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Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram serves as proof that the superstar does not age. The gorgeous gal, who turns 50 in 2019, stays active on social media. Her fans are grateful for that, as the actress-singer-slash-dancer keeps her followers filled in on all her adventures.

Whether she’s using Instagram to promote her latest project or simply filling in her fans on her latest diet, Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram is a very fun follow. You’ll see what real life is like for the beauty from the Bronx when you hit that blue button (spoiler alert: it’s incredibly luxurious!).

So what can you expect if you give Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram a follow? We’re rounding up all of our favorite parts of the bombshell’s social media platform.

Let’s take a look…

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram Keeps It Real

Just like her hit song back in the ’00s said, Jennifer Lopez is real. And she makes sure to keep things honest on her social media account.

If you follow Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram, you’ll get a great glimpse into her real daily life. Her stories often chronicle her day-to-day life. And her feed often includes selfies of the superstar sans any makeup.

These bare-faced snaps are pretty common on her feed, making us mere mortals green with envy over her flawless skin while appreciating her candor. 

So despite what people may think, she’s not always rocking makeup and dressed in couture. J. Lo also uses her platform for good causes, speaking up about issues she’s passionate about like the #TimesUp movement.

She also weighed in on the importance of voting.

View this post on Instagram

You’d think I’d be all set to vote right? Here’s a little story: I had to enter my info 4 times before the state site confirmed I was registered! This is how passionate I am about using my voice and my right to vote. You have to have the patience and interest in getting to the polls tomorrow. They think young people don’t vote, latinos don’t vote, women dont vote, PROVE THEM WRONG!!! This election affects us ALL. VOTE. It’s so important that ALL of our voices are heard, not just a few… we live in a beautiful country where we all have a say!!! I urge all of you PLEASE get out there and vote, there are so many issues at stake these elections!! And they affect us all in our daily lives in some way! If you are frustrated by what you been seeing and hearing, you can change it!! You have the power!!! I HAVE A BUNCH OF VOTER INFO IN MY STORIES TO HELP YOU!! #GOVOTE #VOTA #ELECTIONEVE #VOTETUESDAY

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In this video she explained it wasn’t easy simply because she’s a famous face, while urging her fans to make their voices heard.

She also doesn’t shy away from all the hard work she puts in. Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram keeps it real by showing just how crazy her busy schedule can be.

Take this snap for example, where she’s sitting on the floor with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez at two in the morning still grinding.

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram proves that her life isn’t just a fairy tale, but there’s actually a lot of hard work going in behind the scenes. And thanks to her social media, we get to see that side of her life as well.

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Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram Includes Plenty Of Self-Promotion

Jennifer Lopez is nothing if not a bonafide mogul. She started as a dancer and transitioned into dominating both the acting and music industry. And how did she do it? By working hard and hustling… even on Instagram.

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram includes plenty of self-promotion. It’s a win-win for fans, who always want to know the latest ventures of one of their favorite stars.

Her Instagram keeps you up to date on her newest work, whether it’s her latest single, like a promotion for her 2018 song “Dinero” with Cardi B, or a new television project.

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She often promotes her show “World of Dance” on the platform, reminding fans when to tune in.

Or promoting her latest big movie.

It’s proof of exactly how busy Jennifer Lopez really is on a daily basis. We can’t imagine keeping up with this kind of schedule, and frankly it makes us tired just thinking about it. But we’re grateful for the reminders of where we can see the superstar next. 

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Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram Gives Us A Peek At Her Relationship

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you probably know Jennifer Lopez’s famous boyfriend. He’s none other than former pro baseball played Alex Rodriguez.

The power couple have an adorable relationship, and instead of keeping it private like some celebrities do, they share it with the world.

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram is filled with really sweet moments between the two, and her fans love getting a glimpse at her personal life.

Like this snap for instance, which the star sweetly captioned, “It’s the lil quiet moments that matter the most…💕”

She even sometimes posts videos, like this personal one of Alex opening up his Father’s Day gifts.

Where else can you see a photo of Alex Rodriguez straight cheesing for a photo?

It’s clear the couple are crazy about each other, and we’re happy to get this sneak peek into their lives. Maybe one day she’ll be announcing an engagement on her Instagram? We can only hope!

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram Is Filled WIth Fitness Inspiration

Aside from her gorgeous face, Jennifer Lopez is famous for her killer body. Fortunately for fans that follow her on Instagram, Jennifer often fills us regular folk in on her diet and exercise habits.

Like the time Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram chronicled her 10 days without carbs or sugar.

Though we can’t imagine giving up bread or our favorite sweet snacks, Jennifer Lopez proved that it might be worth the deprivation. The star kept fans in the loop on her temporarily strict diet.

She used the hashtag #10DayChallenge and even made it an interactive experience. Don’t you want to go on the same diet as Jennifer Lopez? By using the hashtag, she let fans feel like they were joining her on the journey.

The fun part about being along for the diet ride on Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram? She was honest. Going without sugar and carbs is tough, even for super famous people.

She also reminds us that her insane physique doesn’t come naturally. On both her stories and her feed Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram shows that she truly puts in the work.

It’s not always fun getting to the gym bright and early, but if Jennifer Lopez can do it, we can too.

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram serves as the perfect motivation to get your booty to the gym, which is worth the follow alone.

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram Includes More Famous Faces

When you’re a superstar, you have superstar friends. And lucky for us, Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram is filled with photos of the star with her famous pals.

For instance, did you know she’s friends with another super famous face — Kim Kardashian? Apparently the reality star loves to take selfies with Jennifer.

She’s also close with Vanessa Hudgens, her co-star in “Second Act,” whom she’s often posted videos and photos with. 

There are also plenty of cameos from her real life BFF, actress Leah Remini.

You never know who is going to pop up on Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram, which is just another great reason to give her a follow.

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What’s The Bottom Line?

Jennifer Lopez is a global superstar, who seems to be working constantly. It doesn’t seem like she’d have the time to keep her fans posted on her every move on social media, but somehow she finds time in her busy schedule.

Maybe you need some extra inspiration to get to the gym, or maybe you just want to know about all of J. Lo’s many projects. Whatever your reason, following Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram is a win-win scenario.

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