Every website that’s selling something looks to be as presentable as it can possibly be but is that enough on its own to draw and keep customers coming back to that same website?

Well, that’s exactly what you’re about to find out from this Instapromote review.

We’ve been eager to see if Instapromote has to offer something more than a good-looking website to its users, and we’ve decided to share the results with you.

Things aren’t looking too good, but we’re about to get to that in a second here since first impressions are important, but they aren’t everything.

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Well, let’s get back to the main topic – Instapromote and what’s behind the shiny curtains.

When a user sees a good-looking website, it immediately gives them the impression of safety and legitimacy, but that’s not always right.

Good looks can sometimes be used to deceive a person looking at the good-looking object and keeping them distracted from what’s behind it all.

Now that you have a general perception of where this review is going, let’s dive into the real pieces of information we’ve been able to gather about this company and the service they’re selling to their users.

Let’s go!

What Is Instapromote?

Like with all services we’ve talked about in the past, you need to be introduced (at least in essence) to what the service is and what it offers, so you better understand the things we’re about to talk about.

Instapromote is an online service that’s offering services related to boosting your Instagram profile by buying Instagram followers, Instagram likes, and Instagram views.

A screenshot depicting the main page of the official Instapromote website.

They also offer Instagram comments and auto likes, but it seems like they don’t like to push these two services for one reason or another – and we’ll discuss that one later.

Other services available on this website are promised to be delivered to your Instagram profile after you’ve purchased them, but we’ll see if that’s what really happens all the time.

As far as what Instapromote is, that’s really it – a company offering online services for boosting Instagram accounts.

It doesn’t seem like much, but we think you can’t start to imagine how many problems there can be with a service as simple as this one.

Is Instapromote Trustworthy?

Being able to trust a company that provides you with the services you use regularly is quite important since if you don’t trust it, you probably won’t use it.

They are using all the cheap marketing tricks to lure in people that don’t know how to check for red flags by using simple sentences that depict what you’re looking for.

For example, if you see a sign “Buy Instagram followers CHEAP” you’ll probably be interested in that website, at least for a second or two.

Well, that’s exactly what the marketing team from Instapromote wants you to do, so you don’t put much thought into what you’re about to spend your money on.

That’s why we’re here, so you don’t have to be skeptical about anything and everything that you run into.

Also, the fact that they aren’t confident enough in their Instagram comments and auto likes so they list them under “more services” is a red flag that shouldn’t be forgotten. If they trust that they can deliver these services, they should list them like every other service on there.

Being able to trust a company has to be based on some real research and standards. That’s why we’ve visited a website we trust very much in order to check what it has to say about Instapromote.

The website is called Scamadviser and it rarely misrepresents the quality of the website.

A picture of the full overview regarding the Instapromote website on the official Scamadviser website.

Getting to see this might be enough for you to start being suspicious of Instapromote doing something wrong.

Generally speaking, a website should never have a Trustscore under 70, and if it does – that means something is seriously wrong.

But, don’t forget that Scamadviser can give out false information based on fake and old reviews or things that aren’t relevant, so don’t take this information for granted.

We’re not saying that you should forget about this information, we’re just implying that you should pair it with additional information we’re about to present you with.
Another website that we checked (this time for reviews) didn’t lead us to a better conclusion. We’ve decided to go on and look at what people have said about Instapromote on Trustpilot, and here’s what we’ve found:

A screenshot of the pop-up notification that comes up when someone tries to search for reviews related to Instapromote on the official Trustpilot website.

This usually happens when Trustpilot bans a certain website from its platform. This can happen for a couple of reasons and we’re going to tell you about the most probable ones.

The first one is that Instapromote tried to buy fake positive reviews for themselves for the official Trustpilot website which they have a zero-tolerance policy.

The second reason is that someone tried doing this instead of them, but the possibility of this happening is quite low.

In general, websites are banned from Trustpilot if they try to cause a scene that will cost Trustpilot their reputation as an unbiased reviewing website.

Getting familiar with these things isn’t your job, so we don’t expect you to know these things, but now that you do, you should keep them in mind going forward.

The biggest downside to this situation is not being able to get our hands on some genuine Instapromote reviews.

Instapromote Review – Summing Up

Getting presented with this amount of information is so easy, especially if you should keep it all in mind.

We’re aware of that and so we’ve made a pros and cons list for this website to help you see is Instapromote really all about the looks.

Let’s take a look at it:

A good-looking websiteLow Trustscore on Scamadviser
No genuine reviews
Banned from Trustpilot
Hiding their services

As you can see, the unfortunate truth is that Instapromote is just about the looks, and nothing else.

Genuine service, safety, and security seem to be quite irrelevant for this company, which is something that should be their first priority.

You, as a customer, should be protected at all times and should receive what you have been promised.

But, it seems that people from Instapromote don’t think the same way as we do, so they’ve just concentrated on a good-looking website and nothing else.

If we were in your shoes, we wouldn’t trust a website like this regardless of how inviting it looks.

You should have your priorities straight, and if your needs aren’t met at the highest level, you shouldn’t pay a cent.

Always know what you’re looking for, and always know how much that is worth!

By Dejan

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