Cheat Sheet For Instagram Video Marketing

When Instagram rolled out way back in 2013, it was all about photos. In 2018, posts are no longer limited to pictures. Instagram video is creating a massive impact across the platform.

Video marketing is a powerful strategy to communicate with your audience. The demand for videos is growing rapidly. In fact, 54% of people prefer to see more video content from brands.

According to Simply Measured, Instagram videos received twice as much engagement than photos.

Lululemon was among the first brands that used this strategy. Brands like Ford, MTV, and Disney soon followed.

Today, more and more business use video ads to achieve their business goals. Why?

  • Instagram video is perfect for storytelling.
  • It is easily shared in stories and in the newsfeed.
  • More importantly, IG videos are perfect for high-converting marketing campaigns.

Why You Should Use Instagram Video For Business

Instagram video feature has changed a lot over the years. Before, only a 15-second video that was made in-app is allowed. Fast forward to 2018, IG videos can be up to 1 minute in length.

This upgrade is a total game changer. So what does this mean for your business?

Build Trust With Your Audience

Post videos to raise brand awareness. Convey what your brand stands for. Introduce your mission and vision. Do not limit your Instagram videos to ads. Let your audience know about your brand story.

Here’s how:

  1. Post behind-the-scenes Instagram videos to showcase your company culture.
  2. Create a personal relationship with your audience.
  3. Built trust with your followers.

Target does a wonderful job of combining beautiful photos and fun videos in their feed. In this Instagram video featuring Todrick, they showed what people can expect from their store: Shopping is fun at Target!

The video showed what Target values most as a brand- customer satisfaction.

Target sells everything you need. From groceries to kitchen utensils to electronic, you name it! This Instagram video beautifully showcases their newest collection. What’s great about this video is that it doesn’t directly sell the products to their audience.

Unique Content Exclusive for Instagram

It is crucial to create unique videos that are exclusive to IG. With Instagram video, you have 60 seconds to get your message across. Make sure to get your ad campaign across clearly and concisely.

Although the video is shorter, it helps keep your audience attention. Starbucks does a great job of creating eye-catching content. In this video, they used beautiful pastel colors. Plus, they created a fun way of telling a story about their pink drink.

Take a look at how Madewell 1937 does video marketing campaigns. They post creative photos and videos showcasing their products in a fun, enticing way. However, in this video example, they opted for simplicity.

This Valentine’s Day Instagram video campaign engaged the audience. It got the message across while encouraging followers to check their blog. They didn’t aggressively promote their products. Instead, they enticed the market with their creativity.

How Do You Create A Good Instagram Video?

Video marketing campaigns on Instagram continue to grow. With that much competition, you need to stand out.

You need to capture your audience’ attention in the first 5 seconds. Reel them in so they won’t simply scroll up and move on.

It Must Be Visually Stimulating

One of the best ways to achieve this is through movement and visual stimulation.

Take a look at this specific Oreo IG video. They made a visually stimulating campaign through an animated video. This post not only promoted their brand but also the release of Android Oreo.

Your Video Should Be Viewable Even Without The Sound

On Instagram, videos may auto-play in users’ feed. However, they need to tap the video to hear the sound. It is best to get your message across even without audio.

With that said, your Instagram video must be:

  1. As aesthetically appealing as photos in your followers’ feed.
  2. Understood even if it’s silent.

Tasty does a wonderful job of creating viral videos that are shareable. They create how-to videos and include non-intrusive captions throughout the content.

Focus On A Goal

You should have a main theme, topic, or goal for each Instagram video. Create videos that raise brand awareness. Post videos that introduce your products or with “buy now” call-to-action.

Tip: Do not incorporate all these themes in one video. Your audience will feel bombarded with info. They’ll scroll right past it.

Focus on who your product is for or what your brand is about. Create video content specifically tailored for that market.

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Use the Right Dimensions

You should know that users will see your video within the platform. In Instagram Stories, the video fills the entire screen vertically.

When creating an Instagram video marketing, it should fill the space. Consider shooting vertical videos. Or format your video content to 600×600. It’ll definitely grab viewers’ attention.

Start Small With Instagram Stories

If you’re new to creating short videos, IG Stories is a wonderful place to start!

With Instagram Stories, you can post multiple videos and images and they’ll disappear in 24 hours. This feature was launched to compete with Snapchat.

Instagram Story step-by-step video

Use Instagram Stories to raise brand awareness. Expose your brand, story, and marketing campaigns through a series of videos.

Tip: Instagram Stories are very casual and less curated. Use this feature to experiment with Instagram videos for your brand.

Frequently posting content in Instagram Stories increases brand recall. Share your creative ideas.

What Are The Best Types Of Instagram Videos That Gets Engagement?

You now have an idea how to create enticing videos. But where do you start?

Decide first the type of video you want to create. You can post multiple videos every day. However, they should get results. With that said, you need to be strategic.

Brand Storytelling

This type of video should focus on establishing brand awareness. Showcase what makes your brand unique among competitors. Think of it as an introduction.

Dove does a great job of raising brand awareness. This company focuses on the stories of real people, especially women. They focus on making their audience feel cared for.

Product Introductions

Instagram has plenty of product videos so you need to stand out. Typically, this type of Instagram video showcases one or two products. Here’s what you need to do when introducing a product:

  • Explain what it’s about
  • Convince your audience that they need to have it.
  • Make it look less like an ad

This type of video should easily blend into Instagram feeds.

Look at this IG video by Nest. They create aesthetically appealing videos that fit seamlessly into their profile.

Step-by-Step Videos

Tutorial videos are shareable. Thus, they encourage engagement among users. Create step-by-step videos that are valuable to your audience. For instance, a video could be about how to use the product.

Take a look at this Dear Klairs Instagram video. Aside from listing the features, they also demonstrated how to use the product. With more than 72K views, this marketing strategy is a success!

Going Live

Instagram Live is a wonderful feature where you can establish a relationship with your audience.

  • Do a Q&A.
  • Do an interview or collaborate with an influencer
  • Show live tutorials
  • Invite your audience behind the scenes
  • Answer your followers’ questions

Instagram live calligraphy tutorial

Best Instagram Video Campaigns For Inspiration

Instagram’s popularity isn’t showing any signs of losing momentum. And so, businesses use this platform to engage with the market. Today, brands are posting aesthetically appealing photos and videos.

Marketers are thinking out of the box and getting more creative.

Some brands are doing really well. Check out some of the best Instagram video campaigns below.

Madewell 1937

Their Instagram marketing campaign is always made well- no pun intended!

Madewell’s content is always creative and enticing. Take this Instagram video as an example. They showcased a number of their products in a fun, seamless transition. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it!

This campaign, which earned 122K views, is under the #everydaymadewell hashtag.

What Madewell did right:

  • Created a visually stimulating video.
  • Showcased a number of products without looking like an ad


Simple and creative, Oreo’s IG videos never disappoint. The content below is a wonderful example of an eye-catching video. It works perfectly for their market as well.

This video doesn’t even require sound. A very smart move since the audience will need to tap the content for the sound to turn on.

What Oreo did right:

  • Eye-catching visual that draws people within the first few seconds
  • The video can be played without sound.


It’s not wonder why Nike is one of the most popular brands in this visual platform. They always post creative and unique content.

When the brand released a campaign for their new line “Nike React”, it garnered 6.8M views. The video featured a shoe with different types of soles. The soles look like they’re made up of a cushion-like material.

This Instagram video campaign successfully entices the audience. Imagine walking on something that looks as springy as a cushion!

What Nike did right:

  • Combined visual appeal and imagination.
  • Showcased the product instead of listing its features.
  • Promoting a new product in a thoughtful way.

Are you excited to create a short but creative Instagram video content?

Think outside of the social media box and drive engagement to your account.

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