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Are you familiar with the singer Lights? If you’re not, you should be! The Canadian singer and songwriter has released four studio albums and even a graphic novel, showing off the range of her talents.

Known for her eccentric style and hair shades (right now her hair is fiery red!), she’s also a happily married woman. She wed singer of metalcore band Blessthefall, Beau Bokan, back in 2012, and the two welcomed their first child, daughter Rocket, in 2014.

Lights, whose real name is actually Valerie Anne Poxleitner, has nearly half a million followers and we’re checking out what kind of posts to expect when you give this talented lady a follow. From sweet family photos to a behind-the-scenes look at what life is like for a famous singer working hard, here’s our favorite types of posts from Lights’ Instagram.

Lights’ Instagram Includes Her Adorable Family

Lights is a married lady. She has been since 2012 when she wed Beau Bokan. Her hubby, who is also a musician, makes plenty of appearances on Lights’ Instagram account.

Like this sweet couples photo, taken by a total stranger as explained in Lights’ caption.

There are also plenty of selfies on Lights’ Instagram account of the happy couple.

And did you know Lights was also a mom? Yep, daughter Rocket often pops up on Lights’ Instagram. And she’s adorable!

Check out this family photo of this musically inclined trio.

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Ready for the super blood wolf moon

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Want a better glimpse of Rocket? You’re in luck, Lights shares lots of photos with the tot. Like this sweet snap of the two twinning with fake tattoos:

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The scrolls foretold this

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She shared this sweet photo of her daughter popping her head into the studio recently. Wearing cat ears, the little girl looks happy to sing alongside her mom.

Sometimes selfies just don’t cut it! Lights shared a prime example of this instance when sharing a photo alongside her other half Beau. In the caption she revealed that it was actually her daughter Rocket that was behind the camera snapping the pic.

Look at this adorable family!

We love getting to follow along on Lights’ Instagram with her family adventures. Fans have seen her daughter Rocket grow up before their very eyes on Instagram, and it’s a real treat for those that love the star. It’s also fun to see Lights’ sweet relationship with her husband Beau, as it’s clear the two are truly in love.

Lights’ Instagram Includes Her Busy Work Life

Did you know Lights recently wrapped up a tour? Yep, the singer was on hand to open up for band Young the Giant last year.

There are plenty of pictures from the road and from her solo tour on Lights’ Instagram.

Check out this amazing snap that gives you an idea of what the singer sees from the stage. Look at all those lights for Lights!

But being a singer is not always a glamorous occupation, and it still takes a lot of hard work. Lights isn’t shy about showing the not-so-glamorous side of her gig.

She shared a photo of herself signing her second record deal recently, giving a peek into her real daily life. Despite the seemingly fancy task, things are certainly very casual.

And sometimes, your bus breaks down! She shared this snap en route to Minneapolis when that very thing happened on tour.

As a working mom, it’s all about balance! Lights has to figure out a happy medium between being a mom and being a famous singer, which means sometimes little Rocket tags along to the studio.

She shared this picture of that exact situation, where you can see her daughter playing on the floor.

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Look at that chord claw tho

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Aside from being a famous singer, Lights is also a published author! She wrote a graphic novel and attended San Diego’s Comic Con to meet fans of the novel.

There she did signings and shared some photos on her Instagram account.

She even saw fans cosplaying as her!

One of the best things about following Lights’ Instagram is getting this unique perspective on what it’s like to be a working musician. Whether she’s off on tour or signing a record deal in casual clothes, she documents it for her fans on social media.

Lights’ Instagram Includes Her Travels

Because she’s a talented musician who is often on tour, Lights’ Instagram often includes photos from her far-away travels

Look at this snap of Lights in Iceland, which looks cold but beautiful.

And the polar opposite — Thailand. Lights’ Instagram included this dreamy snap of the star swinging on the beach in a bikini.

This touristy snap comes straight from Nashville, Tennessee, where she stopped on tour.

Disneyworld! Lights’ Instagram included a photo of her cute family visiting one of the happiest places on earth, posting by the famous castle.

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Keepin the dream alive

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She also spends a lot of time in her native Canada, jet-setting around. Here’s a cool photo she shared from Ottawa.

And here’s one from Toronto.

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Views from the 6

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No matter where her tours or vacations take her, Lights shares the journey with her Instagram followers. It’s fun to follow along with her busy life and see where she ends up, while also getting a glimpse at locales you may not otherwise see.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Lights has amassed nearly half a million followers on Instagram by just being herself. Whether she’s sharing a photo of her family or giving her Instagram followers a sneak peek of what life is like as a touring musician, her posts are entertaining and awesome for fans following along with her life.

Because of Lights’ Instagram, her fans have been able to watch the star grow. They’ve seen her go from a new artist to a talented star, from a young lady to a married woman, and even seen her daughter grow up on the platform.

Even if you’re not super familiar with her work, it’s easy to see what people love following this unique star. Ready to develop your own following like the one Lights’ Instagram has cultivated?

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