There are a plethora of Instagram growth options available, and some are clearly superior to others. The majority of them should be avoided at all costs, but there is a handful that deserves your attention.

However, separating the latter from the former is tricky. How are you supposed to know which are frauds and which are legit?

Well, that’s where our reviews come in. 

Media Mister is a company that has lately attracted our interest. We went to great lengths to learn everything about this service, and we poured all of our findings into this honest Media Mister review. 

So, is Media Mister a scam? Will the followers be removed from your account? Keep reading to find out!

It’s not unheard of that Instagram removes bought (fake) accounts. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen with Upleap’s followers, as they are all genuine Instagram accounts. In case these real accounts unfollow you for some reason, don’t worry – we will happily refill them ASAP!

Not many services sell exclusively real followers, which is why we made this comparison list of those that do. Check it out:

IG Growth ServiceUser ScorePrice
Upleap4.6Check Price
Socialfollow4.4Check Price
Nitreo4.2 Check Price
KENJI4.2Check Price

Media Mister – A rundown

If you can’t take out a few minutes of your time to peruse our review, we’ve provided a list of pros&cons below. We do recommend you come back at another time and read the entire Media Mister review to get a better sense of this service.

Safe payment optionsSells fake followers along with the real ones
Website is OKAsks for your full name and phone number
Delivers some real followers Some negative reviews
Removed from Trustpilot

What is Media Mister?

A picture of Media Mister’s homepage.

Media Mister has one of the most diverse offers you’ll ever see. They sell services for none less than 35 social media apps!

This list includes some household names such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, but it also involves other not-so-popular platforms, like Likee, Clubhouse, and many more. If you need engagement for a certain app, Media Mister probably sells it. 

Media Mister’s objective with such a broad selection is to give social media upgrading services regardless of platform or sector of interest, which is why they have accumulated a substantial user base.

It’s worth noting that Media Mister is one of the industry’s trailblazers. They’ve been doing this since 2012, a little more than a year after Instagram’s launch.

In a way, they have paved the way for other similar businesses, and we have to give them credit for that. 

Generally, we’re not huge fans of companies that split their focus as Mister Media does. We believe it’s better to pour all the energy and resources into making the best possible version of a single service, be it for Instagram, Facebook, or something else. 

We speak strictly from experience – seldom do you find a company that specializes in multiple platforms and provides top-tier service for each of those platforms. 

Is this the case with Media Mister too?

It’s hard to tell at first glance. 

Naturally, the first thing you see is their website, and this plays in their favor. It’s well organized, user friendly, and it upholds a certain aesthetic. Considering how much their offer entails, it could quickly become overwhelming and messy, but this is not the case with Media Mister. 

The first impression that is based on the website is pretty subjective, which is why we want to move on to the customer reviews. But, before we dig into that, let’s see how Media Mister works in case you decide to try it. 

How does Media Mister work?

Take a look at the signup form on Media Mister’s website:

A screenshot of the sign-up form on Media Mister’s site.

Notice anything alarming?

First of all, they want you to provide them with your full name. This isn’t such a huge problem as you can easily come up with an alias, so you don’t really have to give away your legal name. 

The bigger issue is that they require your phone number. 

Objectively speaking, they have no business asking for this info. It’s completely irrelevant for this type of service, and we don’t see what possible reason they have to need this info. 

If you’re hesitant about leaving your phone number (like you ought to be in most cases), perhaps Media Mister is not the right choice. 

Besides this, they don’t ask for any more personal info, such as Instagram password, which is great. 

Okay, you’ve filled in the information, and now what? 

Once you log in, you can start shopping for followers and other Instagram-related features (they sell 11 in total).

After this, proceed to checkout. Thankfully, the payment process is completely secure. 

Instagram services

We mentioned briefly that Media Mister sells eleven features for Instagram. Here’s the complete list:

 A picture that shows all 11 services for Instagram that Media Mister sells on their website.

Besides the standard followers, likes, views, etc, Media Mister sells a few unique things such as Instagram mentions and Story poll votes. 

We’ll focus mainly on the followers, as they are the most important. You don’t really have to buy any of the above if you have real, engaging followers. 

Media Mister sells followers in packages from 50 to 50K followers. They allow you to choose between two types (normal or Instagram ads), and you can also select a target country

Also, the number of available followers for purchase depends on the country you choose.

If you go with “worldwide,” you can get up to 50K. But if you select “USA,” the most you can buy is 500 followers.

An image that shows the process of buying Instagram followers from Media Mister.

This is completely OK, as it’s usually better to go with smaller packages of up to 1K followers than to get a bunch and have them all arrive at your profile instantly. 

It’s a major mistake to make as it represents inorganic growth, which Instagram not only frowns upon, but also puts all the efforts to eradicate. 

What about the quality of these followers? For that, we have to dig into customer reviews.

Media Mister customer reviews

When we first explored Media Mister’s website, we came upon an unpleasant surprise. Namely, one of the 35 platforms for which they sell engagement includes Trustpilot. 

Yup, Media Mister sells fake Trustpilot reviews. 

You know what this means – Trustpilot labeled them as a bad fit!

A picture of Media Mister’s Trustpilot page.

Honestly, we’re not surprised. Trustpilot is known to have a zero-tolerance policy towards companies that sell fake reviews for their site, which is one of the reasons we trust it so much. 

We looked at other places, too. 

Sitejabber was a different story. There, Media Mister has 36 reviews with an average score of 3.47 out of 5 stars. 

The opinions of previous customers are mixed. Some have only words of praise, some have completely the opposite, and some are indifferent. 

Here’s what the best and the worst comments say:

A picture depicting the top positive and top negative Media Mister review on Sitejabber.

While we don’t believe that all the followers Media Mister sells are fake, there is a good chance a portion of them are. 

Judging by the reviews from past users, you will get some real engagement from this service (although it will be mixed with potentially harmful accounts).

Is Media Mister Safe? – Conclusion

Media Mister is not going to skyrocket your Instagram account, that’s for sure. But will it harm it? 

It’s still open for debate. 

The quality of the followers is questionable, so if you’re going to try them, do it with caution. 

However, if you’re not ready to risk it, scroll up to our list of the best Media Mister alternatives and rest assured your profile is in good hands!

By Dejan

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