Spotlight On: Kelis’s Instagram

Most musicians have pretty similar Instagram feeds, but Kelis’s Instagram stands apart. And with nearly half a million followers, she must be doing something right.

The singer released her first album back in 1999. Since then she released hits like 2003’s “Milkshake” and 2010’s “Acapella.” She’s also dabbled in various genres of music.

But even if you’re not familiar with her music, it might be time to check out her feed. Kelis’s Instagram includes pops of bright color, close ups of food and even plenty of animals! There’s truly something for everyone.

We’re breaking down our favorite types of posts from the “Milkshake” singer. And by the time we’re done we bet you’ll be hitting that little blue follow button.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Kelis’s Instagram Includes Vibrant Color

In a sea of artists using black and white and sepia-toned photography, sometimes a pop of color brings you Instagram feed back to life. And if you’re in need of more vibrants hues, follow Kelis’s Instagram. Her feed contains some truly gorgeous photographs.

Need an example? Check out this picture, for instance.

This beautiful photo of Kelis features the star painted in bright colors against a purple backdrop. It highlights her beauty and adds shades of orange, yellow and pink.

Eyecatching photos stop you in your tracks. We bet if you were scrolling and went past this picture, you’d do a double take. She captioned the snap, “20 years ago today, this happened… 2020 is about to be the year of Kaleidoscope!”

Up next, another bright snap posted on Kelis’s Instagram.

It’s not always professional photos jazzing up her feed. Kelis’s Instagram also included this snap of her nail art.

The star rocks a vibrant green dress and flashes her bright red nails. She captioned it, “This is what I’m doing this weekend , what shows are you watching?”

Wouldn’t you love to live in a rainbow? Kelis’s Instagram feels like that sometimes. Take this next photo, for instance.

Look at this beautiful rainbow cake:

Not only does it look like a tasty treat, it’s a treat for the eyes. From the different colored layers to all the stunning sprinkles, this photo truly pops off her feed.

The singer captioned it, “Last day of celebrating.. 😉 thank you @laurenbasmadjian for the perfect gift! 🌈🌈🌈 @bountyandfull“.

Instagram holds millions of photos. If you’re looking for an account to spice up your dreary feed, Kelis’s Instagram might be the perfect solution.

We love the way she brings rainbows and bright hues, cheering up the scrolling process. More of these pretty pics please, Kelis!

Get Ready For Food Pics

We bet you don’t follow many famous ladies who also post food pics! Kelis’s Instagram includes plenty of drool-worthy photography. Delicious looking food pops up often on her feed.

The fact that the singer uses her platform to post food pics makes us love her even more. And it definitely makes us hungrier.

Take this photo, for instance.

Craving ribs? You might want to avert your eyes for this next one.

Kelis’s Instagram once posted this snap of some pretty delicious ribs.

The caption gave more detail, as Kelis wrote: “Dinner for two ;)… Denver Lamb Ribs from the best meat company @dartagnanfoods @bountyandfull“.

Next up, a wide variety of foods.

Check out this feast! Kelis captioned the platter, “Tostones, chicharrón, and #BountyAndFull‘s Spicy Aji Verde? Now that’s a trio 🔥”.

There Are Fruits And Veggies Too

Don’t worry, it’s not all fattening foods. Kelis’s Instagram also includes fruits and veggies. And it certainly inspires us to eat a little healthier after seeing these beautiful photos.

Take this next snap, for instance. Doesn’t this make you crave oranges?

The pretty picture shows off her healthy food choice, while also adhering to another theme from her Instagram feed: bright colors! This post sums up the star’s account.

Kelis captioned the photograph, “Valencia oranges vs Cara Cara oranges… i’ll take both! It is an absolute need for me to start my days with fresh squeezed oj. How do you like to start your day?”.

Any olive fans out there? You’ll love this next picture.

Kelis’s Instagram included this eye-catching photo from an olive oil harvest.

The caption? Kelis wrote, “So excited!!! Spending the day picking our olives… @bountyandfull California Olive Oil coming soon. From me to you! WEPAAAA”.

Admit it. Checking out these food photos from Kelis’s Instagram made you hungry. We love the way the star surprisingly incorporates fruits, veggies and other delicious food into the mix. It’s one of our favorite things about her feed!

Kelis’s Instagram Includes Animals

Another theme on Kelis’s Instagram? Animals! And who doesn’t love seeing cute animals pop up on Instagram.

Did you know Kelis has her own ranch? We love this fun fact about the star, mostly because it brings us plenty of animals on our feed as she shares her life on the ranch.

First up? One of our favorite things to see on social media — a dog!

Look at this sweet pup:

Wondering who he is? Don’t worry, Kelis’s Instagram explains.

The caption reads: “My ranch pup Gravy #ranchlife #farmlife #kelis #farm #dogoftheday“. We definitely need more Gravy in our life.

Ask and you shall receive? Our next picture features Kelis on her ranch with not one, but two pups. And one of them looks a lot like Gravy.

Check out this photo:

She captioned the snap, “RANCH SQUAD”. Now that’s a squad we’d love to join.

But not all the animals on Kelis’s Instagram look fluffy and sweet. Take this predatory bird, for instance.

Kelis shared this photo:

And she captioned it, “Don’t want no problems #predator“. Since we’re not bird experts, we don’t know exactly what type it is. But it’s certainly a far cry from a fluffy pup.

We love this sneak peek into Kelis’s life on her ranch. And to be honest, it makes us want to move there ASAP!

What’s The Bottom Line?

Kelis’s Instagram proves she’s not your average famous singer. The star’s wide variety of interests means plenty of fodder for posts. From brightly hued photographs to food pics to snaps of animals, you never know what to expect on Kelis’s Instagram. And that’s exactly why we highly recommend following her.

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By Megan

Megan loves to write about all things celebrity, fashion and entertainment!

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