Spotlight On: Nicki Minaj’s Instagram

Nearly 100 million people are following Nicki Minaj’s Instagram. Are you? If not, you should be.

Though her handle is her famous name, in her bio she lists her name as Barbie — which is fitting! Her feed is a delight for the eyes, rainbow colors and plenty of fun videos.

In case you need more convincing, we’re running down our favorite parts of Nicki’s social media presence. And we’re sure after checking out all of these amazing reasons, you’ll be hitting that blue follow button in no time.

Let’s get to it…

Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Contains Plenty Of Fabulous Fashion

Love clothes? Drool over designer runway collections? Might we suggest following Nicki Minaj’s Instagram. The star has access to all of the major designers, and her wardrobe is beyond envy-inducing.

Lucky for us, Nicki doesn’t keep these amazing clothes to herself. Nope, she shares them with her fans. Her Instagram includes plenty of snaps of her amazing outfits.

Look at this Fendi look! How incredible is this getup. Nicki wore it to the Fendi fashion show in Milan, where she even posed with designer Karl Lagerfeld.

This slideshow included plenty of snaps of her insane outfit. That way we got to see different angles and close-ups.

But sometimes just selfies aren’t enough when it comes to Nicki Minaj’s Instagram. They can’t do her amazing wardrobe selections justice! That’s when she uses video to show things off.

Take this Versace ensemble for example. Just a simple snap wouldn’t show off the way the outfit looks from behind. This way we get to see it sans the jacket too.

We love how Nicki Minaj doesn’t mind taking risks when it comes to fashion. That’s what it’s for! A good example of this is her Off White red carpet getup.

We love the way she shared it on Instagram, giving us a close-up view of all the cool details.

Another amazing part about Nicki’s life? When she wears designers, she also gets to spend time with the designers themselves!

Check out Nicki rocking Alexander Wang, while walking with Alexander Wang! How many people can say that they’ve been able to do that?

She’s also close to Donatella Versace.

Check out this killer photo, with Nicki in Versace posing by the queen of the brand. Iconic!

Nicki Minaj’s Instagram is worth following based on the fashion features alone. Make sure to give her a follow if you love looking at out-of-the-box fashion and haute couture.

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Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Proves She Really Loves Her Fans

Nicki Minaj is a massive superstar. But despite being huge in the rap world, she’s managed to stay grounded and remember what matters… her fans.

The star makes sure to let her fans know how much she loves them. One look at her Instagram provides plenty of proof.

Take the time she surprised her fans in New York.

She let fans know she’d be on her way to meet them at a certain Sprint store, and man did they take note.

Tons of fans showed up, nearly closing down the street. Nicki took time to take photos and meet with many of these diehard fans. And Nicki even shared a video from the local news showing the interactions with everyone.

When she’s not meeting up with her biggest fans in person, she’s making sure that her fans know how important they are to her in other ways.

When she reaches milestones in her career, she remembers who is helping her get there. It’s not just her talent, it’s her fanbase that makes these things happen.

She acknowledges all of her fans and their support often when addressing her successes. Doesn’t that make you want to be a Nicki fan?

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Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Includes Many Other Famous Faces

Since Nicki is a Hollywood heavyweight, she’s often collaborating with other famous faces. Nicki Minaj’s Instagram is filled with photos of Nicki and her famous friends and co-workers.

From Lil Wayne, who Nicki has collaborated with many times, to new up-and-comers in the music business, you never know who you’re going to see on her feed.

This sweet series of snaps of Nicki and Lil Wayne is just one example.

Nicki promotes their latest single while sharing some super sweet photos alongside the famous rapper.

What’s this? Oh just a casual boomerang with one of the greatest tennis stars of all time!

Nicki posed adorably with tennis superstar Serena Williams for this boomerang. Just a regular day in the life of the rapper.

Equally insane? This Snapchat video alongside another super famous face — Ariana Grande!

Nicki Minaj shared this fun little video on her Instagram. The two recently collaborated on the song “Bed” together.

She’s also friends with famous models like Winnie Harlow.

And even seemed to make a pal out of Stephen Colbert.

Nicki Minaj’s Instagram is star-studded to say the least. You never know who will pop up!

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Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Includes Amazing Photoshoots

Nicki Minaj is beautiful. Who wouldn’t love looking at photos of the star? Her professional photoshoots are always eye-catching, especially when they show the star in a different light.

Like this Vogue Arabia photoshoot, which shows a more sophisticated side to the rap star.

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A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

The photos are stunning, placing Nicki in luxurious settings.

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A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

Sometimes the photographer behind the camera is just as famous as Nicki. Take this Elle shoot, where she was shot by legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Black and white snaps are always timeless.

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XXL cover shoot out now

A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

These photos from XXL prove that, showing off Nicki’s true beauty.

It’s clear it doesn’t matter who’s taking the photos or how she’s styled, Nicki always looks stunning.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Nicki Minaj’s Instagram has all kinds of content, and one thing is for sure. You’ll always be entertained while browsing her feed.

She loves her fashion and her fans, and plenty of famous faces are always popping up on her gorgeous feed. What more could you ask for from a celebrity on Instagram?

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#Versace 💧

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