Spotlight On: Maisie Williams’ Instagram

Maisie Williams’ Instagram is a treat for your eyes. The “Game of Thrones” star uses bright colors to make her page come alive.

With nearly 8 million followers, her colorful posts work. So what can you learn from Maisie’s posts?

Let’s take a look:

Maisie Williams’ Instagram Embraces Color

Here’s the deal:

Pops of color spice up a boring Instagram feed. Maisie Williams’ uses color in two different ways.

First up, Maisie uses backgrounds to add brightness to her posts.

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sunflowers and daisies #forbes30under30

A post shared by Maisie Williams (@maisie_williams) on

Sometimes she matches the background shade to her picture. Like this fun example with all of the shades of orange.

Similarly, here she picked pink. The photo’s background is the same hue as her sweatshirt in this group shot.

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A post shared by Maisie Williams (@maisie_williams) on

In contrast, here she picked the color from an object in the photo. The neon yellow lips matched the background perfectly.

This effect is easy to achieve with most photo editing apps, like Afterlight.

Download the Afterlight app and give your photo a background. While people usually choose black or white, take a cue from Maisie Wiliams’ Instagram.

Match the color to your outfit or something else in your photo. Or just pick your favorite color.

The second way Maisie uses color?

The actress includes colorful photos.

Sometimes they’re from professional photoshoots, like this orange backdrop promoting the Daisie app.

Other times, it’s Maisie’s bright wardrobe that brings the rainbow. Like this snap in a rainbow sweater!

It seems like Maisie likes cheery colors in real life and on Instagram. As a result, her feed lights up while showing a fun side of her personality.

Want to know the best part?

This is easy to duplicate.

If you’re looking to liven up your Instagram feed, try out a red background. Or focus on taking pictures full of color.

Not only will your posts get more attention, but you could also gain new followers.

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Maisie Williams’ Instagram Has Plenty Of “Game Of Thrones” Related Posts

“Game of Thrones” is one of the most popular photos on television. Many of Maisie’s 7.9 million followers are huge fans of the show.

For this reason, Maisie occasionally shares behind-the-scenes photos from the series.

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day 1 🐸 #tb

A post shared by Maisie Williams (@maisie_williams) on

Recognize this little girl? Maisie posted this adorable retro shot from her first day on set.

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A post shared by Maisie Williams (@maisie_williams) on

She also includes stills from the show of her character Arya Stark.

But our favorite type of Maisie’s “Game of Thrones” posts? Definitely the ones with Sophie Turner.

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there were never such devoted sisters

A post shared by Maisie Williams (@maisie_williams) on

Offscreen, Maisie is best pals with co-star Sophie.

The girls, who plays sisters on “Game of Thrones,” are almost always posting together on social media.

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From cool mirror selfies to edgy black and white pictures, we love a good Maisie and Sophie snap.

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@sophie_789 wit chu

A post shared by Maisie Williams (@maisie_williams) on

Maisie Williams’ older Instagram posts include some silly videos. Like this one of Sophie singing in the car.

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A post shared by Maisie Williams (@maisie_williams) on

Or this one with their very own hashtag – #mophie. It seems like the girls have a deep bond after sharing the screen together.

You might be wondering:

How do posts about Maisie’s hit HBO show apply to my Instagram?

Even though Maisie is a famous actress, acting is her job. So those throwback posts from set are no different than sharing a snap from your first day at work.

Okay, so your work BFF probably isn’t famous. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your epic selfies or Snapchat face swaps.

Your followers are curious about your daily life. If you go to the office every day, share the experience on your Instagram story.

And make sure you include your best friend at work!

Maisie Williams Posts About Causes She Believes In

One thing’s for sure on Maisie William’s Instagram page. The star is passionate about the wellbeing of dolphins and whales.

Maisie has partnered up with the Dolphin Project. The group works to end dolphin slaughter and the captivity of dolphins and whales.

Because of Maisie’s passion, her followers have learned more about this sad topic.

Also, Maisie’s vocal about animal testing. The actress works with The Body Shop to bring awareness to the topic.


You can follow Maisie’s lead on this one.

You probably have causes you’re passionate about. Similarly, there might be organizations where you volunteer.

Include them on your Instagram. This helps the cause, as maybe others will get involved as well. It also helps your followers learn about your interests and get to know you better. A win-win for everyone!

Maisie Williams’ Instagram Includes Unflattering Selfies

Want a hilarious suggestion from Maisie Williams’ Instagram?

Post a horrible selfie!

Yep, the star occasionally posts a funny selfie. We love the way the star doesn’t take herself too seriously. These kinds of photos are always a nice change of pace from most people’s filtered and edited photos.

She’s also been known to post a face mask selfie.

And sometimes she compares herself to a cartoon character.

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shoot 4 tha stars ✨

A post shared by Maisie Williams (@maisie_williams) on

These posts often include funny captions. As a result, her followers see her sense of humor.

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Trying to wink at my crush like..

A post shared by Maisie Williams (@maisie_williams) on

Here’s the deal:

Instagram is often people’s highlight reel. A lot of users think they should only post picture perfect moments. That’s why it’s nice to be reminded that it doesn’t have to be so serious.Β 

Maisie Williams’ Instagram reminds us that it’s fun to joke around on social media. She doesn’t only post glamorous shots from the red carpet, she adds in plenty of silly selfies as well.

You’ve probably taken an amazingly unflattering Snapchat filter lately. Why not post away?

We guarantee your followers will appreciate the dose of laughter and realness.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Everyone loves to see something different on Instagram. Maisie Williams’ Instagram profile is a prime example of trying new things.

Adding dashes of color sets her feed apart. Followers also love seeing posts about her show “Game of Thrones.”

Most noteworthy, Maisie makes sure to share causes that are important to her. Because of that, her fans get to learn about issues they may not have been aware of.

Finally, her hilarious selfies keep things light.

So take a cue from Maisie. Experiment with color on your feed. Keep followers in the loop about your job and things you’re passionate about.

And don’t forget to lighten things up with a funny selfie!

By Megan

Megan loves to write about all things celebrity, fashion and entertainment!

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