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Olivia Munn rose to fame as a TV show host on “Attack of the Show!” before transitioning to a successful career in acting. These days, she’s a household name thanks to roles on HBO’s “The Newsroom” and films like “Magic Mike” and “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

Those following Olivia Munn’s Instagram know what to expect, but we’re breaking down the main reasons you might want to give this star a follow.

Keep reading to check out all the reasons Olivia Munn’s Instagram keeps us as a loyal follower!

Olivia Munn’s Instagram Includes Plenty Of Dogs

Olivia Munn is passionate about animal rescue. Anyone following the star can tell, as she posts often about animal rescue groups in Los Angeles.

She has two pups of her own, Chance and Frankie, both rescue dogs They pop up very often on Olivia Munn’s Instagram, and they’re both so adorable that no one is complaining!

We’ll get to her own pups soon, but first we’re checking out her work with one particular rescue group.

In Los Angeles in particular, the homeless pet population is large and tragically many animals are put to sleep due to lack of space. Olivia uses Instagram to raise awareness and save these pups.

Olivia Munn’s Work With Animal Rescue Groups

We love when a celebrity lends their name to a good cause. And Olivia Munn’s involvement with Love Leo Rescue is wonderful. The star brings attention to numerous pups in need of care, and in turn helps them find a forever home.

Just take this sweet story, for example.

Olivia’s caption on a series of photos and videos with this little pup sheds light on his story. She wrote, “Rescue Pup UPDATE! Swipe through to see when @loveleorescue first got Carl and the amazing doctors and staff at @asecla nursed him back to health and how Carl is doing TODAY! (He’s all grown up! 😭🥰) Wanted to share bc so many of you donated to @loveleorescue and bought SO much stuff from their Amazon Wishlist, I wanted you to see what your generosity and huge hearts help make happen. TY TY TY!! #adoptdontshop #shelterpet

After encouraging donations, Olivia showed exactly where the money goes.

It’s not uncommon for Olivia Munn’s Instagram to include photos of adorable dogs that have had a rough (or shall we say ruff?) time.

Just look at this sweet face!

A lengthy caption accompanied the photo, which included an explanation of the pup Lumi’s background: “…@loveleorescue rescued Lumi many months ago off of Skid Row where she had accidentally ingested some hard narcotics and was in urgent need of medical care. Then they found out she had even more serious medical problems- you name it, she’s gone through the procedure. ☹️ She’s currently recovering from her second major surgery. Obviously, she was a lot more costly than anyone ever anticipated and @danawhite’s incredible donation will help the rescue give her the second chance she so deserves.”

She’s also used her celebrity to bring awareness to dogs in need across the pond! Yep, she covered Cosmopolitan UK alongside some four-legged friends in need of a home.

She captioned the magazine cover, “Sharing cover duties with some amazing rescue pups from @dogstrust 🐶 @cosmopolitanuk is on stands tomorrow!”

Olivia’s Dogs Frankie And Chance Are Fixtures On Her Instagram

Olivia Munn practices what she preaches — she has two rescue pups of her own! The adorable four-legged fluffs make appearances on her feed often.

The dogs went from homeless to Hollywood after Olivia rescued them from a group close to her heart — Love Leo Rescue. Now they live a pretty fancy life.

Check them out sitting on their famous mom’s lap:

“From the shelters to my heart. I’m the happiest when I’ve got my two 🐶🐶 in my arms. TY @socialteesnyc + @loveleorescue for rescuing Chance + Frankie and all the other amazing animals you save. 🙏💙 #adoptashelterpet @shelterpetproject @humanesociety @maddiesfund @adcouncil” Olivia captioned the photo.

Even when they’re not sitting on her lap, these two look pretty comfortable.

Olivia captioned the cute candid, “They got into this position themselves. They are the cutest little brothers ever. I just can’t. 😩😩🐶🐶❤️❤️ #shelterpets #adoptdontshop

Olivia Munn’s Instagram even includes Flashback Friday posts for her pups! Look at this adorable throwback when Frankie was a teeny pup.

“The force is strong with this one. #fbf” she captioned the cute picture.

Give Olivia Munn an Instagram follow. You can be sure of one thing– you’ll see plenty of dogs!

Olivia Shares Photos With Her Famous Friends

Since Olivia Munn is a massive celebrity, she’s bound to have famous friends. Lucky for her followers, she shares photos with these other stars often on Instagram.

And it’s not just pictures she posts! Take this photo alongside Jennifer Aniston, for example.

Olivia shared this red carpet photo with the iconic “Friends” star and then shared a story in the caption.

“One time while doing press with Jen, the interviewer asked me a question that really had no upside,” she started this caption, later adding: “But before I could even start, Jen jumps in and shuts it down saying something like ‘What are you doing??’ (Interviewer laughs awkwardly and tries to ask her question again) Jen shuts her down again and doesn’t allow the question to be brought back up.” ❤️ I can’t properly describe the surprise and gratitude I felt in that moment.”

Other stars she counts as pals? Kelly Rowland, Jessica Alba, Jenna Dewan and Amy Adams, according to this photo.

She’s also shared this impressive snap alongside Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria in the past.

Imagine counting these ladies as friends!

One of our favorite group photos though has to be this one: Olivia Munn, Constance Wu and Mindy Kaling.

Olivia captioned the photo, “Asian Power @constancewu @mindykaling #aboutlastnight #vanityfair

One of the coolest parts of Olivia Munn’s Instagram is seeing all her famous friends. You never know who might pop up!

What’s The Bottom Line?

Dog lovers, we hope you’re following Olivia Munn’s Instagram. Whether it’s her own adorable pups, Frankie and Chase, or rescue pups in need of homes, dogs are all over her feed.

Also popping up often? Massive celebrities! Olivia is pals with tons of big names, and they often make appearances on her Insta.

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