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Kevin Hart is hands down one of the funniest men in Hollywood. The stand-up comic transformed into a certified movie star over the last two decades.

He’s starred in hits like “Ride Along” in 2014, “Get Hard” in 2015, and “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” in 2017.  Aside from dominating the big screen, Kevin Hart continued to release hilarious comedy albums.

His star power is so impressive that Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world back in 2015. And Kevin Hart’s Instagram following proves millions of people adore him.

So just how many Instagram users follow Kevin Hart? The funny guy currently boasts over 80 million followers.

If you’re wondering what you can expect from the movie star, we’re rounding up the type of posts Kevin Hart’s Instagram includes. Let’s break it down:

Kevin Hart’s Instagram Includes Family Photos

Thanks to social media, fans gets an up close and personal view of the personal lives of their favorite movie stars. Kevin Hart’s Instagram is no different. The hilarious actor shares plenty of photographs alongside his family members, including his adorable children.

Check out this darling photograph of Kevin Hart sleeping alongside his youngest son, Kenzo. It was taken by his wife Eniko Hart, and he credited her in the caption.

Just look at their adorable matching poses! Kevin captioned this photo: “Pictures like this really make me smile….Me & My Mini Mini Mini me… @enikohart with the photo cred #Harts …. #SwaggyLikeHisDaddy“.

He gave us another sneak peek into what his dad life looks like when he shared this next photo. The black and white snap showed him lounging on the couch with his youngest son.

The father and son looked pretty cozy in the snap. Though we don’t know what they were watching, they seem to be pretty relaxed. Kevin captioned the photo: “#Harts #DopePic“.

Kevin Hart works constantly in Hollywood, so he’s away from his family a lot. That’s why he shared this sweet photo of himself FaceTiming his wife and youngest son.

He captioned the screenshot, “Thank you god #Harts“.

One upside of having a famous daddy? As a toddler, you live a pretty luxurious life. Need an example? Check out this snap Kevin Hart’s Instagram shared for instance:

Yep, that’s his littlest child Kenzo casually sitting on daddy’s lap on a private jet. He kept the caption of this snap simple, just adding his standard hashtag #Harts.

Kevin Hart shared this cool family photo of his whole gang on Instagram. It even included the family’s four-legged friends.

Kevin Hart’s Instagram captioned this cool snap of his crew simply “#Harts”.

Family photos are hands down one of our favorite parts of Kevin Hart’s Instagram. We love getting the inside look into his personal life. For instance, how else would we get to see these sweet family snaps if not for Kevin’s social media?

Expect To See Kevin Hart At Work

Kevin Hart is one of the busiest men in Hollywood. So it’s no surprise that you often get glimpses of his work life on Instagram.

From behind-the-scene photos to pics of Kevin on set to photos with his famous friends, Kevin shares it all. And for fans of his work, this is a fabulous reason to follow Kevin Hart’s Instagram.

Here’s an example of Kevin busy at work on his latest project, the movie “Fatherhood.”

He even mentioned in the caption how excited her is for people to finally see the flick. The star wrote alongside the photo, “Can’t wait for the world to see this film!!!!!! #Fatherhood“.

He shared another behind-the-scenes from “Fatherhood” on social media.

Kevin captioned this photograph, “Words can’t explain how excited I am about this movie “Fatherhood” people….This movie is going to be special…mark my words!!!!! #Fatherhood“.

He also shared a video alongside his “Secret Life of Pets 2” co-star Eric Stonestreet, who is best known for his role on “Modern Family.”

He also shares photos of the process after the movie is done filming — when it’s time for promo. Just take a look at this photo with Tiffany Haddish, for instance:

Kevin explained that he was in the promotional phase, writing, “Doing promo for our new movie “Night School” which will be hitting theaters everywhere September 28th. Mark your calendars people!!!! #NightSchool #HittingTheatersSept28th #ComedyAtItsBest“.

Ever wonder what it’s like performing to a sold out crowd? Kevin Hart’s Instagram includes a glimpse of his stand-up life. Take this photo, for example:

He captioned the photo, “I swear my fans are the most loyal/unbelievable people on the planet….Thanks for the love Bethel woods New York!!!!! #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit #makingtheworldlaugh #dopepic ….Shot by @kevinkwan327“.

Fans are sure to know about all of Kevin’s upcoming projects via Instagram, and they even get a sneak peek before anyone else!

Expect To See Some Famous Faces

After being in Hollywood a long time, Kevin Hart has made some pretty famous friends! And aside from sharing his daily life, the comedian also likes to share photos with his familiar pals on Instagram.

Take this snap alongside fellow movie star Will Smith, for instance:

The caption that Kevin added alongside this one was lengthy. He wrote: “I’m so proud to be from Philadelphia…. Nothing but love and admiration for my brother @willsmith ….thank you for being an example & a role model for us all!!!!! #CityOfBrotherlyLove #Philadelphia“.

He’s also shared a photo alongside Queen Bey herself, Beyonce.

This one he simply captioned, “#DopePic”. And he’s not wrong!

And when Kevin ran into Jackie Chan, you better believe he shared a photo on his social media.

He captioned this one, “Just had an amazing meeting with this legend!!!! Chan X Hart #DopePic“.

And here’s a snap alongside singer Chris Brown:

This one included the caption, “#DopePic …amazing show last night champ”.

It’s pretty obvious that Kevin Hart has plenty of famous pals. Getting to see these random interactions is one of the best parts of following along with him on social media.

Kevin Hart’s Instagram Includes His Glamorous Life

Being a millionaire movie star has its perks! Kevin Hart’s Instagram includes photos that show off his luxurious lifestyle. And following along with him can sometimes cause some serious #FOMO.

Just check out this snap of Kevin and his wife Eniko getting ready to board a private jet, for instance.

This way of traveling is just a way of life to this celebrity couple.

Or take this photo, for example:

Doesn’t this silly selfie featuring Kevin’s wife Eniko lounging by a pool look luxurious?

But it’s not just his jet-setting lifestyle that we’re jealous of. It’s also his stunning mansion. Just check out what his backyard looks like via this snap of his pool:

Kevin captioned the picture, “Being home makes me happy….enjoy your weekend people!!!! #LiveLoveLaugh“.

It’s clear Kevin Hart’s life is charmed. We’re just lucky we get to follow along on Instagram.

What’s The Bottom Line?

80 million Instagram followers can’t be wrong. Kevin Hart’s Instagram is filled with entertainment.

From photos of his adorable family to snaps with his famous friends, there’s truly something for everything following along with his lucky life.

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