You’re probably aware of how difficult it is to survive and thrive on Instagram, with its 1+ billion active users and hundreds of influencers and entrepreneurs all attempting to carve out a niche for themselves.

The competition is fiercer than ever, which explains why Instagram growth services are so popular.

Many of them genuinely wish to help you grow your account, but the majority of them are nothing more than merciless money grabbers.

Which one is Mr. Insta? Does this service have your best interest at heart or not? 

It’s impossible to judge based solely on the company’s website and wonderful onsite reviews since they rarely speak the truth, which is why our reviews stem from hours of research and honest customer reports. 

If you’re curious to learn what people really think of Mr. Insta and whether it’s any good, keep on reading this Mr. Insta review!

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Mr. Insta – A Recap

This table of advantages and disadvantages covers all of the crucial information regarding Mr. Insta.

Hopefully, it provides enough insight if you’re in a hurry! 

Secure websiteMixed quality followers
Free trialSome negative reviews
Offers refundsBanned from Trustpilot

What is Mr. Insta?

An image of Mr. Insta’s homepage.

Mr. Insta is an Instagram service that provides two things: likes and followers. 

Their official website is a bit misleading. The first thing you notice are large letters that say “FREE Instagram followers” and “increase your engagement with FREE Instagram followers.”

Mr. Insta does provide a free trial, but it isn’t a free service by any standards. Matter of fact, you could say that they are quite costly. This does not, however, prevent them from presenting themselves as free.

Mr. Insta divides its offer into two parts – Free IG followers & Premium services.

Let’s touch upon the premium services before we get to the free things. 

The only reason they’re labeled premium is because they’re not free, according to the features and reviews. They’re not exactly premium, per se. 

These “premium services” include features for no less than eight social media networks. Yup, eight

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Pinterest
  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • Spotify

Of course, we’ll talk only about the part of the service related to Instagram. 

When you go to Mr. Insta’s website and click on Instagram services, you’ll see the most extensive Instagram offer ever. It has so many subsections that it’ll make your brain explode. It’s easier to show you:

 A picture of Mr. Insta’s Instagram services taken from the company’s official website.

Mr. Insta offers just about anything you can ever need, from IGTV likes, and views to reel likes and views.

Hashtag research and profile optimization, as well as impressions and reach, are two things that stick out because we don’t see these very often with similar services, or ever, for that matter.

Paying for impressions and reach is a one-of-a-kind function. You can buy 100 Instagram impressions for a set price. These impressions reveal how many people have viewed your post and can help you climb the ranks.

If you think it’s interesting, give it a whirl because this service is only $7 – it can’t harm your account and it won’t break the bank.

When it comes to hashtags and optimization, the concept is – for $60, Mr. Insta submits your Instagram profile to professionals. They will then evaluate your account and provide feedback that contains 30 unique hashtags and optimization suggestions for targeted growth.

There’s no doubt this could help you, especially if you’re interested in organic growth. However, 60 bucks is arguably a steep price for only 30 hashtags and a few tips. Anyway, you be the judge of that.

Let’s turn our focus to the standard feature of this service and see how it performs. 

Mr. Insta followers

The question to be answered is: how good are the followers that Mr. Insta sells?

To reach the right answer, we had to go through a lot of information and look for genuine consumer evaluations of this service.

Since we haven’t actually tried these followers, we decided to ignore the onsite reviews for now as they are often misleading, and focus on what previous customers have to say on independent third-party review sites. 

Mr. Insta differentiates between “Buy Instagram Followers” and “Buy Instagram Followers USA/UK.” They say that only “extremely high-quality accounts” are included in the latter.

There is one problem with these followers – the quality is questionable. It appears that Mr. Insta sells what we call mixed-quality followers. This means that Mr. Insta probably provides people with authentic followers that they paid for, but they mix them with fake ones. 

Now, the issue here is that the latter can seriously endanger your account. 

Instagram has a very strict policy regarding fake followers or bots. They are unwelcome on this platform and Instagram’s algorithms are working non-stop to detect any suspicious actions.

If you were to purchase a larger number of followers and they turn out to be bots, you could get into a lot of trouble, which is why it’s essential to buy followers exclusively from providers you know will sell you genuine accounts. 

Customer reviews

According to Mr. Insta’s Sitejabber comments, the service is generally regarded as decent. Customers gave it a 4.81-star rating, which is not bad. 

One typical criticism is about the substandard followers. Take a peek at what one of their customers has to say:

 A picture of a Mr. Insta review taken from Sitejabber.

We also like to check Trustpilot for authentic customer reviews in addition to Sitejabber.

While Sitejabber has more than 1500 Mr. Insta reviews, there are zero reviews available on Trustpilot. If you search for Mr. Insta on this trustworthy site, you’ll find the following:

A screenshot of the non-existent Mr. Insta’s Trustpilot page.

IG services don’t get permanently deleted from Trustpilot very frequently, but when they do, you know something isn’t quite right.

Trustpilot doesn’t just erase these pages at random; the firm in question needs to break its rigorous guidelines in order to be completely removed from the site. 

Although we can’t say for certain what Mr. Insta did to deserve this, it’s common that a firm is deemed a bad fit when it posts fake reviews on Trustpilot.

Is Mr. Insta legit? – Final Verdict

If you try to Google the words “Mr. Insta scam,” you’ll be surprised how many sites call this company a scam, even though there is no legit reason to do so. We’ll guess these are competitors who are writing dishonest reviews and want to strike the competition. 

While it is evident that Mr. Insta has its flaws, it is by no means a scam. 

This company has a secure website and payment options, which include all major credit cards and Bitcoin. Also, they are happy to issue refunds, so they’re not after your money. 

Moreover, they don’t ask for your IG password or other sensitive info. Plus, they offer a free trial (25 followers, 20 likes) so you can test the service before spending money on it. 

To tell you the truth, we’re not extremely disappointed by Mr. Insta. If you’re keen on trying it, be advised you will probably receive mixed quality followers. Perhaps go with a smaller package, so in case it happens, you’ll fly under Instagram’s radar unnoticed. 

Good luck!

By Dejan

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