this without a caption. And really, it speaks for itself completely.

Imagine scrolling through your feed one day and coming across this nugget of wisdom. Paula Patton’s Instagram included this pretty quote one day.

The actress shared this text:

And when it came time for a caption, the star kept things simple. She went for a hashtag, writing alongside it, “#wednesdaywisdom“.

Instagram can be a dark place sometimes. Or a place where comparison can be the thief of joy. So the way actress Paula Patton’s Instagram includes these uplifting quotes is a breath of fresh air.

These text posts are some of our favorite posts Paula shares. After all, we could all use some more brightness in our lives.

Paula Patton’s Instagram Includes Red Carpet Photos

She may be uplifting on the internet, but in real life Paul Patton is a famous actress. And she spends a lot of time on red carpets.

Fortunately for her fans, Paula includes these glamorous photos on her Instagram. And if you’re following along, she also takes the opportunity to let you know about her recent projects.

First up? This cool photo on the red carpet of Paula in a pretty pink skirt.

When it came time to add a caption, Paula let people know about the movie she was promoting. She wrote, “Today’s the day!!!! @Traffikmovie is in theaters now💓”.

In addition, she added more info about creating the flick, “Making this film felt like summer camp, and at the end we were left with this beautiful labor of love in the form of film. Thank you all for the support!”

One day Paula Patton threw things way back to the year she walked the red carpet at the Academy Awards. At the time, she was pregnant with her son with Robin Thicke, Julian.

And when it came time to writing the caption, she gave more context. Paula wrote, “Congrats to all of the Oscar Nominees today! I remember when I was walking down the red carpet many years ago when I was pregnant with Julian.”

Check out this dazzling dress! Paula Patton’s Instagram included this throwback photo on a red carpet.

Her caption explained the location. She wrote, “#Fbf to The Golden Screen Awards 💞”.

We love getting a glimpse into the glamorous side of Paula Patton’s life!

What’s The Bottom Line?

Paula Patton’s Instagram isn’t like the usual celebrity Instagram. This actress doesn’t just share red carpet photos, she also shares positive quotes. Now we know why she’s amassed such a following, and if you need a pick-me-up, give her a follow.

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