Finding a reliable automation tool can be very tedious. Even online search is not as easy as it used to be.

In this mess, it is difficult to distinguish safe sources from those that are scams. The line between these two is thin, and you will surely find yourself at a crossroads many times.

When that happens, all you have to do is turn to reviews (preferably ours). They are accurate indicators of the quality of a source, in this case, LinkedIn automation tools, because they come from people who have already had some experience.

For that reason alone, today, we decided to break down Linked Helper, analyze its components, and its ability to do the job.

Stay until the end of this LinkedIn Helper review and find out which category this automation tool falls into. We’ll be revealing all the details!

You may not be thrilled with the current choice, so you want something that is safe. In this case, we recommend AimFox. For more information on this Automation Tool, jump to our review.

Back to today’s review…

Linked Helper: Lack Of Back-Up Information

Whichever source we choose, be it this particular one, or some other, it is vital to have background information as in the history of that company. 

Don’t get us wrong. No one wants monotonous and overcrowded history blogs, but just a little information on how it came to be and when. It’s easier to use services when we know at least something, right?

When it comes to Linked Helper, we can say that this company certainly did not bend over backward to let its potential customers know when they came to the Internet and how their development went.

Namely, if you click on the “About Us” option, you will not find any important information that will answer your questions. This is all you will see.

A screenshot showing the about us option.

We can agree that this is certainly not the brightest way to “talk” about your company. All that is offered to the interested person are two phone numbers, one of which is not even for “support.”

And speaking of Customer Support, how does Linked Helper handle this issue?

Customer Support: Efficient or Inefficient?

What happens if your LinkedIn account suddenly starts to slow down, bans you from your account, or even shuts down for no apparent reason?

The straw you hold onto is Customer Support. Many social networks and Automation Tools have worked hard to improve this segment of the company. In crises, speed is crucial, and people on the other side should get back to you as soon as possible.

Linked Helper, however, decided to rely on the basic way, and that is reaching out via email. Okay, let’s say some companies give their email as their primary contact and put working hours along with it.

This would mean that you can expect an answer within that time frame, and this gives you some confidence that you will actually get some feedback.

But there are no working hours here. There’s just one small chat-like option, where you enter your name, email, and the problem you’ve been having with your service.

No wonder some people have complained about the slow responses. There are cases where people have waited for an answer for almost a week. We can agree when we say that this is very unprofessional.

What Does LinkedIn Helper Do?

What this automation tool is certainly known for is the abundance of features.

When you go to the “Features” section, you will have something to see. You are presented with no less than 23 features, and this is all arranged so that it gives you a very brief explanation when you click on a particular one.

In essence, to simplify the purposes of Linked Helper:

  • collection of contacts from all kinds of sources
  • has an auto-tagging system that helps you get feedback
  • invites connections to your LinkedIn events
  • gathers data from your contacts, and uses them for further outreach
  • supports integration with third parties

There are a lot of things Linked Helper does or at least says it does. It is still up to us to decide how true these claims are. But one thing is for sure – Linked Helper loves to put in a good word about their services.

Here’s what we mean by that.

A screenshot showing claims by linked helper.

It is up to the company to present itself in the best possible light, but to what extent is that acceptable?

Also, one aspect that Linked Helper wanted to share with its users is that it has received an update. Now it’s a standalone, smart web browser that is no longer just a Chrome extension.

Cheap Pricing: Good Or Bad?

Of course, it is simply impossible not to comment on package prices within the service we are analyzing. As for Linked Helper prices, opinions are divided.

Before we give our opinion on this, here is their pricing list.

A screenshot showing the pricing of linked helper.

On the one hand, potential customers will surely think that it is great that the prices are so low. One month is only $ 15, which is basically nothing when you consider someone’s budget.

However, if you have dealt with not-so-reliable companies, you will know that low prices are not always a good thing. For example, there is a disagreement in the number of services offered and prices.

Also, it’s limited to only one account. 

For a LinkedIn Automation Tool that offers so many services, shouldn’t the prices be more expensive? Obviously not, which brings us to the next question, and that is – is LinkedIn Helper legal?

We are beginning to doubt this.

The company reportedly also offers a free trial, for which there is not so much pre-information regarding how long it takes and what it involves. In order to try to find out anything at all, you must first create an account.

Companies can easily take advantage of this if they want to spam your Gmail with updates in the future.

If we consider the statements of past users that they got banned using this, something is definitely wrong.

Potentially Fake Onsite Reviews

In the end, we left something that is always worth commenting on, and that is reviews by previous users. As you all know, examples of companies that overwhelm their home page with glowing reviews are not uncommon.

This is precisely the case with Linked Helper. What you see is just one of a dozen reviews that change, and only talk about how the company is one of the best ever.

A screenshot showing onsite reviews.

We think it is completely unnecessary to add anything to this when we have countered everything that has been said so far.

In this space, a service that provides the best value for your money and safety are paramount. One such service is Aimfox. We made sure to extensively use them before we give out our unbiased opinion. This review is the result of that.

Summing Up Everything

Since we’ve included a lot in this review, let’s turn it all into short points and conclude the topic.

Extremely cheap prices. Lack of basic information about the company.
  People claim they got banned from the site.
  Potentially fake onsite reviews.
  Limited to only one account.

From everything we have seen and read, we can conclude that Linked Helper should not be on your list of potential automation tools.

Nothing is more important than your safety, and here it is very debatable.

By Dejan

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