Spotlight On: Jennifer Garner’s Instagram

Jennifer Garner’s Instagram is a national treasure. What’s that? You didn’t realize she had an Instagram? We made this discovery recently and it’s been our favorite follow of the year!

So what does Jennifer Garner’s Instagram include? Well, plenty of amazing content. From hilarious commentary from her life as a busy mom of three to sweet throwbacks reminding us of all her work in Hollywood, Jennifer Garner’s Instagram is a delight.

Need more incentive to follow the hilarious actress? We’re rounding up all of our favorite types of posts from Jennifer Garner’s Instagram and showing you why more than 4 million followers can’t be wrong. This Instagram is full of fun posts.

Now let’s take a look at what Jennifer posts…

Jennifer Garner’s Instagram Includes Hilarious Videos

Not every movie star is so candid on Instagram. Most famous people’s social media accounts are run by their team, so it’s hard to see the real side of the star. But Jennifer Garner’s Instagram gives us a glimpse inside the life of the Hollywood mom.

The result? We get to see how funny she is in real life! Most people don’t have a star on the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard, but Jennifer does. And the star even made a joke about it with this hilarious video on her Instagram account.

How cute is she? The star isn’t afraid to poke fun at her fame, as proven by this funny post.

After Halloween Jennifer Garner’s Instagram included this hilarious video, in which she claimed Neutrogena wipes had a touch of magic.

With this silly video, it makes it look like Jennifer’s makeup wipes are actually turning her into her witch Halloween costume. So clever!

She even uses her signature humor to help promote her friends’ products. But when you’re Jennifer Garner, your friends are some pretty famous faces. Case in point: Reese Witherspoon!

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Jennifer Garner promoted Reese’s book with this cute little video.

Jennifer Garner Makes Her Own Memes

Memes. They’re all over social media, and Instagram is a great place to check out hilarious ones. Jennifer Garner’s Instagram is no different, and sometimes the silly celeb makes her own memes. And she’s pretty good at it!

Check out this one, where she makes a super relatable meme about moms in the summertime.

Not only was this funny and on point, it also served a second purpose. Jennifer Garner also took the opportunity to promote her movie at the same time, making sure fans knew her latest flick “Peppermint” was in theaters.

Another example of Jennifer Garner’s Instagram including her own hilarious homemade meme? Here’s one, featuring this hilariously unflattering photo.

Jennifer shared this on her birthday, cracking up many of her followers in the process.

When it comes to Christmas, Jennifer Garner certainly is festive. The star shared this hilarious meme she made herself, proving Thanksgiving is just a blip on her radar on the way to Christmas.

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View this post on Instagram

#bringonchristmas #ideckmyhallsNov1 #hohoho

A post shared by Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner) on

Why not put up your tree early and pose like Jennifer?

Sometimes Jennifer sticks with the tried and true memes. Like this one, which she used to share something all moms wonder.

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She echoed her thoughts in the caption, with many moms chiming in to agree. We loved the way she used such a classic meme, complete with the sentiment “y tho.”  

So whether she’s creating her own memes or sharing ones that everyone loves, Jennifer Garner’s Instagram includes plenty of hilarious content.

Jennifer Garner’s Instagram Includes Awesome Throwbacks

These days, most people recognize Jennifer Garner from current film roles. Or maybe they know her as a super famous Hollywood star who was married to fellow superstar Ben Affleck. No matter what they associate Jennifer with, it’s nice to get reminders of her prior work.

Jennifer Garner’s Instagram includes plenty of flashbacks, reminding fans of some of her most iconic roles. The diehard fans love to reminisce, while the newer fans might be learning something new about the actress.

Like this one, from the film “Dude, Where’s My Car?” Did you remember Jennifer was in the flick? She co-starred alongside Ashton Kutcher, Seann William Scott and Marla Sokoloff.

This photo is a great throwback to the flick, with Jennifer posing alongside Marla. The girls played the love interests in the silly flick.

True Jennifer Garner fans remember her hit series “Alias.” The show helped launch her career, and she starred alongside Michael Vartan.

In honor of her former co-star’s birthday, Jennifer Garner’s Instagram included an old photo as a birthday shoutout. To the delight of “Alias” fans, the black and white snap of Jennifer and Michael reminded everyone of her days on the popular TV show.

But the throwbacks aren’t always of her prior work in Hollywood. Jennifer Garner also shares sweet old family pictures.  For National Sibling Day, Jennifer reminded everyone of her roots — as the middle daughter in the Garner family.

Jennifer posted a collage of photos alongside her sisters, Melissa and Susannah.

One Christmas she shared a separate old picture, also alongside her sisters.

The darling vintage photograph showed a much younger Jennifer in the Christmas spirit.

Jennifer Garner’s Instagram Keeps It Real

Whether she’s posting a funny video, sharing a meme she made herself or serving up a great throwback photograph, Jennifer Garner’s Instagram always keeps it real. The star makes sure to be honest with her followers.

Jennifer shares both the good and the bad, proving that even Hollywood royalty can be just like the rest of us.

Take this snap for example, of a very tired Jennifer opening up about how exhausting being a mom can be.

Among her hashtags? The always relatable reference to National Coffee Day. Another separate occasion showed that Jennifer often has a sleepless night while on mom duty.

This time, she was chaperoning a Girl Scout trip, which required a sleepless night.

When she’s not sharing selfies proving her mom duties tire her out, Jennifer Garner’s Instagram also includes hilarious notes her children write.

Whether it’s her son sharing a note about farts, which apparently happens a lot.

No seriously, it really happens a lot!

And when her kids aren’t talking about farts, they’re sometimes dissing her on paper.

We love how Jennifer Garner shares this kind of hilarious content. It proves she’s just a regular mom, dealing with the stress and hilarious moments that having children can bring.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Jennifer Garner’s Instagram is a great place to learn more about the hilarious and relatable star. We love her endearing posts, and the way she opens up on social media.

So if you’re not following Jennifer yet, hit the blue button! We guarantee you won’t regret it.

By Megan

Megan loves to write about all things celebrity, fashion and entertainment!

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