Like4Like: Use the Right Hashtags to Take Your IG to the Next Level

So you’ve recently shared a photo on Instagram and every time you see that red heart notification pops up on your screen, you get all excited.

Sure, everyone on Instagram wants their pictures or videos to get noticed and liked after all. It’s perfectly normal for us to want people to like us.

That said, the best way to grow your Instagram page is by getting as many photo likes as possible. This will increase your chances of getting new followers and even appear on the Instagram popular page. But with millions of users on Instagram posting every day, how on earth will you be able to stand out in the crowd?

Getting noticed on Instagram can be challenging, but not impossible. You need the right strategies for your Instagram posts, and putting out great content engaging, high-quality photos or videos — is the key to success.

High-quality photos are photos that are not only clear and beautiful but also relevant to the people you’re targeting. High-quality videos, on the other hand, must be clear, creative and interactive.

Once you’re ready to upload your content, think carefully about what hashtags you want to use for your post. Your hashtags must be relevant to the content. Don’t forget to include like4like and follow4follow in your post, which are two powerful hashtags for helping you gain more likes and followers.

Other similar hashtags you can include:

  • #l4l (another term for like4like)
  • #f4f (another term for follow4follow)

In this article, we’ll show you proven strategies on how to create engaging content that you can use with these powerful hashtags on your Instagram posts. Let’s dive in!

Why Do You Need Instagram Strategies to Gain More Likes

Whether you’re using Instagram for personal use or for business, in the end, your main goal is to get your content noticed and have those hearts coming in. By using the right hashtags, you can target other users with related interests.

For example, if you’re posting a photo of your dog, you may want to use hashtags that have the word dog, canine, four-legged or furry friend. People who are interested in similar hashtags will be able to find your photo, hence give you a like for capturing their attention.

While all of us on Instagram have different contents to share, we all share one thing in common: we want likes for our posts.

What is Like4Like and How to Use It on Instagram

As mentioned earlier, the like4like hashtag is a powerful hashtag on Instagram. When combined with a high-quality picture, your post is likely to gain a lot of likes. But what does like4like really mean?

When using the like4like hashtag on a post, you’re basically telling people to like your post. In return, you’ll like their posts, too. So if someone likes five of your recent posts, perhaps you could also like five of their recent posts in return, although not necessary.

You can also include the hashtag follow4follow to encourage people to like your post and also follow you. In return, you would do the same. Do include #lfl and #f4f to your posts, too. They are the shorter version of #like4like and #follow4follow.

Now you know how to use these four powerful hashtags, let’s explore how to create engaging content to accompany them.

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6 Proven Ways on How to Gain More IG Likes

Hashtags are not going to be very helpful if your Instagram content isn’t engaging enough. Here are some tips on how you can create Instagram content that’ll help you gain more likes:

1. Post High Quality Content

This is the key to getting your audience’s attention. They will like and even follow you if they really like you.

High quality posts will always attract more people. Therefore, you should always post clear and perfectly captured photos.

But don’t just post one amazing photo. The photos that follow must also be of the same quality. Once people have seen your first high quality post, they’ll likely expect you to produce more creative, unique and inspiring images like that. Moving forward, you need to be consistently posting high quality content in order to lift up to their expectation.

Do that and you will see more likes coming in. Of course, don’t forget to include relevant hashtags, and hashtags for gaining more likes and followers such as #like4like, #follow4follow, #lfl and #f4f.

Tip: Avoid posting too many photos a day as this will only reduce the quality of your overall Instagram feed. People may find it annoying, too, hence unfollow you.

2. Share the Love

Do what you expect others to do for you. If you want people to check you out, check them out first, like their posts, and leave a positive comment that will make them feel good.

People will appreciate your interactions and most of the time, check out your profile and give you positive feedback. If they like your content, they’ll likely like more posts from you, and perhaps follow you back if you’re already following them.

When commenting on someone else’s post, perhaps you could write a like4like hashtag in your comment. Optionally, you can add a smiley to it. Here’s an example:

  • #Like4Like? I’d appreciate that! 🙂

Use Like4Like Hashtag on Instagram

3. Use Catchy Captions to Tell Your Story

Sure, your photo is the first thing people see on your Instagram, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore your captions. Captions are just as important as your photos, because they’ll add more sense your photos and help you express your photos in your own words.

A picture holds all kinds of different meanings, depending on who’s interpreting it. Take a look at this picture:

The caption is:

  • I can feel the wind blowing my hair.

In the picture, the traveler tells her audience that the wind is blowing her hair. Alternatively, she could also talk about how green the grass is, or how beautiful the scenery is. Whatever it is, as long as the caption is relevant to the picture, that’s all that matters.

You see, different people have different ways of expressing themselves. That’s why captions are important; words are powerful. Make sure you take advantage of your captions and use them to influence your audience. Whatever that makes sense, and inspiring.

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4. Tag a Location

Besides hashtags, you can also tag a location for the picture you’re sharing. If you’re in Bangkok, Thailand, then tag Bangkok, Thailand.

To do that, you must first enable your GPS. You don’t have to add your location right away, for security reasons. You can always add your location later.

Tag a location on Instagram

Tagging a location is a very good strategy for helping you find other people who have been to the same location. Thanks to the clickable location feature, you will be able to discover many posts from different Instagram users. More people will be able to find your content, too, since more people will see your photos.

Make sure your hashtags are relevant to your location. So, if Muine is your location, be sure to use hashtags with the word Muine, along with like4like and follow4follow on your posts to help you gain more likes and followers.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

In this article, we put a lot of emphasis on using hashtags on your Instagram posts, especially the four powerful hashtags (like4like, follow4follow, lfl and f4f) mentioned here.

Go on and use these four hashtags in any of your posts, but make sure that you also use the most suitable hashtags for your content. Use simple hashtags that people will likely search.

For example, if you’re posting a photo of you exploring the woods in the morning, use hashtags related to morning or nature like:

  • #Nature
  • #NaturePhotography
  • #Trees
  • #IntoTheWoods

You could even use something different like #MorningMotivation since many people are likely to look for motivational content in the morning as they start off their day.

Just because hashtags are important, doesn’t mean that you need to bombard your post with hashtags. Ideally, your post should just contain 3 to 5 relevant hashtags.

Since Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, choose your hashtags carefully. Rather than putting all those hashtags into one post, place them in a separate comment on your photo instead.

Tip: You can refresh your hashtags daily. For a single photo, don’t do it more than once a day as this may cause you to get a warning from Instagram.

Refresh hashtags


6. Mention or Tag Other Instagram Accounts

One of the best ways to get more exposure for your posts is to mention a popular Instagram account that is of course, relevant to your content. When you mention a page, you can be sure that the page will see it.

For example, if you’re posting a photo of a book you’re currently reading, you can mention the author, provided that he or she is on Instagram. Chances are you will get a response in the form of a like, comment, or even a follow!

Example of Instagram mention

Or you can also tag multiple pages on your photo; any page relevant to your post.

For example, if you’re posting a photo of you wearing a jacket from a particular brand, mention the brand’s Instagram account on your caption and tag them. Chances are you will get a like or feedback from the brand. You can also tag other relevant Instagram  pages without mentioning them on your caption. Here is an example:

Tag and Mention Instagram Account

What do you think of these strategies? If you haven’t used the four powerful hashtags and the six strategies for gaining more likes and followers mentioned here, then you better start using them today to grow your page.

By Francesca

A travel junkie who loves writing. When Francesca is not busy working, she goes out looking for adventures or food hunting with friends. Apart from writing and traveling, Francesca also keeps herself busy with cooking, baking and writing songs.

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