Spotlight On: Lil Pump’s Instagram

Lil Pump’s Instagram includes laughs and a lavish lifetyle. And with nearly 18 million followers, fans love every minute of it.

This rapper first hit the scene in 2017. You might remember a little song called “Gucci Gang”? It seemed to play everywhere that year, and Lil Pump was behind it. The song even went triple platinum.

Since then he’s released tons more songs. These include “I Love It” with Kanye West, “Be Like Me” with Lil Wayne, and “Welcome to the Party” which was on the soundtrack for “Deadpool 2.”

But what can you expect if you give this rapper a follow? Well, some laughs for starters. Lil Pump often shares photos showing off his new wealth. This means posts with stacks of cash or rocking designer clothes. But aside from flashing cash, he also shares plenty of jokes and funny captions.

Wondering if you should give Lil Pump a follow? We’re breaking down our favorite types of posts from the star. Take a look and see what you think.

Let’s dig in:

Lil Pump’s Instagram Brings The Laughs

Lil Pump’s Instagram shows off the star’s funny side. He’s clearly not just a talented rapper, but also brings some jokes.

Sometimes it’s a funny picture, and sometimes it’s the caption that does the work.

Case in point? This snap from a 7-11 for instance:

He’s clutching a banana and an apple in the middle of a 7-11 store, but the joke comes from the caption. Alongside the photo the rapper wrote: “I don’t eat vegetables who tf gave me this s—“.

Not only is it kind of a crazy thought, it’s extra funny because he’s holding fruit — not vegetables.

Next up, another example of Lil Pump’s Instagram humor.

In this photo the rapper posts a mirror pic, sticking out his tongue and rocking a pale pink wig.

And in the caption, he jokes around, writing, “DIS RANDOM THOT LEFT A WIG AT MA HOUSE DM ME IF ITS URS”.

Now this next photo gave us a really good chuckle. The rapper shared a photo alongside a famous face, but it was the caption that made us laugh.

Take a look at the picture:

So what did Lil Pump caption the snap? Well, he wrote: “Me & my uncle shaq”.

If you’re looking to get a laugh while scrolling through Instagram, we highly recommend following Lil Pump.

Lil Pump’s Instagram Includes Stacks Of Cash

It’s a fact of life. Rappers make millions. And Lil Pump is here to remind us of that fact, by posing with stacks of cash.

Yep, wads of bills pop up often on his feed. And he gets pretty creative when it comes to showing off his money.

Take this one for instance, of Lil Pump in a car.

Instead of posing with his stacks of dough, he pretends to eat them.

And the caption? Well, you might have guessed it. The rapper wrote alongside this snap: “IM EATING HUNNITS FOR BREEFISS”.

Here’s a more straightforward money post. Lil Pump is simply standing clutching tall stacks of bills.

This time, he posed a question in the caption. Lil Pump wrote, “How much money u think is here?”

Do you have a guess? We’re not quite sure. But don’t worry, there’s more.

Here’s a more candid snap, where Lil Pump seems to be gazing lovingly at his stacks of cash.

The caption? This one read, “We on the other side of the world 🌎 WHOLE LOTTA WONS”.

Okay, the next one includes a pretty cute co-star — Lil Pump’s dog. Though he’s still showing off all his money, the rapper involved his pretty white pup in this pic.

In the caption he explains, “I’m teaching esskeetit how to count racks”.

Though these money-filled photos induce a little bit of envy, they’re still a major part of Lil Pump’s Instagram. They pop up often, and it’s interesting to see all the ways he incorporates flashing cash.

Lil Pump’s Instagram Includes Designer Clothes

Another way Lil Pump’s Instagram shows off his wealth? His mounds of designer duds.

The rapper often shares photos rocking some pretty expensive outfits. He really likes fancy things, as proven by his wardrobe.

First up? We’re going to check out a pretty stellar look from Gucci.

The rapper posted a photo posing in this all Gucci getup:

When it came time to caption it, he wrote, “Business man pump”.

He also enjoys a little Balenciaga, as proven by this photo, for instance:

Yep, we’re pretty sure that was taken atop a gas station trash can. But that just shows off Lil Pump’s crazy nature.

And when it came time to add a caption, he actually asked fans to weigh in on his look. “RATE DIS FIT FROM 1-15” he wrote.

Next up? A two piece look from the popular designer, Off White. He shared a photo in this eye-catching look posing.

He captioned this one, “CORONAO CORONAO 🧚🏼‍♂️🏎💤”.

But he doesn’t just show off his new status with clothes. He also uses jewelry, which we’ll see next…

There’s Also Plenty of Bling

Like most rappers, Lil Pump’s Instagram shows his love of jewelry.

Here’s an impressive necklace the rapper owns. He’s shown proudly rocking it in this pic:

The caption? Well, it doesn’t have much to do with the bling. Lil Pump wrote, “Everybody wanna be like ye Everyone wanna go & smash Kim k”.

But this next one tops it — not only is he wearing that necklace again as an eyepatch, he’s also got another impressive round of bling on his neck.

This caption? You might have guessed it — “I’m pirate”.

So if you’re looking to see some very unique and very impressive jewelry, Lil Pump’s Instagram hooks you up. We love seeing his latest buys on his feed.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Lil Pump’s Instagram includes stacks of cash, cool clothes and insane jewelry. What more could you want? And if you’re looking for a laugh while scrolling, he’ll serve that up too. We recommend giving this funny rapper a follow.

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