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Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram is an interesting place to keep up with the former superstar. Despite only being in her early thirties, Lindsay’s been in the spotlight for more than half of her life. She rose to fame as a child star and became a massive star thanks to films like “Mean Girls” in the early ’00s.

At the height of Lindsay Lohan’s fame, social media was not yet a phenomenon. For that reason, Lindsay doesn’t have as impressive of a following as you’d expect. But there are still plenty of reasons to keep up with this famous face’s Instagram account.

These days, Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram documents a new era in her career. Though she’s not starring in huge blockbuster films, she’s still living a very exciting life. And her 7 million followers are all tuning into this new chapter.

So what kind of things does Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram include? We’ll round up what posts you should expect to see if you decide to follow Lindsay’s account. Let’s get started!

Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram Is Always Changing

Want to keep up with Lindsay Lohan? Then you better follow her. Lindsay seems to adhere to the trend of scrubbing her Instagram every so often.

This is a new fad, used by some celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Blake Lively. It involves periodically deleting all of your Instagram posts. Lindsay seems to be doing just that, as only posts from the last few months currently appear on her profile.

And there’s no rhyme or reason as to why she chooses to delete or keep certain posts.

View this post on Instagram

Good look? #lohanislanddubai

A post shared by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

Take this short video for instance. The caption is a little confusing, reading, “Good look? #lohanislanddubai” and even as you rewatch the video you’re not quite sure what you’re looking at.

So why would Lindsay choose this post to keep? Your guess is as good as ours!

If you really want a steady stream of Lindsay Lohan photos in your life, it might be best to follow one of her fan accounts.

Fan accounts are a great way to stay tuned to what a star is up to. They post both old and new content.

If you’re a huge fan of a celebrity, it’s also a good way to find other fellow fans.

But for those looking to see content straight from Lindsay herself, we definitely recommend following her — because you never know when her posts will disappear! Make sure you see them in real time.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram Keeps You Posted On Her New Gigs

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been on the big screen in quite a while. She also left the United States of America a few years ago, and currently lives overseas. Despite her exotic new locale, Lindsay Lohan will actually be popping up on your small screen in January 2019.

Those that follow Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram caught a glimpse of her new ventures — a reality show. Yep, that’s right. The former movie star will now be moving into the reality television world.

In December 2018, Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram shared a photo of her new MTV reality show — which will be called “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.” It also listed the new show’s premiere date, listed as Jan. 8, 2019.

Along with the announcement, Lindsay also tagged the show’s Instagram account. There you can see tons of little video snippets from Lindsay and the show’s cast.

The show will likely be a huge hit, with many fans of Lindsay eager to see what she’s been up to these days.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram Includes Sweet Shoutouts To Her Family

Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram is a revolving door of content, thanks to her tendency to delete old posts. But one thing is for certain: she loves her family.

Previously, Lindsay has shared sweet posts celebrating the birthdays of family members. Currently on her page? Multiple shoutouts to her sister, Aliana Lohan.

First, she posted a black and white snap of her sister.

This post was meant to encourage an upcoming performance of Aliana’s in New York City’s Time Square. Lindsay was obviously a proud big sister, letting everyone know about the upcoming gig in the caption. It read: “I am so excited for my GORGEOUS SISTER TO PERFORM IN #nye #timessquare @marriotthotels TOMORROW to have a beautiful #nye with lots of love from @lohanbeachclub @lohannightclub 🙏🏻🥰😌 family is everything! #spreadthelove ♾ you’re an angel! Let the world see it! #ily”

Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram included another post for little sister Aliana Lohan. This time it was in the form of a video.

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Miss you!!! @alianalohan 🥰❤️🥰

A post shared by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

Lindsay Lohan, wearing a face mask, tells her sister Aliana that she misses her in the short video. It’s a sweet gesture, making it clear that these days Lindsay is all about family. Just like her previous caption stated, “family is everything!” to the Lohans.

Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram Includes Throwbacks

Lindsay Lohan has been known to post a throwback or two. Typically it’s to the days whne she dominated Hollywood. Most recently she shared a snap alongside Hollywood heavyweights Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie.

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What a blessed moment ❤️ 🔺

A post shared by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

It’s clear Lindsay Lohan realizes how lucky she was to be in the company of these very famous women. She captioned the old photo alongside the superstars, “What a blessed moment” when she shared it.

Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram Often Shares Stories

Though Lindsay Lohan is often removing her Instagram posts, there’s one place you can catch extra content from the star. Lindsay is often posting in her stories.

Lucky for fans, she also saves them on top, in her highlights reels. There are numerous highlight reels, all containing different posts from Lindsay in the past.

From cooking to time in Thailand to one about her life in Dubai, it’s a great place to see posts from Lindsay that likely won’t be disappearing from the social media platform anytime soon.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram is a great place to keep up with the former child star. Since she lives such an exciting life these days, it’s smart to give her a follow so you can keep tabs.

Since Lindsay often deletes Instagram posts, that’s the only way to make sure you see what’s she’s posting before it fades away. Whether you’re likely going to be tuning into her new show or simply want to see what the star of one of your favorite flicks is up to these days, Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram is an interesting follow you won’t regret.

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