Remember When The Internet Freaked Out About The New Instagram Logo?

After the reveal of the new Instagram logo in May 2016, the internet collectively freaked out.

But, time heals all wounds—or so they say.

It’s been more than two years since the social media giant decided to switch things up, and for the most part, users have chilled out.

At this point, do you even remember what the old Instagram logo looked like?

For posterity’s sake, we’re reminiscing on the Instagram logo history. So as to never forget, we’ll compare the old and new Instagram logos.

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

Remembering The Old Instagram Logo

In October 2010, Instagram became available for download in Apple’s App Store. A year and a half later, Android users could get it in the Google Play Store.

The app’s icon resembled a vintage camera, which appropriately embodied the company’s mission to foster a community centered around photography.

In the upper left hand corner of the icon, rainbow stripes gave a splash of color to the otherwise brown and black camera.

According to Instagram, the rainbow colors represented the varied and vibrant content being shared on its application.

Over the next five years, the Instagram logo grew into one of the most recognizable logos in the tech industry.

In fact, the Instagram logo garnered somewhat of a cult following with one fan famously making a cake inspired by it.

The Reveal Of The New IG Logo

Then, in May 2016, Instagram announced it was parting ways with the beloved vintage camera icon in favor of something more modern.

Still in use today, the new Instagram logo features a white outline of a camera on a sunset gradient background.

In a post on Medium, Instagram’s head of design, Ian Spalter, said the new Instagram logo represented both the evolution of the company and community.

“When Instagram was founded, it was a place to easily edit and share photos. Five years later, things have evolved,” Spalter wrote. “The evolution of the community has been inspiring, and we hope that we’ve captured some of the life, creativity, and optimism people bring to Instagram every day. “

In closing, he wrote the design team hoped “people will see this app icon as a new creative spark.”

Let's take a look at the history of Instagram and remember the varied reactions to the new Instagram logo!

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Old Logo Vs the New Logo

The new Instagram logo certainly created a spark.

Across the internet, people responded to the reveal.

Some users took to Twitter to express their distaste calling the new Instagram logo “ugly af.”

However, the design world praised Instagram’s new look.

“Simplicity is everything!” tweeted one fan of the redesign.

The icon wasn’t the only change to the Instagram app.

Other updates included black fonts, red notifications and a stark white background that, according to Instagram, “puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app.”

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What Do YOU Think Of The New Instagram Logo?

We know it’s been a minute since Instagram changed its logo, but now that the dust has settled, we want to know:

What do you think of the new Instagram logo?

Initially, we were skeptical, but looking back, we think it was the right move for the company.

To us, Instagram is a place to express ourselves and try new things. As with the new Instagram logo, sometimes those new things are met with mixed reactions.

But, the important thing is to never let the fear of failure keep you from growing.

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