Is Katy Perry’s Instagram Popular?

Katy Perry has kept a steady appearance under the spotlight since 2008 when she released singles ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and ‘Hot n Cold’. However, in the last few years, her records and brand haven’t gained the same popularity, as well as Katy Perry’s Instagram.

The singer’s Instagram account, @katyperry, is followed by 74 million people. However, her photos get an average of 200,000 likes which is less than 1% of her following. Other artists such as Ariana Grande, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift get between 1% and 6% of their followers responding to their photographs.

In fact, Katy Perry’s Instagram has an average of .2% of her followers liking her photos. In this article, we’ll look further into the singer’s Instagram and see why she is less relevant on social media.

Katy Perry’s Instagram Bio

Katy Perry’s Instagram bio is very bland. It doesn’t tell her followers much about where she is in her life or career. It simply states, ‘Love. Light.’ followed by an Amazon link to her new Christmas single, ‘Cozy Little Christmas’.

Most of her target audience would use Spotify or iTunes for music. So, it’s an odd choice to partner with Amazon. Katy Perry needs to know what platforms are relevant for her to also remain relevant.

Katy Perry's Instagram Bio Screenshot

Of course, Katy Perry looks beautiful in her profile photo. However, it’s a bit tacky and 2005 to be sitting topless in a Christmas box with the pixie cut and massive bright earrings. Her image is all over the place these days. In a world where people like order, themes and style on social media, Katy Perry stands out as doing the opposite!

Katy Perry’s Instagram Theme

Speaking of Instagram themes, let’s have a look at Katy Perry’s.

Instagram Feed

Certainly, Katy Perry’s Instagram does not follow a structured theme. She doesn’t seem to have a favorite filter or style of content.

In fact, with the abundance of carousel images and videos, her feed looks messy with all of those icons.

Also, Katy’s Instagram looks unorganized because of all the different content she’s sharing. Not only does she post videos and carousel images, she shares screenshots: shoes, t-shirts and lineups for gigs.

While it’s important for artists to promote their campaigns on Instagram, Katy Perry should think of more creative ways to do so. Therefore, her photos would get a lot more attention and her feed wouldn’t look so chaotic.

It does seem like Katy has some exciting items and events to promote. But this image here looks more like an ASOS or House of Fraser ad.

These screenshot promotional pieces get the least amount of likes and comments on Katy Perry’s Instagram.

For sure, take this as a tip for your own Instagram. Follow a theme and be creative with your promotional content!

Katy Perry’s Christmas Single Disaster

On Katy Perry’s Instagram, she has spent the last month promoting her single, ‘Cozy Little Christmas’. However, the single is exclusively available on Amazon.

This was a dramatically poor career choice as she is limiting the number of people who can access the song. Amazon Music doesn’t compare to Spotify. In fact, in the comments of her promotional posts, her followers are demanding she put it on Spotify.

Katy Perry only posts excerpts of the song on her Instagram, including this short, somewhat creepy, video.

There is a reason this song isn’t taking over the radio during Christmas 2018. The traction is extremely low for the new single.

Maybe if Katy Perry’s Instagram showed more creative and accessible promotional photos, it would be more popular. For example, she could have done mysterious teasing that Ariana Grande is so clever with. Or Katy Perry could have designed some creative and quirky Christmas costumes and teased the single with those. Lastly, she should have put the single on Spotify.

Politics On Katy Perry’s Instagram

There has been a conversation about politics on Katy Perry’s Instagram. It started when Katy Perry supported a well-known rival, Taylor Swift, for speaking out on her political views last month.

Katy Perry told Variety that Swift was setting a great example. In fact, Katy Perry has always been pretty vocal about her political opinions. She was an outspoken supporter of Hilary Clinton. Her song, ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ was actually influenced by Donald Trump’s presidential win.

This year, Katy Perry’s Instagram showcases some more of the singer’s political activism. She posted this video on November 6th this year.

View this post on Instagram

periodt. #voting

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

Again, Katy Perry dons a boisterous and colorful outfit. Since Lady Gaga basically patented these kinds of costumes, they tend to look tacky on anyone else. However, Katy Perry insisted on wearing this American flag inspired get-up while posing with her dog, Nugget.

In the video, Katy Perry quietly thanks those who have voted before yelling and swearing at those who haven’t yet gone. Of course, aggression is never the way forward. This unapproachable attitude is just another reason why Katy Perry is becoming irrelevant and unpopular on Instagram.

There is an extreme lack of authenticity on Katy Perry’s Instagram. After the video, she posted another photo where she claims she did it for the sticker, among other things. This political joke is confusing, especially to young viewers. However, it could also be believable since Katy Perry seems more focused on her patriotic outfit than spreading the word about her political views.

It’s almost like she is romanticizing politics, or at least attempting to make it into something more light-hearted than it actually is. In fact, Katy Perry isn’t even wearing a sticker in this photo.

One user commented on Katy Perry’s Instagram video: “Ok then… poor Nugget probably lost hearing in his right ear and may have suffered atrial fibrillation!”

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Katy Perry’s Instagram And Personal Life

One thing that’s very noticable on Katy Perry’s Instagram is the lack of insight into her personal life.

While popular artists like Noah Cyrus and Justin Bieber post often about their personal life, whether that’s pictures with friends, casual selfies or traveling snaps, Katy Perry hardly ever does.

In fact, after scrolling down columns of photos, the closest thing we get to a more personal photo is from the early 2000s.

The picture got nearly 1 million likes which is very high for Katy Perry’s Instagram. While it’s not a recent photo, her followers clearly like to see the singer in her natural habitat in more casual outfits. Katy, we recommend you share more of this stuff!

Then, it takes another eight rows to get to the next photo which isn’t promoting anything. Of course, it is worth your scrolling because her dog looks pretty adorable here.

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name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

Again, look at the number of likes here! She isn’t promoting any brands or events. She’s simply showing herself relaxing with her dog in the LA sunshine. Katy Perry’s Instagram would definitely benefit from more pictures like this.

Is Katy Perry’s Instagram Irrelevant?

While it would be harsh to go so far as to say it is irrelevant, when you look at the numbers, it certainly seems it’s going that way.

Katy Perry must do more to give the fans what they want. Basing it on likes, fans love personal photos, selfies, colorful costumes, dog pictures, and travel photos.

Her promotional materials, videos, and screenshots don’t do nearly as well. So, it’s a wonder why she tends to post those most often.


By Beth McCallum

I'm Beth, a Scottish writer and bookworm. I'm currently agent hunting for my debut novel while running a candle business from my home. I obsess over dogs, Hamilton, chai lattes and recently, Harry Potter. I know, I'm decades late.

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