Kanye West’s Instagram Hiatus

Kanye West’s Instagram habits have been a hot topic in recent years.

The American rapper, and husband of Kim Kardashian West, disappeared from social media a lot in 2018.

In fact, Kanye West’s Instagram has been deactivated since October 2018.

He had only been back on the platform for a month, after a six-month hiatus before that.

Controversy On Kanye West’s Instagram And Twitter

It seems that Kanye West will visit Instagram twice a year, cause a stir, and then disappear again.

Of course, it’s great publicity for his music! But what about those people who want their daily fix of Kanye West’s Instagram updates?

Before he deleted his account, his updates were both controversial and amusing.

Kanye, who now goes by “Ye”, still has Twitter. From there, we can see some of the ideas he was posting about.

Screenshot of Kanye West Tweet

He had some wild ideas! A lot of his tweets are religious but said in a way in which people can’t help but laugh.

Kanye West seems to think he’s on a higher plane than other people, and has even promised to run for president in the next couple of campaigns.

When he deactivated his Instagram in October, it followed a very controversial online update in which he stated the 13th amendment in the US constitution should be abolished. This is the amendment that ended slavery.

Apparently, he meant to write “amended”, instead of “abolished”.

It seems that Kanye West’s online presence is just a tad too overwhelming for a lot of people, himself included. Therefore, he has disappeared again, and in the last 5 months, he has not yet returned.

Kanye West’s Instagram Went Wild On Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day 2018, Kanye West’s Instagram reappeared after another hiatus.

This time, for only hours.

In fact, Kanye West spent seven hours on Instagram that day, posting pictures of famous couples.

Apparently, this was a gesture to his wife, Kim Kardashian West. He shared photos of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz; Iman and David Bowie; Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big. However, he also shared pictures of couples who are no longer together.

Talk about romantic.

So, what can we expect if Kanye West’s Instagram returns?

  • Romantic tributes to his wife.
  • A lot of religious talk.
  • Political promises.
  • Odes to Donald Trump.

Yes, Kanye West supports Donald Trump. In fact, in one of his recent public appearances, he wore a hat which read “Make America Great Again”.

Kanye West – or Ye – is certainly a complex character! Maybe he’s a bit too complex for Instagram, a straightforward visual social media platform.

If you are interested in Kanye West’s updates, his Twitter is still active, although he hasn’t posted since January 1st.

Kanye West On Instagram

Like every celebrity, fans make lots of Instagram accounts dedicated to Kanye West. If you want frequent updates, then, of course, you can follow some of these accounts.

These accounts have lots of Kanye West updates. So even though Kanye West’s Instagram is currently deactivated, he still lives on through other Instagram accounts.

In this video, he is happily bopping his head along to a worship song on an airplane.

These accounts even interact with their audience, as though it was Kanye himself speaking. In fact, it’s pretty good marketing online, even if it isn’t done professionally.

It looks like Kanye West is living his best life, social media free! He has been spotted sledding with friends and family in this fun home video.

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Kim Kardashian West’s Instagram

Of course, the best way to get Kanye West updates while he’s on another hiatus is through his wife, Kim Kardashian West.

She still has her own Instagram which 131 million people follow.

Kim shares updates from her own life, some which of course include her husband, Kanye.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

In this snapshot, Kim shares a glimpse into their morning routine as they enjoy breakfast together. Their kitchen looks super cozy and quite modest, and Kim and Kanye both look comfy in their PJs!

View this post on Instagram

These two melt my heart β™₯️

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Although Kanye West’s Instagram might be deactivated at the moment, fans can still get their fix of cute moments from Kim’s page! She posts lots of photos of their kids together, including this heart-melting moment of Kanye.

Kim also took to Instagram to wish Kanye a happy Valentine’s day this year. However, she did it in a more normal way. There were no photos of broken up couples on her Instagram page!

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Will Kanye West Return To Instagram?

Although you can get lots of Kanye West updates from around the internet, lots of people are patiently waiting for his personal return.

There’s no news on that, but if he’s on schedule like he has been the last few times, it looks like he might return any day now! It’s been five months since he deactivated his Instagram, so keep your eyes peeled for some mysterious, strange or funny updates from him soon.

On the other hand, he might never come back. It looks like he’s having too much fun with his family right now!

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